Final Fantasy XV’s Lead Programmer Kentaro Yasui Leaves Square Enix

Kentaro Yasui, the lead programmer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV title is being reported to have had left Square Enix.

There has been no official announcement made by the studio yet. Hence, it’s unknown as to why Yasui left and if his departure will have any major impact on the game’s development.

Earlier today Kentaro Yasui’s name was spotted on a listing for an outside project called Chaos Centurions. The upcoming mobile game is being produced by Oriflamme, a new developer led by another Final Fantasy alumni Ryuji Ikeda. Additionally a trailer for the title mentions Kentaro Yasui as part of the team, suggesting his departure from Square Enix.

Nova Crystallis, who broke the story first, claims that a “private source close to Square Enix Japan has confirmed that Kentaro Yasui has indeed left.”

Yasui is also known for his contributions to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and no doubt the Final Fantasy XV team will miss his expertise. However, for such a AAA title, it’s seldom that the exit of a single developer leaves a scar on the game’s development.

Final Fantasy XV is expected to release in late 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was announced last year but have yet to be showcased in any major gaming event since then.

By Saqib Mansoor

Saqib is our leading news editor with his posts helping to make up the brunt of our daily news posts. He's a PC gamer at heart, and his favorite game is Diablo II.

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    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      One random guy leaves Naughty Dog and the internet erupts into a xtot
      frenzy, this happens and no one bats an eye. Kids crack
      me up.

    • Larry Wright

      The only thing SE needs to do to is remake FF7. There I said it before someone else did.

    • miyamoto

      This crap all happened when Microsoft started messing with Square Enix from FF XIII to Tomb Raider. Poor SE sold their souls and there seems to be no redemption on the horizon…

    • Nathan Auroro Korvis Walsh

      Well it’s a rumor, butt could indicate it’s near finalization, his part his done, contract expiration, letting him go or 50 other reasons.

    • Pedro Carreira

      ” it’s seldom that the exit of a single developer leaves a scar on the game’s development”, of course, it’s impossible to get any worse than this.

      • Andrew Clear

        He was the lead programmer, him leaving isn’t going to have a huge impact on the development, at all. The majority of the project has already been designed, and now they are just implementing those specifications.

        It is not like they lost the writers, etc, that are defining the creative aspects of the game.

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