Rumor: Pokemon X & Y Includes Three Hidden Legendary Pokemons

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It’s been a month since Nintendo released Pokemon X & Y and players have since then been scampering about trying to capture as many and as rare of Pokemon then can come by. The game though may contain some Pokemon that have yet to be unlocked by Nintendo.

If claims if a fan, who happens to be a skilled hacker as well, are to be believed, then currently there are three new legendary Pokemon locked in the game – Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa. These are also numbered between 719-721 in the Kalos Pokédex.

Both the developer and publisher have never mentioned these Pokemon before so it’s unsure as how they will be unlocked. So far Smealum, the hacker who found them, mentions that Diancie is a jewel-type Pokemon. He also revealed the mega evolution for the dragon-type Pokémon Latios and Latias.

So far Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are keeping quiet on the matter. Many assume that the three new legendary Pokemon are actually “event Pokemon”, meaning that they will only be available for capture or download during a specific event. So the next question is which event? With Christmas approaching, it’s possible that Nintendo has a special event outlined for this holiday season.

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  1. Wolf-Spider says:

    LANGUAGE! There’s no need to use such odious words. Have you ever played it? Your referral to it as a “kids (sic) game” leads me to believe you haven’t. Pokémon has more depth to it than you realize. Try it before you write something off. If you want guides, there are plenty of them; try looking for them.

  2. Wolf-Spider says:

    Darkrai and Shaymin needed to have special items that were not originally included (Member Card and Oak’s Letter respectively); The Azure Flute for Arceus has never been released. They would still be classified as Event Pokémon, because they needed special downloads, like Deoxys and the Aurora Ticket in Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, Leaf Green, and Emerald.Mew can only be caught on Faraway Island in Emerald if you downloaded the Old Sea Chart at an event. I don’t remember hearing about that particular event. Again, Mew is an event Pokémon: Not available to the public initially after release.

  3. Ryan Berg says:

    more like you now know how stupid your comment was so now you’re trying to cover up for it..

  4. Ryan Berg says:

    look at the graphics you dip. its IN x and y.

  5. Ryan Berg says:

    clefairy is “the fairy type pokemon” from 1st gen till now and we just got fairy as a type. this is legit. it is clear you didnt think about this comment one bit.

  6. ANONYMOUS says:

    Your all idiots if you believe this lot of HOOPA.

  7. Robert Stone says:

    Looks like you don’t have dish network.

  8. Shaymin4 says:

    1) They are low level because they arent fully available yet.
    2) Pokémon hasent become crap
    3) The Pokémon wont be found in santalune forest they are just there because that is where the hacker has spawned them in at the time.
    4) They are not missingno. If it was data it would be question marks
    5) Im going to kill the man who made the title. ITS NOT POKEMONS ITS JUST POKÉMON YOU IDIOT!

  9. Navep9 says:

    Most likely event pokemon. Same thing happened in Action Replay on the DS games where event pokemon, such as Arceus, weren’t revealed until around 2 years after the games, even though you knew they were there because of the complete pokedex cheat.

  10. Kyuzo says:

    seems like most of you never used Cheats or action replay… there is a code that’ll make any wild encounter the pokemon you want so in this case he encountered these 3 in the same spot.

  11. lol says:

    where did u actually find it??

  12. Saros7 says:

    True. An over saturation of the name nameless thing over and over every “new” generation. They even went as far as adding “Fairy” as a type… __-__
    And even further by adding more combined types “Ghost/Water” “Water/Fire”
    Are kidding me Nintendo/Game Freak??

  13. Saros7 says:

    They are cheap pokemon

  14. Saros7 says:

    That’s because they are just cheap normal pokemon… these are not legendary pokemon

  15. Wolf-Spider says:

    For the time being, at least. The hacker is like a kid who can’t wait until a birthday or Christmas for a present, and has raided the parents’ “secret area”, and is already playing with their gift.

  16. Wolf-Spider says:

    It should have been expected that there were going to be at least 3 Pokémon not released to the public during the first few months after the games’ release. Just like with Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect, they could never be captured in the game, itself.

    • Tess says:

      To be fair, you could catch Mew in the game without using any cheat devices. Back then, there was no clear way to get to it, but nowadays you can by overflowing the memory of the game and forcing it to pop Mew out in battle. It’s still legitimate, by using what the game gives you access to.

  17. xaydpprsc says:

    I agree with narukami about where they will be

  18. ano says:


  19. Fahd Al Zarooni says:

    That explains it…:O

  20. anon says:

    hmm…. im thinking that these are missing-no

  21. Scruffy0105 says:


  22. bleepbloop says:

    We digimon nao guise

  23. Jack Burzynski says:

    Diancie looks like that moondial thing in one of the citys

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