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Killer Instinct PC Port Is Well Under Development, Iron Galaxy Is Handling The Project

In a Q&A session held on the official Killer Instinct Forum, it was revealed that the PC port of Killer Instinct is well under development and is currently going through some Windows 10 and middleware integration processes.

It was also revealed that the game’s PC port is being handled by Iron Galaxy, the same studio that worked its charm on Batman Arkham Knight PC.

Fans are concerned over this and think Iron Galaxy may not be a suitable choice. Who can blame them? Batman Arkham Knight was a disaster, it had so many issues that WB had to suspend sales.

We can only hope that Iron Galaxy does its best with support from Microsoft.

In the same Q&A, fans asked about the arrival of Shadow Jago, a rep from Microsoft Studios said that Shadow Jago will release by the end of this year.

Shago will launch before the end of the year. We’re currently discussing overall changes (e.g. does he need both wind kick and slide) to him at this point. Nothing definitive to share just yet.

Shadow Jago will have a completely new ultra and developers are considering his own achievements. For more, visit the link provided above.

Do think after what happened with Arkham Knight, Iron Galaxy should be handling Killer Instinct’s PC port?