Top 10 Best Skyrim Mods

By   /   Nov 19, 2011

How fun is an Elder Scrolls game without mods ? if you ask the dedicated modders, answer would lean in favor of the mods because modding has been the core ingredient of the success recipe in Elder Scrolls games, and Skyrim is no different.

Bethesda hasn’t released creation kit yet, even then modders have found different ways to introduce little changes, that impact the game, either graphically or just for fun.

Things will surely get interesting with months to come. These are the best Skyrim Mods we could find so far… if we have missed any mode that you consider AWESOME, recommend it, and we will feature it in our next list.

1# Skyrim Nude Females Mod

It had to be #1 mod, isn’t it ? after all the curiosity to see your spouse nude may have been too much for you. Installing this mode, will remove the underwear from female characters, and will add what should be under the underwear.

How To Install
[Download] the mod through the link and extract the files into Skyrim/Data folder to install it.


You can either settle with default textures, the mod ships with or choose to install the optimal textures.

How To Uninstall
If you want to remove the mod from your Skyrim installation, you can conveniently do so, by removing the installed files.

2# Lockpick Pro

[Download] – Install this mod to make lockpicking easy. It will point the sweet spot of the lock and show it on the bar at the top of the screen. It will also keep you updated on the health of the lockpick.

How To Install
Download the mod and extract the file inside. Place ‘lockpickingmenu.swf’ in:


How To Uninstall
Simply remove the file to unistal this mod.

If you want to improve your general lockpicking skills, read our Skyrim Lockpicking Guide.

3# Skyrim Better Performance

If you want to run Skyrim equally smooth as Oblivion, you should download this mod. It may not work for all of you, but for those it does, it will make wonders and you will see a considerable boost in performance.

It’s basically a dll file that spoofs your video card ID to a 8800 GS, which gives better performance on some machines. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, we have an in-depth Skyrim Tweak Guide, just for you.

How To Install
First, make a back up of your d3d9.dll, which can be found in Skyrim installation directory. Second, [Download] and place this file in your Skyrim installation directory, replace when asked.

It will change the name of your video card to 8800 GS – don’t bother about it, it doesn’t really matter. Your game may crash if you have XFIRE enabled.

Disable the XFIRE in-game to fix this issue – you will find the option under Tools > Options > Game. If you get a crash when you launch the game, run the game as administrator.

Note. You can read our detailed Crashes/Freezes/Fixes guide for help in sniping the problem.

How To Uninstall
Just remove the file and place your old back up file in the directory.

4# Skyrim 3D Map World

This mod changes camera controls in-game World Map view to Google Map 3D View, enabling you to zoom in almost to the ground and explore the area around you in full detail.

It basically contains few tweaks that unlock the World map. So, you will have to add few lines of code to your ‘Skyrim.ini’. Note. Don’t forget to make a back up of ‘Skyrim.ini’, before you make any changes.

How To Install
Go to:

C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Skyrim.ini file

Search [MapMenu] and add the content in ‘Skyrim.ini (Found in the mod folder)’ under that section – change the existing variables accordingly.

Once you have installed it correctly, you can use WASD keys for getting a 3D view of the map. You can zoom in with scroll and hold Right Mouse Button to rotate the map. Pretty standard stuff!

[3D World Map Download]

How To Uninstall
Remove the variables you entered and tweaked while installing this mod. If you were wondering, how it looks in action, watch the video below:

5# Skyrim 3rd Person Camera ‘World Map’

This is very similar to the previous 3D World Map mode, only difference is instead of briefing you in spectacular 3D, it gives you an overview of the surroundings in 3rd person overhead view.

Note. Don’t forget to make a back up of ‘Skyrim.ini’, before you make any changes.

Again, you are required to change few variables in ‘Skyrim.ini’ – The location of the file remains the same, though this time, you will have to add/edit variables under [Camera] section.

How To Install
Add the following variables in your ‘Skyrim.ini’ file:


How To Uninstall
Remove these variables from your ‘Skyrim.ini’.

6# Anti Aliasing and Sharpen Effects Tweak Mod

Skyrim adds sharpen effects and sharpen edges, so if you want to remove these effects to improve performance, open Shader.fx and search: #include “Sharpen.h”, replace it with: //#include “Sharpen.h”. Only thing you did here was the addition of backward slash, nothing more.

How To Install
[Download] and extract the content inside D3D9 folder and install these into Skyrim directory, where the executable is:


Disable any FPS monitoring programs and tray tools if you get any crash after installing this mod. It will fix the crash!

How To Uninstall
Simply remove the files you added.

7# Whiterun High Quality Texture Pack

If you aren’t content with the current graphics of the Skyrim, you can add more eye candy by installing this mod. Currently, only the Whiterun textures have been offered, but considering the game is fairly new, it wouldn’t take much time before we see a complete overhaul of the game.

How To Install

  1. [Download] and Copy the textures folder.
  2. Place textures folder in Skyrim/Data folder.
  3. Play!

How To Uninstall
Simply remove the files you have installed in your game.

8# Arrow Smithing – Simple Fletching

Arrows are arguably very hard to find in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. This mod helps you keep a good stock of arrows. Make it easy to craft them at forge. These arrows will appear in the miscellaneous section at forge.

How To Install
[Download] and Extract ‘Arrowsmith.esp’ to\Data. To enable the plugin, run Skyrim Launcher and select Data Files. Check Arrowsmith.esp and click OK.

How To Uninstall
Remove the file and you are good to go!

9# Skyrim Profile Manager – How To Create Multiple Character Autosaves

It’s a simple launcher that gives you the liberty to create and manage multiple save profiles to play multiple characters. It’s a simple exe, execute it, and it will find the save files.

You can easily manage them in the little window that pops-up. [Download]

10# Skyrim Dragon Scale Armor

Just to make you look fency and more ready to fight the dragon. This mod includes several pieces of dragon armor textures. Any armor you wear would give a dragon scale texture like the image above.

How To Install
[Download] and extract the files into the textures folder in Skyrim/Data folder.

How To Uninstall
Delete ‘Dragonscale’ folder under Skyrim/Data/Textures/Armor/.

If you are an author of any of these mods, tell us your plans, and we will keep a check on you for months to come. If you installed any mod ‘That is Awesome’, and like to recommend it, comment, and we will feature it next time.

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