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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Thinks PlayStation Experience is a Smart Idea

PlayStation-centric event called PlayStation Experience started last year in December, and became a huge success for Sony. Fans loved it and Sony decided to bring it back this year.

So how is rival Xbox seeing the event?

Over at camp Xbox, a similar event called the X0 has been held since 2001 in Europe, US and Canada. Speaking about the X0, Phil Spencer said that he was a fan of these events but events take time and money, he needs to think about the tradeoffs:

He further added that Sony’s PSX is loved by fans and is a smart idea:

Sony is holding the PlayStation Experience in December in San-Francisco. Tickets are now available and those who purchase the tickets before September 20, can get full two-day access for $60. People opting to join the fun after September 20, will have to pay $75 for two-day access, and $45 for one day.

You can read more about that, here.

What are your expectations from PlayStation Experience this year? Comment what you want down below.