GTA 5 Properties Buying Guide – Which To Buy and How

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So you want to own some land, eh? Well, you aren’t no heist-lord and criminal mastermind if you don’t have places you call your own, and that’s why Grand Theft Auto V gives you the option of getting some Property.

Make no mistake though – property is a ridiculously expensive investment, and money isn’t earned that easily in GTAV. But if you can make the commitment, property is much more reliable in earning you cash than most of the other risky crap you can get involved in.

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GTA 5 Properties Buying

There are many properties in the game that can be purchased by the three characters Franklin, Trevor, and Michael. However, some properties are exclusive to a specific character. Of the 25 properties, there are 8 personal storage facilities for various vehicles ordered on the internet. You can also purchase helipads, classy vehicle garages, and a personal marina ship for each character.

You can start purchasing property after completing Trevor’s “Nervous Ron” mission, but in order to purchase properties for all characters, you’ll need to complete the “Friends Reunited” mission.

GTA 5 Properties Locations MapClick To Open Map

Properties List

  1. Hookies
  2. Sonar Collections Dock
  3. Hen House
  4. Mckenzie Field Hangar
  5. Lost Santos Customs
  6. Tivoli Cinema
  7. Los Santos Golf Club
  8. Taqui-La-La
  9. Pitchers
  10. Vinewood Garage
  11. Cinema Doppler
  12. Downtown Cab Co.
  13. Ten Cent Theatre
  14. Pillbox Hill Garage
  15. Towing Impound
  16. Car Scrapyard
  17. Grove Street Garage
  18. Franklin’s Hangar
  19. Michael’s Hangar
  20. Vespucci Helipads
  21. Vespucci Helipads
  22. Smoke on the Water
  23. Puerto Del Sol Marina Slips
  24. Puerto Del Sol Marina Slips
  25. Puerto Del Sol Marina Slips


The Properties are designated by a house icon on the map. There are multiple house icon types though, and each one represents a different kind of property. A black house with a dollar sign in the middle represents property that can be purchased for any character.

A pink house with a dollar sign represents property that can be purchased by multiple characters.

Character-specific houses are designated by the color of the house, with the first letter of their name in the mild. Franklin’s color is green, Trevor’s is orange, and Michael’s is blue.

Weekly Income/Property Missions

Each property owned by a player will grant you weekly income, which varies according to the type of property bought. Some of these are linked to story events, and certain properties have additional missions which require to be taken in order to prevent depletion of your income rate.

How To Earn From Your Properties
You need to keep a close eye on your properties otherwise you might not get any payments to your banks. Now that some of you have already done that, you need to go to your designated properties and complete their missions. For more help on that you can read our Property Missions Guide.

Below are the 25 properties of GTA 5:

Hookies is located in Northern Chumash, and is an average property investment. The cost of this property is $600,000, and it gives a weekly income of $4700. Only Michael and Franklin can buy this place.

Sonar Collection Docks
The Sonar Collection Docks is a property that is unlocked after ‘The Merryweather Heist” mission. It is located in Paleto Cove. The property costs $250,000 and is available to any character. The revenue is $23,000 per Nuclear Waste found.

Nuclear Waste can be found via a submarine or a Nuclear Waste locator app on your phone which is unlocked after buying the property.

The Hen House
The Hen House is located in Paleto Bay. It costs $80,000 and gives a revenue of $800 weekly. It is a low-cost, low-reward investment. Any character can buy this

McKenzie Field Hangar
This property in Grapeseed, Grand Senora Desert. It costs $150,000, and is exclusively available to Trevor. The revenue is $5000 per ground shipment and $7000 per air shipment. These shipments transport and collect weapons in and out of San Andreas. You definitely want this property if you enjoy flying.

Los Santos Customs
This property is located on Route 68 in the Grand Senora Desert. It costs $349,000, and has a revenue of $1,600. It is exclusively available to Franklin for purchase. All of Franklin’s car modifications are free here.

Tivoli Cinema
This property is located in Morningwood Bulevard, Morningwood (what a funny name!). The cost of this property is $30,000,000, but it also gives a good revenue of $142,300. It is exclusively available to Michael.

Los Santos Golf Club
The Golf Club is in the GWC and Golfing Society, Richman. It costs a ridiculous $150,000,000 and gives earnings of $264,500 weekly. This property is available for all characters to purchase.

The corny named place is located on Eclipse Boulevard & Milton Road, West Vinewood. It is available after the mission “Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie” and costs $2,000,000. It has a revenue of $16,500, and can be bought by any character.

Pitchers is located in downtown Vinewood. It costs $750,000, and gives a revenue of $7000. Any character can buy this.

Vinewood Garage
The Vinewood Garage is located on Las Lagunas Boulevard & Spanish Avenue in West Vinewood. It costs $30,000 and Michael’s personal garage. Vehicles purchased from the internet are stored here. Other stolen vehicles can also be stored.

Cinema Doppler
This is located on Power Street Downtown Vinewood. It costs $10,000,000, and has a revenue of $132,200. It is available to Michael only.

Downtown Cab Co.
It costs around $200,000 and earns a revenue of $2,000 a week. It allows free cab rides to all characters. It is available to Franklin only.

It costs around $275,000 and earns $150 for every car you scrap.

Ten Cent Theatre
It costs around $20,000,000.

Los Santos International Hangars
Your very own hangar? Sweet! Franklin can purchase Hangar 18 (interesting), while Michael can purchase Hangar 19. Each Hanger costs $1,378,000, and is available at the New Empire Way, Los Santos International Airport. Note that Trevor does not need to purchase hangars.

The hangars are purchased at the DYNASTY 8 sign in front of the main gate. Planes and tanks purchased from the internet can be stored here.

Vespucci Helipads
These helipads are located in La Puerta. Helicopters purchased from online or stolen helipads can be parked here. Again, Michael and Franklin can buy the helipads, while Trevor does not need to purchase them. Each helipad costs $419,850.

Smoke on the Water
This property is located at the Vespucci Beach, Melanoma Street. It costs $204,000 and gives a revenue of $9,300, and can only be purchased by Franklin.

Puerto Del Sol Marina Slips
These marina slips are located at La Puerta. Each character can purchase one for himself. The cost of each marina is $75,000. Boats purchased from websites can be stored here, and so can stolen ones.

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    y’all are ridiculously incompetent. if you guys work the stock market correctly, both within and outside the main story, you can make millions….buy low, sell high baby!

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    What do you mean you need to keep a close eye on your properties. Do you not get paid automatically?

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    I tried to buy the Vespucci Helipad and a dock at the Marina with Michael.
    I walked up to the sign and pressed right as told to purchase.
    I pressed right again to confirm purchase, but nothing happened.
    I did this multiple times, but the game never purchased the spots.
    I bought a hangar at the International Airport with Franklin shortly beforehand and had no problems. Is this just a temporary glitch?

  • Karl_Johnsen

    You get 150 dollar for every car that is blown up in the Los Santos area.
    One way of making money is to just start a traffic jam and blow every motherfucker up in a chain explosion.
    Should bring in a few thousand $.

    But then You gotta escape the cops… but that’s not too hard in this game.

    And this only applies to the Los Santos area, not the stix.

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      Maybe it will be reasonable on the PC release if we can get a save editor or trainer with an “advance time” option

  • SharkEel

    You forgot to say that after you buy Sonar Collections you can then obtain the Dinghy and Submarine for free from the dock. You also get SCUBA gear when you use either of those two vehicles and exit them in water.

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    Do the Los Santos hangers let you keep stolen planes?

  • Tim Berry

    Besides the Sonar Collection Dock and the Airfield these properties are a joke. Take the golf club for example, to break even it would take 568 weeks in game. 568 is about 48 in game years. Who in their right mind would buy a business only to see profit 48 years later. Between the properties taking years to turn into profit and the short campaign they should have put a little more thinking into this game. The way it’s going San Andreas will always be the best GTA.

    • This Guy

      Short Campaign?? I’ve played for 50 hours total between the 3 characters and still have 2 missions, 16 hobbies, 6 strangers and freaks and 13 misc left to do. The whole point of a sandbox is to do things at your own pace, if you just poured through the main missions and did not do anything else…where is the fun in that?

    • Stefan Dumitrache

      Late reply: the point is not to make money with the properties, but with the stock market. At the end of the story I have +2bln$ for Michael, while the other two have almost two billion each. I can buy all the properties AND fill the garages and hangars with the best vehicles and planes and still have lots of money left. Oh, and the last assassination mission is still waiting for me, because it doesn’t make me money. I just reached the maximum amount allowed by the game.

  • Tx Sledgehammer

    Thanks for the guide. There’s so much to do and see in this game!! But there sure seems to be a lot of unused (but still very scenic) land in the GTA 5 world. Wouldn’t it be kool if there was an update that allowed players to purchase and develop some of this unused land, especially along the shores of that giant lake or along the “island’s” outer shores? Just a thought….

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    I haven’t been there yet but does the scrap yard have some sort of crasher you can drive your cars into to get crushed?

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    just drive up to it with a car and press the right D-pad when it prompts you

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    What do i do after i buy a boat? i bought a marina slip and everything n i bought 2 boats but they didnt show up at my marina slip.

  • Andrew

    Yea I knew that. He has one in Blain Country.

    Either way, planes aren’t made for round trips. We use them to get across the map quick. Having only one hangar, that makes it a round-trip unless you buy a new plane every time.

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    He already has a hangar and helipad unlocked through the main story, but if you want another airfield and plane, you can bu the McKenzie Field Hangar and do arms race missions.

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    A week is 7 days 😉 … time and day are top right in the pause menu

    Not sure about “maintenance” missions. The taxi company call up occasionally with a fussy customer but I’ve only actually taken one and it’s not caused any issues.

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    So, for a car to be ‘destroyed’ so as to get the $150 at the scrapyard, do they need to actually blow up, or just be smashed (say, with a train)?

  • segmentnext

    Guide Update #1 – Property Missions section added. Sometimes you need to do different missions for the purchased property before it is able to send you the weekly income. If you aren’t getting weekly income wired to your bank, visit the property and do any missions related to that.

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      Alright man. tyvm for the help! 😉

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    So…how do I collect my income, I have a million for Trevor..and I can’t

    The Minotaur company says “please find income”?

  • kon

    my bank accounts arent even saying that i am being payed. i got the emails been a couple weeks for some businesses but no money

  • Rawad El Dahouk

    Hay are these the ones you purchase off of lenny avard website or do these become available after doing missions…. Can someone help out!? How do you actually buy them… i read everywhere and no one is posting!?

    • Trevor

      yeah some become available after missions, u will see it on the map if its available

  • Azziax

    Note the following about Sonar Collection Docks!!

    There are only !!30!! Nuclear Waste Bins. It takes you about 2,5 hours to find all 30 in one run! Also, a bonus will be added when you find all 30!

    So this is quite a quick bunch of money to be made. I suggest that once you can buy it and have 250k to spend…. BUY IT!!
    invest 2 hours of time and make a nice profit!

    It takes 11 bins to earn back your investment, the other 19 are pure profit.
    19*23.000 = 437.000$, i also received a 200k bonus so its a good quick $637.000 profit.

  • Steve

    Airfield with Trevor? You’ve got to do the missions to collect the money, it doesn’t just come to you

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    i got an email saying that i am payed and no money was put in my account????? please HELP

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    DUDE i have multiple properties with all 3 players. my question is how do i get the money from these properties?? i got an email on my phone saying i was payed this much for my weekly payment but my money didnt change. is there some other way that i have to access my doe??? this is really frustrating

    • segmentnext

      Check the property missions section for answer :)

  • Owen Atkinson

    I get the emails, but no money. I check my Fleeca account, but the only transactions from the Towing Impound (my only business so far) are the $500 chunks from doing jobs, not the $2000 the email said I got. Any ideas? Is this a bug or am I missing something?

    • KON

      dude i am having the same problem i bought multiple properties, i got emails saying i was payed and no money. i checked my bank account and nothing is going in there so wheres my MONEY!?!?!?

    • kon

      i am having the same problem. got an email saying your payed this weekly amount and i have no money WTF??? someone please help

    • ToQuE

      The $2000 the email is saying you received is the jobs you did added together. So you did 4 $500 jobs, your bank has 4 different statements of $500 each, while the email says what you got all together from that business.

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    Thanks added the missing information.

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      And the Cabco , it’s also just for Franklin

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      Also worth noting, Downtown Cab Co. can only be purchased by Franklin, or at least it was when I tried

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    as some people have noted, there are a few missing. Perhaps a good start would be the statement that there are 25 properties for sale. You do not in fact include 25 properties in your list. Numbering them as you have them mapped might also be a worthy update.

    • segmentnext

      Numbering as per the map pointers added. Added the info on missing properties as well :)

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    I beat the story and I could find anything! also I cant find the attack helicopter (apache one not buzzard or annihilator), I checked in the base mulitiple times and nothing

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    In the south-east of the map, you can find a scrapyard.
    Not sure of the costs but it pays you €150 for every wrecked car.