Dark Souls 2 Magic Spells Guide – Sorcery, Miracles, Hexes, Pyromancy

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Magic has various Schools of Spells in Dark Souls 2 and each of these require different statistics and items to perform them.

Sorcerers and Clerics are able to cast spells from the very beginning of the game. As for other classes, they need to have sufficient Faith and Intelligence to cast spells.

For more help on Dark Souls 2, read our Sorcery Locations, Miracles Locations, Hexes Locations and Pyromancy Locations Guide.

Dark Souls 2 Magic Spells

Spells provide players with different tactical advantages over enemies in different situations and can be used at all ranges.


Sorceries tend to have different kinds of spells and can be used in different scenarios. Along with Intelligence, you will need a Staff to cast spells. In addition to this, most sorcery spells take up only one Attunement slot and have high damage output.

Soul Arrow, Great Soul Arrow, Heavy Soul Arrow, and Great Heavy Soul Arrow
These can be acquired from Carhillion of the Fold and Magerold of Lanafir. These spells should be used to snipe target without alerting them. Their damage output is somewhat affected by the range but not much.

The reason they should be used as a sniper with Binoculars is that these work on a straight line and can be avoided by moving.

Homing Soul Arrow and Heavy Homing Soul Arrow
These can be acquired from Straid of Olapis. These spells over-compensate the disadvantages of Soul Arrow by following their targets. Moving targets cannot avoid these spells so you can set up another spell if the enemy tries to evade them.

These spells are also slower than the other spells and have little damage output so you cannot expect to kill enemies. The main purpose of these spells is to control the engagement in an area.

Homing Soulmass and Homing Crystal Soulmass
HS can be acquired from Weapon Ornifex and HCS can be acquired from Shrine of Amara.

Orbs appear on your head depending upon your Intelligence and you will lose a Soulmass for hitting any part of the environment.

The homing properties of the spell take a little time before activating. Therefore, it is advised that you use it before getting in a fight. The enemies walking near the orbs will take damage which puts you on an advantage.

Soul Spear and Crystal Soul Spear
SS can be acquired from Grave Warden Agdayne and CSS can be acquired from Straid of Olaphis. These spells have the highest damage output and are larger than the Soul Arrow which makes them very hard to evade.

They have moderate Casting Time and blocking them takes up a large chunk of Stamina. The number of uses is very low for these spells and you need to save them for the right moment.

It can be acquired from Carhillion of the Fold. These spells knock off the enemies to the ground if directly connected.

During this time, you can either cast another spell or take them out using any other source. The only downside of this spell is that it does not work against large enemies. However, you can use it on Invaders which will put you on a huge advantage.

Soul Spear Barrage
It can be acquired from Carhillion of the Fold. The damage output of this spell is very little but, it covers a wide area which can be used to hit multiple enemies for little damage.

However, this spell does have a very long Casting Time and you will be stuck in your place during the casting animation. In case, enemies evade the spell, they will have the time to cause a death blow on you.

Soul Shower
It can be acquired from Straid of Olaphis.

This spell kind of works like the Soul Spear Barrage but instead of hitting the enemies head on, it showers on them. It has a low damage output but is capable of covering even more area than the Soul Spear Barrage.

Furthermore, enemies will be able to evade it easily so your best bet is to use it against enemies who are multiple and slow.

Soul Greatsword
It can be acquired from Drangleic Castle.

Although this spell has small number of uses, the functions are amazing. This spells not only have a massive damage output, long range, wide arc, and fast Casting Speed but also, a very fast Recovery Time.

Soul Vortex
It can be acquired from Grave Warden Agdayne.

This spell does have a lengthy Casting Time but, large and numerous homing attacks make it very difficult to evade. However, the soul masses attack from different angles which make the damage a bit inconsistent.

The damage output of this spell is purely amazing and therefore, it should be used on bosses and areas with multiple numbers of enemies.

Soul Bolt
It can be acquired from the Drangleic Castle.

To use this spell effectively, you need to be really close to your targets as it starts to do damage as soon as it is casted. As for the damage output, it is pretty insane.

This spell is best used in tight areas so that enemies are not able to evade it because if they managed to do that, you will have no other option but to die miserably. Also, the damage output starts decreasing with each passing second.

Soul Geysar
It can be acquired from the Aldia’s Keep.

Despite of the fact that this spell has a very lengthy Casting Time, it is great in all departments. The masses hit the target over and over again and have very high damage output.

I would not recommend using it on small targets because it has very limited number of uses. It is a good idea to use it during boss battles as it can take out bosses within the blink of an eye.

Magic Weapon, Great Magic Weapon, and Crystal Magic Weapon
MW can be acquired from Carhillion of the Fold, GMW can be acquired from Royal Sorcerer Navlaan, and CMW can be acquired from the Dragon Aerie.

These spells add magic damage and increases elemental damage of your weapon for 90 seconds which can be increased by equipping Lingering Dragon Ring.

Also note that, not all weapons can be buffed up with these spells. The dual-wielding players can equip a Staff in their right hand and increase the damage for both weapons.

Strong Magic Shield
It can be acquired from Royal Sorcerer Navlaan.

This spell increases the defense of your shield against all sorts of attacks by 100%. Along with it, it also increases the shield stability by 10%. The only downside of this spell is effects only last for 30 seconds.

It can be acquired from Carhillion of the Fold.

This spell keeps on traveling until it connects with something in the environment. It can be used to gather enemies in one area so that you can use a powerful spell or to get out of an area. You can also use it to divert the attention of the enemies.

The distracted enemies will stay distracted for 12 seconds or until you hit them. Make this hit count by hitting them with something powerful.

It can be acquired from Way of Blue Covenant (Level 2). Or you can find it in the Sentinel Boss room. Once you enter through the mist, drop down, and there will be an illusion wall on the left you can open with X. Climb the ladder and the chest contains the spell. Thanks Casey Schlender

This spell is best used against Invaders as they will not be able to hear your movement. Although it does not suppress all sounds, it does mask the sounds of rolling, jumping, and sprinting.

The effects of this spell last only for 90 seconds. Also, you cannot expect enemies to be blinded by using this spell as they will still see you coming.

Fall Control
It can be acquired from Weaponsmith Ornifex.

This spell enables you to fall from the heights without taking any damage. However, it should not be tested in all locations as the killing falls will still you.

It can be used to have tactical advantages over enemies by setting up strategies involving falls which would normally kill you.

Hidden Weapon
It can be acquired from Bell Keeper Covenant (Level 2)

This spell allows you to make your weapon invisible for 90 seconds which does not work well against enemies.

However, while invading or being invaded, you can use this to catch enemies with an element of surprise as they would not know which weapon you are using. So they would not know how to perfectly guard your attacks.

It can be acquired from Shrine of Winter

This spell partly replenishes the durability of all weapons, armor, and rings if they are not already broken. You should consider using this spell during long battles where you cannot reach a Blacksmith or Bonfire to repair your weapons.

However, it should be noted that it has a Casting Time of 3 seconds.

Cast Light
It can be acquired from Darkdiver Grandahl. This spells illuminates your path for 50 seconds which can be really useful in areas with utmost darkness and when you are left with no torchlight.

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