Diablo 3 Monster Traits Guide

In Diablo 3, the monstrous creatures have some traits that can be really annoying if you aren’t aware of them. These traits in some cases are also used by the dominions spawned with the monsters.

Each trait can be used after a particular level and has different effects. Continue reading for run-down of all monster traits in Diablo 3 to prepare yourself for the battle that awaits you.

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Diablo 3 Monster Traits

Arcane Enchanted
Level 31
With the Arcane Enchanted trait, the monsters can call some deadly beam which rotates in circle to cause some arcane damage.

Level 51
This trait is Champion monster specific. On the arrival of a monster with this trait, the death of group member will give some extra power to the remaining monsters.

Level 22
This trait will create some sort of black hole under the marked target. Any hero that comes in contact with this zone will deal some damage.

Level 26
The Lightening abilities of the monster (both attacking and defensive) are increased. The monsters with this ability also get an extra Lightening ability.

Extra Health
Level 31
The imbued monsters with this trait receive extra HP.

Level 31
The trait increases the run, attack and magic casting speed of the monsters.

Fire Chains
Level 31
At the back of the monsters, there will be a burning chain and the hero who touches (getting close it can also be troublesome) it will receive some damage.

Level 22
The monsters with this trait have the ability to inflict cold damage and have extra resistance to cold. With their special cold attacks, they can slow down a hero or even freeze him.

Health Link
Level 51
The trait will be effective when there are multiple champions present around. By linking to each other’s HP, the Health Link reduces the damage taken by the Champion.

Level 31
The trait is limited for Rare monsters only. It actually allows a monster to spawn with more dominions.

Level 26
The illusionist trait lets the monsters create clones. The HP of each clone is same as the original one. These clones however cannot create clones further. It does not grant any extra resistance or damage to the monster.

Invulnerable Minions
Level 51
These rare monsters (exclusive) will spawn dominions which can do more damage than the regular ones. The health of the monster is increased by 50% and you don’t have a chance to kill the minions till you have dealt with the monster.

Level 51
The hero can be trapped in a prison through this trait. Dashing strike however, will let you move. And the use of Spirit Walk can set you free.

Level 0
With each melee hit, there is a chance that the hero gets knocked back.

Missile Dampening
Level 8
The rare monsters with this trait can create a circle around a particular area and each projectile entering that radius will automatically be slowed down (50% slower).

Level 8
The molten trait grants multiple multiple abilities to the monsters. They get fire resistance and extra damage to their fire attacks. A couple of extra fire attacks are granted to them. And when they die, they will explode doing damage to the ones in the surrounding.

Level 22
This trait let the monster target firebombs to the hero in 5 seconds interval. It will keep throwing the the bombs until it dies.

Level 0
The rare monsters and their dominions can have this trait which actually makes the attacks Fearful. Your character can be feel the nightmares of terror.

Level 14
The monster with this trait can inflict poison damage and gets the resistance against the poison. It also provides three special poison attacks to the monster.

Level 22
For a brief duration, the monster becomes invincible to any kind of damage.

Level 0
The trait lets a monster to teleport across the battlefield which can be quite useful specially when the monster is receiving some heavy beating.

Level 26
Monsters imbued with this trait when are attacked with melee attacks, the attackers suffer some melee damage.

Level ?
Just like Vampire suck blood, the monsters with this trait can utilize the damage caused to you by changing it to to HP.

Level ?
The trait lets the monsters to draw their enemies in for close quarters combat.

Level ?
The monster with this trait can spawn impenetrable barriers on the ground for a short duration.

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