Take Two Renews Long Forgotten PS3 Exclusive Agent Trademark

I find it rather ironic that this bit of news comes up just as I’m reading this Cracked article, but apparently, it’s true, Agent might not be dead.

Take Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar, just recently filed to renew the Agent trademark. While this doesn’t exactly confirm or deny anything, it at least reassures us that they haven’t just completely abandoned the project.

The filing also follows an incident in which a Rockstar employee listed the game on his resume, citing it as ‘under development’.

The two trademarks filed cover the IP so that only they can produce video games, computer games, online video games, and various printed materials such as manuals and guide books for the IP. Now why would they do that if all they wanted was to hoard the name jealously?

The game was announced way back in July of 2007 and was described as an open world espionage and stealth game set in the cold war. Just imagine GTA 5, but with James Bond, Jason Bourne and Sam Fisher instead of Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Unfortunately, since the announcement of the title, it seemed as if Rockstar themselves had completely forgotten about it, as there was absolutely no news and not a peep out of the company with regards to the title.

Personally though, with how long they’ve already taken, they might as well go the extra mile and make it into a next-gen title. However the question still holds, will it even come out yet?

Source: Trademark Filing