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God of War Kratos Statue Trailer Teases God of War 4 Reveal

By   /   Nov 26, 2015

In order to celebrate the 10 years of God of War franchise, Sony and Santa Monica has announced an action-figurine of Kratos in a new trailer.

The statue stands 26-inches tall, is designed by the original development team, costs $500 USD, and is premium in the sense that only 500 of these are being made:

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In continued celebration of 10 legendary years of god of War, we are proud to showcase the defining Kratos statue. Designed by the god of War team, standing over 26″ tall, hand finished with leather, cloth, and metal pieces, detailed to the trim, this is a breathtaking statue for the ultimate god of War collector.

The announcement trailer kinds of also teases upcoming God of War 4 at the very end of the video. While we already know that the game is in development, we may be able to see the first-look at the game at Playstation Experience event.

Kratos statues are expected to ship on Dec. 4, 2015.