FIFA 14 to be the Final Game for PlayStation 2

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I’ll be damned if someone tends to have an opposite point of view – Sony’s Playstation 2 is one of the greatest gaming consoles of all time. It was classy, it was fun and it played games that we will never forget. With the constant evolution of gaming in terms of hardware and quality of games these days, there is certainly no doubt that it is out-dated.

However, the memories will always stay intact as the makers of this legendary console have finally decided to put a stop to its life cycle.

It was previously rumored that January this year was going to be the last living month for Playstation 2. However, this obviously is not the case as it is getting a final game from Electronic Arts titled FIFA 14 before it bids gamers a good-bye!

Gamers residing in Japan are already relishing the final installment in Playstation 2 named Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin. Whereas, the gamers in Western region are in for a bigger surprise that is FIFA 14.

When it comes to bidding a console farewell, Electronic Arts is always there. For instance, the final game to release on Playstation 1 was FIFA Football 2005. And they don’t have this thing with Sony only as the last game to hit the store shelves for Nintendo Gamecube was Madden NFL 08.

FIFA 14 is expected to launch in September this year on all current-gen and next-gen consoles along with Microsoft Windows.

Have anything interesting to share about your time with Playstation 2? Do let us know in the Comment Section below!

Arslan is a competitive Tekken and Call of Duty player and crushes pretty much everyone at the office in these games. He loves reading and writing about games and is deathly allergic to half-boiled potatoes.

287 responses to “FIFA 14 to be the Final Game for PlayStation 2”

  1. plums666 says:

    $15-$32?? wtf i wanna live in your country ! being a fulltime at starbucks with minimal certifications only get RM900 / month or arround 20+ / day.. if its a mcdonald.. partime only could get around RM4-5 per hour.. which is RM900 to usd = 280.11 and RM4 to usd = 1.24.. i live in Malaysia =.=

  2. Darrell says:

    Ps2 RiP to a good end with final game i alkways remember u for u where there in my good and bad times of life

  3. Jessika S. says:

    I didn’t know they still made games for it. RIP PS2™

  4. knight says:

    Star wars Battlefront 2!

  5. neighbs says:

    I used to hide my weed in the expansion bay, it made my room smell great after playing games for a few hours.

  6. asbofive says:

    WTF??? This article is a freeking year old, why was is in the new news section???

  7. This guy... says:

    “I hate Pixar.” Sir, I’m going to need you to do some serious life reevaluation, m’kay?

  8. Jennifer Gross says:

    was really mad when seekers didn’t make it to ps2 in english

  9. antonysanchez says:


  10. NegativeSparkleZ says:

    Just a minute. In ALL the kingdom hearts games except Re:coded, 368/2 days and Chain of memories, they’ve come up with COMPLETELY new enemies, what’s to say they won’t do the same for this one, i’m aware that this will be the end of the Xehanort Saga, There’s still another possibility though… Remember Birth by sleep and STITCHE’S WORLD? That was in space and it was a good world! They could bring back the unversed too and that would work.

  11. jason says:

    PS2 no more, ultimate spider man was the first game I ever had and that Christmas where I got a PS2 will always be in my heart its so sad PS2 was also my first video game console I might cry now.

  12. Matt Watkins says:

    I’m surprised they still made games for it. The PS2 was my first Second-Gen system. I nearly broke 3 times because I couldn’t stop playing. Great system. That memory card is holding more than my games.

  13. sdf says:

    Get it right, you meant current gen, previous gen and PS2’s gen titles. We’ve long been in “next gen” for some time.

  14. gage says:

    Battlefront 2 was the best

  15. Wolfgang Bergstrom says:

    midnight club 3 dub edition remix and nfs carbon were awesome sad face as time moves on and this system becomes obselete

  16. Rayne Lewis says:

    PS2 was ro date in my opinion the best system ever created if for no other reason than that they had sooo many great games of ever kind and soo soo many 3rd party developers giving us some pretty unique and great games. And now we are in the day of the maddenites who refuse to play a game if it requires any brain usage at all and I recently found out that there are like an uncountable number of beyond amazeing games out there even now but the rest of the world gets them and the united states doesnt due to the brainless and ignorant maddenites and others who wont play anything different or that makes them think. I am now disgusted at the people of this country (the majority as I know there are some other true gamers besides myself out there) for they are ruining games forever with their refusal to think or try anything new. I am no longer caliming myself as an American. Im gonna go with my heritage and say im German. The other group ruining gaming is the a**holes who in multiplayer are rude, mean, hateful, cruel, and ruin multiplayer for everyone. I have a for of autism called aspergers and also anxiety and Post traumatic stress disorder and I cant play multiplayer anymore as the utter cruelty and meanness of the others on it really upsets and hurts me and has made me afraid of online multiplayer.

  17. dman says:

    what other new games were made for ps2

  18. Brion says:

    I was introduced to the Ace Combat series on the ps2….I own both the 2 and the 3 now and the only version of Ace Combat that I haven’t played was the x-box version. Play station is the only non domestic product that I knowingly welcome into my home, and will continue to due so

  19. 47iscool . says:

    FMCB makes your PS2 a lot better.

  20. Rob Turner says:

    I always remember medal of honour rising sun

  21. Anthony D. says:

    Super Nintendo. But PS2 is a close second.

  22. Anthony D. says:

    Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, Ratchet & Clank. That’s all that need be said. PS2 was amazing.

  23. someone says:

    great console i recommend hoarding ps2 stuff while its still cheap becuase jus like when the ps1 ended its life cycle game that i used to buy for 2 3 dollors a piece at gamestop suddenly jumped to 50 plus even 100 plus dollors and i regrettingly got rid of every last game before i realised the value of what i had

  24. Derp Herp says:

    I never played a PS2 very much. I was always a Nintendo person. Keep in mind, I grew up with games like Mario and Zelda, and I couldn’t afford both the GameCube and the PS2 in the same generation. Even today, I don’t have a PS2…

  25. Dylan says:

    Your friend is lying. The PS3 and Xbox 360 can barely just run it, so the PS2 has absolutely no chance at all.

  26. Chieftaiga says:

    It did though. You can even have up to 8 players with 2 multi-tap cords.

  27. CY_Ghost says:

    Champions return to arms and Time Splitters future perfect were 2 of the best games for the ps2,still play them to this day!

  28. jonathan says:

    It blows my mind that the developers still took the time to port this to PS2. How many copies could you possibly sell? 10,000?

    • Dylan says:

      A few important reasons;

      1) It’s the best-selling home game console of all time – 150,000,000 units, which is almost double the PS3 and Xbox 360 sales.

      2) PS2s are one of the most reliable consoles of all time, and so the people who have kept them, are way more likely to have one that works.

      3) Like other game consoles in the past before the PS2, games of that era were and still are enjoyable to play, which means more people will have kept their PS2 for nostalgia purposes. Those who like FIFA can then complete the series by getting this game, should they want to.

  29. Casper Steuperaert says:

    So they send of one of the greates consoles of all time with FIFA 2014… talk about dissapointment.

  30. lancep2014 says:

    I always believed that by the time the PS3 was an year old their wound be on more new PS2 games made next to home brews that need mod chips or disks to play.

  31. Jae30001 says:

    My all time favorite multiplayer game for ps1 was command and conquer red alert 2. Allowing you to link two playstations together with your LINK cable which enabled you to play together in a local multiplayer setup. It was ahead of it’s time and playing a single game with two consoles was un heard of at the time. Can anyone relate?

    • DerpDDerperson says:

      Armored Core 1. My buddy had 2 TVs, so it was just a matter of me transporting my PS1 and game over to his house and linking up. Those were the days.

  32. Jae30001 says:

    My all time favorite multiplayer game for ps1 was command and conquer red alert 2. Allowing you to link two playstations together with your LINK cable which enabled you to play together in a local multiplayer setup. It was ahead of it’s time and playing a single game with two consoles was un heard of at the time. Can anyone relate?

  33. Alexborn 101 says:

    my ps2 was my first game system it will always be my favorite even though it still works.

  34. Supermansucks says:

    Yeah i got 1 & 2 and i got to level 99 on both of them and fought all the secret bosses best game ever cant wait for the 3rd one

  35. Stephen Ingo says:

    LOL people wont admit that cars and brave sucked

  36. Stephen Ingo says:

    I rember I used to have Ford Racing 2 and 3 I absolutely LOVE those games and i had lost them in the move from roanoke to lynchburg im afraid ill never get them back again… :'(

  37. Adam says:

    There’s not a single PS2 game that I won’t miss. The graphics are what they are, but the gameplay is legendary!

  38. Pax Humana says:

    Technically, Viliami Tuanaki, the PS2 had up to eight player support for its console (though the SNES could have up to ten player support). I should know this as I have a copy of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the PS2. Finally, as for you, Laurent Rockwell, what fucking drugs are you on, anyway? The PS2 was only THE most popular console of all time. In the USA and North American markets, it sold around 100,000,000 units and internationally, it sold about at least twice that number.

  39. suigetsuthirsty says:

    i thought they stoped like 5 years ago

  40. Skylar says:

    Take a look at Sonic Unleashed for the PS2. Those graphics were borderline HD (especially the cinematics). If you have a component connection, you can get a whopping 480p. The game was released in 2009, long after the release of the PS3.

  41. Skylar says:

    The Genesis controllers were absolute tanks. Those things took being stepped on, slammed, smashed, winging into the CRT TV. I broke a PS2 Controller just by sitting on it when it sank between two couch cushions.

  42. Skylar says:

    When was the last time you decided to play anything on the PS2 over pong?

  43. Skylar says:

    I actually enjoyed Cars; Planes and Brave do suck though.

    The rest were good (especially A Bugs Life and Monsters Inc.); I especially love the way they ended the Toy Story series with 3.

  44. James says:

    Having an EXTENSIVE library I can always relive memories anytime I want but for everyone else I know that the ps2 farewell is gonna be a kicker to the old ticker.

    Thanks PS2 thanks for all the memories and awesome games!

  45. Randy Hale says:

    Fuck yeah bro! I only got 1 problem with Kingdom Hearts 3, they’re selling it on the Xbox ONE – Nintendo and Sony I’m sure people are ok with – but Kingdom Hearts on a Microsoft console they’re out of their mind, they might as well sell it as a PC game too. All game makers are going crazy. Jesus Fucking Christ……….

  46. Mike W says:

    “Meh, they will ruin it unless they do it right.”

    Most useless statement… ever… So it’ll be bad, unless it’s not.

  47. Dylan says:

    It’s because the console was still under huge demand, even 10 years after it was first released. Why not keep the legacy of the best selling home console of all time?

  48. Dylan says:

    I have them all for PS2. Odd that the LCS and VCS were PlayStation exclusive titles.

  49. Skylar says:

    If there was anything… ANYTHING that I miss about the Playstation and Playstation 2, it was the Playstation Magazine. I absolutely loved them, especially the demo discs, I played the crap out of the Playstation Magazine disc with Twisted Metal 2 on it and did the same with God of War, and Midnight Club 3.

  50. Skylar says:

    I remember playing Halo on my PC thinking, damn these must be the best damn graphics I’ve seen… I then played Halo 2 when it was released, and went back to play Halo, and realized just how how much Halo 2 improved upon the game play and graphics.

  51. Skylar says:

    What sucks even more, is there will be a time when all the games you can find for it in used stores are sports games, that’s when you know the console is dead.

  52. justaguyyouknow says:

    dreamcast > ps2

  53. Ivan Lopez says:

    Jak & Daxter series was my personal favorite. Glad to see the PS2 lived such a long lige.

  54. Manhatemoon says:

    Playstation 2 was huge, it was the perfect gaming console with 100% compatability with all Ps1 games and Dvd! It introduced great titles ahead of Xbox: ie GTA Series, Guitar Hero, Kingdom Hearts, God of War, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper. It evolved into slimmer modles and still retain hzrdware and software? It may have never saved the video game industry like NES, but it succedded all goals in giving us gamers the time of our lives in one little controller. You’d be miss Ps2, us Playstation fanboys will never forget your word: Live in your world, Play in ours!

  55. GamerWho says:

    Wow, the PS2 is gaming’s Windows XP.

  56. moneybags says:

    i wouldnt be a gamer if it wasnt for ps2

  57. aramis_erak says:

    My PS2 ran just fine the last time I plugged it in… which I’ve not done in a couple years, since I bought a blu-ray player. The PS2 was mostly my DVD player, but it also got some love for Robotech and Final Fantasy. Hated the controllers, but loved the games. Still. I keep my Wii and Gamecube hooked up.

  58. yeahyeahyeah says:

    GTA3, Twisted Metal Black. Thats it

  59. Colyn Francis Paul Dillingham says:

    wait wait they were still make ps2 games to this day and the fifa 14 is the last game dam i would think the ps2 would be breaking by now with all the graphic intensive games that are out the past years even fifa14 looks like it has good graphics wow new stuff you learn every day i never knew this i thought they stoped make ps2 games years ago

  60. DrNope says:

    This was such an amazing system. The only console that has ever dominated its generation more than the PS2 was the original NES. Sony was so damn arrogant when they released the PS3, but it’s pretty clear why. I hope that there is always a way for future generations to enjoy its game library and know its history.

  61. Friend Of Justice says:

    PS2, you will always be the #1 console to me. I’ve owned 3 different PS2’s, and each served me well. Rest now in triumph and glory, noble friend. *salute*

    • Dylan says:

      You’ve gotten through three of them? I couldn’t imagine that they were due to hardware failure (at least with the originals, as the slim models were known to overheat). My original (SCPH-39003) is still going; 12 years old in 10 days. :)

      • Friend Of Justice says:

        Oh, none of them ever had hardware failure. I still have my 2nd one, in fact. My first was an original model I got in high school; I had to sell it when I moved out of state since I had limited space to pack my stuff. My 2nd is a slim that I still have, but it’s packed away. My 3rd was a slim silver edition I got used on the East Coast, that I again had to sell when I moved, for the same reason as the 1st.

        None of them ever had so much as a hardware hiccup. I’ve gone through controllers by wearing out the buttons, but the PS2 itself was always humming along just fine. Never scratched up a disc, never screwed up a memory card. Even the slim models never gave me problems; I think the overheating tales were exaggerated, or the people who had them overheat didn’t allow for proper ventilation, or maybe the failure rate on that model was just plain tiny to begin with.

        Man, talking about it has me wanting to play now… I think I’ll dig my black slim model out of the storage closet and pop in Brave Fencer Musashi. Maybe follow it up with some Bloody Roar 2.

        • Skylar says:

          Heh, Apparently Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix wasn’t a game you played on the slim. Our PS2 (slim) sat right next to our TV with open air and a glass of ice water on top of the processor side (very bad idea b.t.w.). And it still overheated when playing Midnight Club or GTA: San Andreas. (this is due to the fact that the heatsink is too small to compensate for the Graphics Synthesizer and Emotion Engine’s TDP when utilized at it’s maximum.

          The slim’s were built very cheaply compared to their dinosaur brethren. The first time we owned one, it took a small 1.5 foot drop and broke the eject button (lid stayed open unless we put something on top to hold it down). We promptly returned it, and the next one’s eject button broke a year later just from angry gamer usage.

          As a comparison, I tripped over the (fat) PS2’s game pad cord once and sent it slamming into the floor; luckily, the power cord was still attached, so we put it back on top of the stand, plugged the video cable back in and resumed play right from where we left off from the disturbance. There was no damage to the disc nor the console and it still plays to this day.

          • Dylan says:

            My SCPH-39003 is still going. In fact, I was playing Worms Armageddon on it last night! It’s been dropped numerous times and I cleaned it yesterday for the first time in 12 years. Considering it was very heavily abused back in the days of San Andreas, where I would play it daily after school, it’s done very well. I’m aiming to keep it running for as long as possible. :)

            • Skylar says:

              I have the last model before they went slim (SCPH-50001/N) I have done a few mods to it to help prolong the life of it.

              Like replacing the thermal compound, adjusting the laser power, oiling the motor bearings in the spindle motor; Small things like that.

            • Pax Humana says:

              Hey, Skylar, you dumb little shit, maybe if you wanted a properly functioning PS2, then maybe you’d actually do something like, oh, I don’t know, FUCKING ACTUALLY TAKE CARE OF YOUR PS2 RIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE? Wow, what a fucking novel concept, am I right? You’re a fucking dumbass twat.

            • Skylar says:

              Well, Well, Well… I’m not sure what I did to personally offend you so badly, but I’m terribly sorry for doing so.

              I want you to keep this in mind though, When we broke the slim, I was an eleven year old (I was also the oldest sibling of four). We did not take care of our stuff very well. I didn’t truly appreciate the value of the console (or Final Fantasy VII) until I was fifteen years of age. We still have two of the older “fat” PS2s (SCPH-30001 and SCPH-50001/N) that are in great working condition, and I take very good care of all of my electronics. The PS2 Slims were not built well enough to tolerate a bunch of kids and their abuse.

              In fact, I still have my very first console, the 16-bit SEGA Genesis, with the nearly 50 to 60 games (40 of which came from the GameStop discount bin).

            • Dylan says:

              It’s nice to see others still using their PS2s, what with newer machines being available and all.

          • Friend Of Justice says:

            Nope, never played any of the Midnight Club games. I’m not a fan of racing games that don’t allow me to unleash missiles, lasers, or napalm on the other racers. I HAVE played San Andreas extensively on my slim, though. No problems at all hardware-wise; game-wise, I stopped playing San Andreas after getting to the airfield because the flying controls are ass and trying to land kept pissing me off. I guess I just lucked out with both my slims, since I could play really graphically-fancy stuff like Okami on them both just fine.

            Hell, I once left my 2nd slim on for 20 hours straight to get an unlockable mission in Disgaea 2. Thing ran smooth as silk.

            • Skylar says:

              Okami was an awesome game. Amusingly though, all of the detail and shading was mostly done by hand; So I’m not entirely sure on how much load it put on the console, aside from the disc drive anyways.

  62. iamserious says:

    I can’t believe the PS2 lasted so long! I mean it was a great system but geeez!

  63. g1nks says:

    “Brave” didn’t suck at all!

  64. Fuck XBOX says:

    GTA SA, grove street for life

  65. Elie Bou Nakhle Moujaess says:

    All i can say to mourn the upcoming years of PS2: WE SHALL MISS YOU! OUR CHILDHOOD WAS TOO AWESOME THANKS TO YOU! I HOPE YOU WILL R.I.P.! Best console of the last decade (2000-2009) ever! :( YOU REALLY SHALL BE MISSED! I’m keeping mine forever!

  66. Elie Bou Nakhle Moujaess says:

    best game series of the last decade (2000-2009)!

  67. Elie Bou Nakhle Moujaess says:

    I’ll always have that special place in my heart for the PS2! I played a lot of great games on it: KINGDOM HEARTS 2, THE SIMPSONS (all the games possible), GTA San Andreas, All the Wrestling games, The Sims (all games released on PS2)… I had to give it up for an XBOX 360, (I Still own it, it’s just in its box, on the highest shelf of my wardrobe) due to the evolution! -_-

  68. Martin says:

    Penny Racers (Gadget Racers) is one of my favourite games on it ^^ i played it when i was around 6 to 8 :) but the game got broken :( so i bought it again ^^ it was hard to get but i finally got it again! so i play it very much! i will miss the PS2 alot, i have alot memories left in my PS2 :)

  69. dynamo says:

    5 if you count the handhelds

  70. Resident evil fan says:

    Resident evil outbreak was fun :)

  71. Marshall Waha says:

    I use to play Kingdom Hearts I & II on Playstation 2.

  72. Joe Brown says:

    To: PS2

    You were ahead of your time. Thank you for keeping me, my girlfriend & friends, entertained all those college days and nights, & thank you for paving the way for these NExt Gen Consoles…we had a good LONG run & you still hold the title of the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time)…FAREWELL!!!

  73. Joe Brown says:

    PS2…you were the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time), thank you for keeping me, my friends & my girlfriend entertained all those college days & nights…& thank you for paving the way for modern Next Gen concepts…You were ahead of your time, and we had a great run together…Farewell!!!

  74. LORD KAYOSS says:

    The PS2 was my bridge away from the bubblegum, kiddie world of Nintendo and into a more adult-oriented gaming experience. I was a total Nintendo fanboy during the PS1’s run and refused to even look at it. All that changed shortly into the PS2’s tenure when someone introduced me to Grand Theft Auto III. That’s all it took. I pretty much abandoned my N64 and never owned a GameCube. While their classic consoles NES and SNES will always have a special place in my overly nostalgic, sentimental heart, the PS2 earned it’s spot in my mind as the greatest console of all time.

    • Skylar says:

      Three words for the Gamecube, Reign of Fire.

      There were plenty of Mature games for Nintendo’s systems. Dragon Warrior VII, Cyberator, Perfect Dark, Dual Blades, and Reign of Fire.

  75. Cool Dude says:

    My own PS2 Slim bit the dust a couple weeks ago, yet the fat one is still going strong… O.o


    Playstation2 is the breakthrough in gaming history if you really look at the PS4 is almost a remake of the PS2 just a few more gadget added to the console even the look of the console is like PS2 never leaves us

    • Skylar says:

      Hah… hahahahahahhahaaa.
      There is a MASSIVE difference between the PS2 and the PS4.
      For starters, the architecture used is entirely different.
      The Playstation 2 used a MIPS architecture with the Emotion Engine for the CPU and the Graphics Synthesizer for the GPU; The Playstation 4 uses a x86 architecture with an AMD Jaguar 8 core CPU and a Radeon 7870 GPU.

      There is a radical difference… period.

    • Dylan says:

      Man, compare a 295 MHz MIPS single-core (299 MHz with slim models) processor, with a 1600-2000 MHz x86-64 octa-core processor, and 32 MB RAM, with 8192 MB of RAM. I love the PS2 and all, but you’re clearly talking out of your ass.

  77. JDizzly says:

    I liked brave.

  78. JDizzly says:

    How do these “worthless spin-offs” dilute the storyline? I’m pretty sure that the newest game, Dream Drop Distance, will directly affect the storyline of KH3.

  79. Glen Stradwick says:

    You do realise that without the Rumble pack, we likely would not have the dual shock controllers that exist today.

  80. Travis Morgan says:

    Hey I like Brave, but I do love the classics

  81. [CMD] DEATH says:

    Wow! I thought games for the PS2 stopped around 2009-2010, well no matter what I will say that the 6th Gen of game consoles was the best IMO, yeah I like what we have now but NOTHING beats that Gen.

  82. Burby says:

    And now we wait until someone makes a ressurective game like they did for the Dreamcast and Neo Geo with Gunlord.

  83. El capo says:

    Because the ps2 i moved to the us !!!, playstation changed my life…. long story short, can’t wait for ps4, but im not moving again….lol

  84. Tbone187 says:

    GTAV ??? Typically overrated and bloated GTA title…Hasn’t changed in essence since SanAndreas all those yrs ago.

  85. Tbone187 says:

    You’re over critical and not exposing yourself to the variety of games out there in the new gen. Open world titles haven’t been as big as they are these days. Don’t compare an action FPS to an open world exploration type title dude.

    Plenty of creativity out there mate…Developers are pushing new boundaries with every title…As for those ps2 titles you listed, I reckon the less I say about them, the better.

    • Skylar says:

      You see, there are many great games out there, but marketing hype always drowns them out. For example, when I go to Walmart, the three biggest Games being advertised right now are Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Assassin’s Creed.

      Game companies seem to be only supporting genres and series which are 100% guaranteed to make them a big profit. Any company that does try to make a decent game that is “new” or isn’t a sequel, usually get vastly ignored.

      For example, Starbound has been in development for two years now, and yet there are many whom don’t even know about it.

  86. Crimson Mask says:

    Cars, Brave… most everything recent. But I’ve come to resent Pixar the most because they are turning out to be anything but a proper Disney Studio, and even seem intent on bringing Disney down from within. Brave was an overt attack on Disney’s popular themes, to the point of naming their “princess” something close to “mierda.” It was also vapid and sexist in it’s portrayal of all male characters.

    It would be fitting if Pixar met the same fate they wrought on the original Disney Animation Studio. After all, just like DAS before them, at this point Pixar no longer has the technical edge that brought them their initial success. Just pass the baton back to Glen Keane’s far superior studio and put those Pixar hacks out to pasture.

    • Aaron says:

      pixar IS disney, the no longer are contracted under disney, they ARE disney, its been that way for a few years now.

    • Skylar says:

      Honestly, I think that if we sat there nit picking on how “vapid and sexist” a movie portrays females or males, then we would eliminate almost all movies ever created. It’s only there for comic relief, or to put an emphasis on specific details (I’m assuming you aren’t a fan of, Hagar the Horrible).

  87. bumpooshithead says:

    The PS2 had some amazing games, it will be missed.

  88. swaggerboy878 says:

    I’ve played GTA 3, LCS, Midnight Club, and many, many, more, since I was 3 on it.

    Goodbye, PlayStation 2, RIP.

  89. Kole says:

    I put my life into my old PS2 I was happy when I played all the Kingdom Hearts games and I was pissed when all the memory on my memory card was wiped. I had good times and bad times with the PS2. It will never be forgotten.

  90. jane says:

    the sims and grand theft auto

  91. asbo-5 says:

    Wow, the last game for the greatest system of all time is a freeking soccer game??? Damn, talk about getting the middle finger.

  92. Dylan says:

    My original PS2 is still working. It will be 12 years old in two months.

  93. RoadShow says:

    GTA San Andreas and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Games I still pick up today.

  94. hobo says:

    i always loved my ps2 but now its F**ked

  95. Mark Parton says:

    Amazing but who’s going to buy this

  96. The mysterius guy says:

    Games with great graphics are stuped. When I play games I want to get out of the real world cause im bored, but now games look like a real world so what is the point of playing them. I will always play ps2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Elitesl7 says:

    Xbox was by far much better the playstation 2

    • Skylar says:

      I have to agree, I was able to softmod my Xbox and be able to turn it into a pretty decent media center (480p FTW), PC, HomeBrew, and I did so many cool things with that system; Then the Winbond TSOP chip went out and left my console dead in the water.

  98. Stoshy says:

    The hotel I stayed while in Hawaii has a PlayStation 2 in every room.
    Yep. Can’t get any better.

  99. RobotSnake says:

    My PS2 is sitting on the bottom part of my desk as I type this.I love the Tony Hawk series,
    Ratchet and Clank, and loads more titles.WHY, PS2! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO!!!
    *Depressive episode*

  100. RightOn says:

    Brave was actually decent, just not great. Cars was so bad I couldn’t even finish watching it. Of course they then made Cars 2.

  101. Trevor Fediuk says:

    The PS2 was my first DVD player, I bought the Adam Sandler 3 pack (Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Bullet Proof) my first PS2 game was Smuggler’s Run. The main reason I bought it was because of Squaresoft. Final Fantasy X was and still is in my top 10 of all time. :)

    • Skylar says:

      Final Fantasy XII is my personal favorite for the console, next to Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix.

      FFXIII took quite a bit of getting used to (mostly the combat) because the last one I had played was FFVII.

  102. Jay says:

    Let’s not forget the final Xbox Classic release, of course, Madden 09 haha

  103. Bronco Blue says:

    RIP Playstation 2. I will still keep mine around as I finally am planning to upgrade to Ps3. Many memories from PS2 but none will surpass what remains today the greatest game of all time–GTA San Andreas

  104. March 27, 2013 and again it only for japan and it was limited release

  105. Shiit says:

    I remember the Jak and Daxter games as a teenager. I played a ton of that. Easily one of the best series’ of PS2 along with the Sly trilogy and the R&C trilogy.
    If I were to choose a favorite game, it would probably be Gran Turismo 3 or 4. It also could be Sly 2 or Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando. Never really saw the dirty sides of those titles. (Going Commando and Up Your ARSEnal.)
    Ah, good times.
    Well, just for good times sake, I will buy FIFA 14. Remember a lot of hours with FIFA back in the day.

  106. Abobker says:

    I well never forget the Memories with this great gaming console
    I play I lott of games in ps2
    God of war 1 2
    Devil Kings and I lot more l
    It’s the greates console ever made

  107. burdebc says:

    The PS2 is a must have for any JRPG fan. There are so many good games for it that I can’t foresee a reason to ever put mine up.

  108. Anthony Cornwell says:

    whaaat i thought the console was done years ago. i might have bought another one if i had known that

  109. Uno says:

    the best gaming is on PS2!

  110. DanTheMan says:

    My first ever console.

  111. Tommy Hatfield says:

    I’m so happy to finally have a Back compat PS3 so hard to get on now. But ill always love my ps2 for KH and i play NFL Street and tekken 4 still to this day. Probably still will be thanks Sony for all the great times and memories.

  112. Mahone1985 says:

    I can remember the hype surrounding the PS2 before even the outter case design had been completed on it. I was still at school, It was 1999 in the UK, and I can remember a few of my Nintendo fanboy friends were ripping it saying it was going to be a flop like the Sega Saturn and the Dreamcast (which as far as I’m concerned neither were a flop (I still play them!)). It’s hard to imagine that the last game to be released for it is yet to be released. 13 years is a legendary innings, I wonder if the Xbox 360 will have such a legacy?

  113. nick says:

    It is amazing to know that it lasted almost to the point of release date of ps4. It means it live wlmost for 2 generations.
    God of war 1 & 2 and sf 3rd strike r still the best games I ever played even though I own a rgh xbox360 with over 150 games.

  114. hotwing10 says:

    $15 dollars an hour for janitorial work? I want to meet your employer.

  115. hotwing10 says:

    PS2 started my life as a gamer with the Lego Star Wars series, I was only 8 or 9 at the time, but I haven’t put down a controller since.

  116. blacklab00 says:

    Farewell PlayStation2 we will all miss you!!!

  117. Joey McCrea says:

    I have played so many games for the ps2 and my favorites are ssx tricky, simspons hit and run, tony hawks American wasteland, the pretty much long forgotten eyetoy groove and the also long forgotten unreal tornament, father of all shooting games

  118. Blo0dLusT says:

    It sounds silly when people talk about the PS2, but it’s true, it’s my first love. I remember countless hours on Grand Theft Auto III, Kingdom Hearts, Jak II, oh the glory.

  119. Elizabeth Daily says:

    damn I miss Medal of Honor Frontline..

  120. Clark says:

    I remember when I first got my PS2 and I got “War of the Monsters” with it. Played it over and over again thinking about how great the graphics looked. Sadly, I traded my PS2 in when I got my PS3 a couple years back and I’ve regret it ever since. Thank you Sony, for some great memories…

  121. HappyX3 says:

    The reason why FIFA 2014 is the last game to Playstation 2 is cuz the playstation 2s biggest selling market is Brazil. Brazi is crazy about the FIFA games so im pretty sure that FIFA 2014 is the best way to end with (EA like to get som cash right?? ;))

  122. halfdark says:

    Instead of getting a very engaging, heart felt, real game, we get a re-hashed sports game…..great.

  123. Alex Mclean says:

    I liked cars…..almost everything after cars I didn’t like

  124. Alex Mclean says:

    Grand theft auto sly cooper and kingdom hearts

  125. Joel says:

    For me, Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper were the best, but as well as another 100 games or so, the PS2 was with me through my childhood and continues to be, I’ll keep it as long as I possibly can and will never forget just what an incredible machine it’s been :)

  126. Randy Hale says:

    My ps2 is about ready to give (so sad :( ) anyway my big bro got me a ps3 to replace it. He also said that he preordered the next kingdom hearts game.

  127. Myles Rodriguez says:

    It’s so sad seeing that the last PS2 game will be another crappy sports game. Oh well.

  128. Subtletea says:

    Wasn’t final fantasy 11 ultimate edition supposed to be the last ps2 game?

  129. Jake says:

    Those long nights playing battlefield 2 will never be forgotten, my Ps2 sits in the same place it sat for the past 5 years. All my other consoles must find an awkward position next to my tv, because noone, and i mean noone is going to lay a finger on my playstation 2, or my butter finger.

  130. Matthew Jeffers says:

    The PS2 was a beastly machine.

    Played it during my time in the Marines and during my first few years of college after I got out.

    Sad to see it finally bite the dust.

  131. True, your Logic is undeniable, but the few games it had, I still play to this day. Crusin’ California, Zelda (ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask) Godlen Eye, Lego Racers, Donkey Kong. Not to mention Conker’s bad Fur day, Best looking game on N64. Turok Series, Rush Series, even Wipeout. Mario. N64 and PS1 was a tie tbh. but every system has it’s ups and downs right?

  132. Marshall says:

    I love my PS2, whether it be San Andreas, Ace Combat 5, Gran Turismo 3, Twisted Metal: Black, ATV Offroad Fury, or even Driver 2. Although that is a PSX game. I never played Role Playing Games, except for the original Kingdom Hearts. My favorites were definitely Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, ATV Offroad Fury 1 & 3, San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto III, and Gran Turismo 3. And how can I forget Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy! One of the best games ever.

  133. mina360 says:

    I LOVE PS2

  134. Noneofyourconcern says:

    ah yeah…the ps2 was the first console I bought with my own earned money (though atari 2600 was my first to own) wonderfull memories of great games and the perfect transition from classic gaming to modern gaming. GC, Xbox, – all are nothing but a sneer for the mighty godbeast the PS2 was. If the competition dont start to at least try and make a console worth playing on (let alone paying like 100 bucks more) PS4 will be the coup de grâce for the other brands on the market

  135. Noneofyourconcern says:

    What kinda sense does this statement make? Name one console where it wasnt the same or even worse

  136. andrewskaterrr says:

    Battlefront 1&2, nuff said.

  137. I hated the system, not the games tho. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is still the best racing game of all time IMO (the PS2 version that is). I just never liked how if someone didn’t want me to play it, the could just take out the memory card and then all my progress was gone. I hated that shit about PS2 and it’s memorycard needing ass.

  138. Kruster says:

    Time Splitters 1 with the blue cd… Those games were not DVDs.. PS2 was soo cool

  139. Solid Snake says:

    You suck

  140. Ned says:

    Shadow of the Colossus, Burnout Revenge, and Star Wars Battlefront were my PS2 favorites.

  141. Jerry Hu says:

    I have PS2 for ten years. It is a great video consoles.

  142. NatT96™ says:

    PS2 will get discontinued in 2022.

  143. russ134 says:

    And I thought the last game was Quantum of Solace…

  144. BrandeX says:

    The reason why a sports game is always last in the West, is: A roster update and changing the year shown on the title screen doesn’t take much dev time or resources.

  145. vegnagun says:

    i still have my ps2 with all the final fantasy was good times and hard times with that games 😉

  146. Rustcaptain X says:


  147. ramrod 6921 says:

    I quit buying new systems after ps 2, when I was told there would be not way to games from ps 1 and ps 2 on ps 3 I decided not to get one. I have too many systems and too many games that I enjoy playing on them to go out and buy another system and have to figure out where to put it and how to hook it up. I have an old coleceo which works great what I liked about this system was that it came with an adapter for playing the games from my Atari 2600 and I was able to give the system to someone. I was hoping that the CEO of Sony would have the brains to have the new Playstation 4 adapted so that not only would it play the new games developed for it but would also be able to play the games for playstations 1, 2 and 3. the CEO of Mircosoft should also think about this. The people who work for a living do not have the money to buy new game systems every 2 or 3 years. The last system I bought was an Xbox 360 and it was pre-owned from Gamestop. They need to consider this when they develop their games.

  148. Tiago Coutinho says:

    oh the days good old days playing wrestling,football,shotting,violent,action games etc… in supermarket and in home ps2 2000-2014 we will never forget you….. <3

  149. buddyboy61002 says:

    starwars battlefront one and two… the memories are coming back…

  150. Samcro VP says:

    I never played PS2 online but it will always be a fond memory of my childhood. It introduced me to Grand Theft Auto & Need For Speed. Until PS2 i was only a casual gamer but now i spend hundreds of dollars on new games each year.

  151. andrew says:

    ps2 and gamecube were my favorites. Still have my ps2 and gamecube and wii u now

  152. icedone says:

    my ps2 and i go back 13 years…i got mine when it came out in 2000 or so. my first game was Final fantasy x (which is my favorite…i still have it) my ps2 still works to this day…i treat it like a king. i open it up and clean it every month..legendary consol. period.

  153. cturley43 says:

    I was 5 when i had my xbox.

  154. cturley43 says:

    PS2 PS2 PS2. My first gaming console was the Xbox. And my heart is with Microsoft, but PS2 whoo! Final Fantasies, And GTA only feels right on PS2 over Xbox. FFXII and X. Good memories, it was only two years ago man. Im 14 now.

  155. illidan4ever says:

    I have no idea how I use to play with 3-4 people on my tiny tv back in the day…ah, the things children can do for entertainment. But seriously, most games a shit to look at with more than 2 players. I remember me and my cousins and friends would bye certain games simply because the multiplayer was okay to look at, even if the actually game play lacked, when talking about the gamecube and ps1 (I had the adaption).

  156. illidan4ever says:

    Devil May Cry 3 and Resident Evil 4 are most memorable for me. There were many other great games played on that system, but alas, that is a time long ago. Many great multi-player shooters/fighters.

  157. Rko815 says:

    who the hell is still buying games like this on PS2?????

    you’ve had 7 years to jump onto next gen and the prices have been slashed to incredibly cheap

    PS2 itself though is probably my favorite console of all time, best game library ever!

    • camnpat says:

      In other countries the prices of the latest consoles is prohibitive. For example a PS2 in Argentina just 5 years ago was the equivalent of $600. Just now it has hit the $200-$300 range. The PS3 Slim (not the original Phat with everything in it) is not in the $400-$600 range. Considering that the buying power is much smaller the jump to the PS2 generation in south America (and other parts) didn’t begin until the time we were jumping to the PS3 here in the US.

      In other words yes, there are people who haven’t made the jump to last gen consoles yet.

  158. i <3 ps2 says:

    Timesplitters.Tekken.Crash Bandicoot.Kingdom Hearts.Sonic.Goodbye,PS2,you will be missed.

  159. Thomas says:

    Wrong. PS2 is THE Greatest Console of all time.

    • No, that would be taken by the N64 or PS1.

    • Michael A Mcdonough says:

      no that would be the super nintendo entertainment system sorry pal ,

      • Alex Mclean says:

        I think there is no “true” greatest console of all time we all have grown up in different time periods and have a different idea or preference I grew up in the early ps2 GameCube era so to me those are my favorites

        • Ckbtony says:

          i grew up through them all atari 2600,Nes,Sega Genesis,Snes,Sega Game Gear,PS1,N64,Game Boy Color,Game Boy Advance,PS2,Game Cube, and PS3…Never cared for X-box sorry not for me

          • Skylar says:

            I was a Genesis kid. Me and my brother played the crap out of the Genesis (Road Rash II, NBA Jam, Desert Strike, Virtua Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, and Revolution X.

        • jacoby says:

          what about the dreamcast? that console was the best looking for its time and was far more powerful than the n64 and ps1, come to think of it so was the saturn

          • Skylar says:

            The Dreamcast had a awkward design, but was very powerful. The SEGA Saturn had 8 CPUs, of which no game ever had to use more than six on.

            Honestly, SEGA always went way overboard with their hardware and ended up bankrupting themselves because of it and poor marketing (And a bad selection of games for the Saturn).

      • Aaron says:

        I would think of the snes as 3rd I mean it had some really good games, especially in the rpg genre which sega just couldn’t keep up with. But the ps1 just had more games as good or even better than those. and then the ps2 of course was even better. and then all the fps fags took over

  160. ecf says:

    ps2 equals GTA

  161. Liger Perry says:

    GTA: San Andreas took over my life when I first had that game in my possession.

  162. Favorite exclusives for PS2 are Downhill Domination and the Ratchet and Clank series. I also spent a lot of time playing various Grand Theft Auto games, Destroy All Humans 1 & 2 and Crazy Taxi. Good times, good times.

  163. because thats SUCH a big problem…

  164. PS2 forever says:

    sad bro…
    there are over 140,000,000 more PS3’s than PS2’s!

  165. Socom Veteran says:

    SOCOM is one of my best memories during the PS2 time. Because (I believe) this was the first game with online multiplayer for the PS2. Nowadays you can play almost every game online. Socom was a real stepping stone for the online multiplayer for Sony.

  166. JP says:


  167. Psythik says:

    So the final game is a soccer title made by EA. What a horrible way to go out.

    • And I’d be willing to bet EA did virtually nothing but roster updates in the last several FIFA games for PS2 anyway.

    • Marshall says:

      I concur, it could’ve and should’ve been better, like just releasing a package of the Dead Space Trilogy or something like that, for PS2. That’s one way to go out. Another is to just say “Fuck it. We’re done with PS2. We’re not making it anymore.”

      • Alex Mclean says:

        That would be quite and underwhelming expirience considering its a downgrade and all the dead space games were next gen games I would go with the “fuck it were done” rout most people and kids have Xbox 360s or ps3s by now

  168. Psythik says:

    So the finally game is a soccer title made by EA. What a horrible way to go out

  169. Dawson says:

    It will be in our hearts forever…First console i ever had and still play it to this day.

  170. Anon says:

    Damn time really flies I still own a PS2 and there are games I still enjoy to playing some games from time to time my favorites are Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call and Persona 3. It will be sad to have to say goodbye to such a good console

  171. Tim Bills says:

    I got my first PS2 when I was 8 years old, so it’s the console that has been my platform for most of my gaming life. Racing games were my favorite, second only to Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. I checked an unofficial leaderboard online, and found that I was, for however short a time, the #1-ranked player in the U.S. I have Sony and Namco both to thank for providing me with an aviating platform that suited my style and a system on which to run it that let me shine as the living room fighter pilot I was born to be! :3

    I’m gonna miss seeing games released for a console that I both own and actually play on a regular basis…bon voyage, ma joue-terre deux! It’s had a good life…

  172. Fahd Al Zarooni says:

    LOL, Really…C_C

  173. Cla says:

    And that’s different from any other console how?…..

  174. GuyNamedOwen says:

    This was the console i used for most of my life and still use has one of my favorite game series ever which i have never found a game equal to to this day…
    Champions of Norrath

  175. Juckles says:

    How wonderful this console was…
    It will be to amateur 3D game makers what the Atari is to 2D game designers, so I do wish it a wonderful afterlife.

  176. Jaguar94 says:

    Best system ever farewell my friend!! I remeber christmas break playing ps2 eith cousins does endless fun gaming days!

  177. Jake says:

    “Meh, they will ruin it unless they do it right.”

    Gee, couldn’t you say that for anything ever?

  178. Martian Wong says:

    I love PS2 more than PS3…it has more game that cater to my taste..

  179. shitola says:

    I sure hope that there is no starwars wold period. because that would mean that they would have to put heartless in all of the star wars universe. and all the worlds on kh3. no. just no. although the heartless would make for a good limited time event in SWTOR

  180. shitola says:

    NOT starwars!!!!! fuck Disney! may starwars rest in peace where it belongs. Disney better not dare do a starwars themed world!!!!

    • By says:

      They should. Why shouldn’t they. They are already rebooting the franchise, so why should there not be? Why would you not want a Star Wars world?

      • Noneofyourconcern says:

        Coz Disney is going to fuck it up big time?! Even Lucas himself screwed up with the 2nd trillogy (Ep. I-III) of a franchise he originally created – how in hells name could Disney possibly do better?

        • hotwing10 says:

          Marvel has greatly improved since disney bought it in 2009, who’s to say they can’t do the same for Star Wars

          • Pedro Rosario Jr. says:

            Wait a second….. think of it. Disney crossing over with Final Fantasy crossing over with Marvel crossing over with Star Wars crossing over with original Kingdom Hearts characters.

            IN AN OFFICIAL GAME.

            i am buying this game no matter what

            • Crimson Mask says:

              That’s the kind of thing I don’t like. I might have gotten into Kingdom Hearts if it hadn’t had all the eye-stabbingly annoying spiky-haired anime style characters screwing up the possibility of experiencing a pure realization of the comic-book world of Mickey, Donald, Goofy, & co.

            • Skylar says:

              There is only ONE thing that I’d be okay with if Disney would purchase SEGA; Sonic the Hedgehog in Kingdom Hearts.

              After that, SEGA would be dead to me.

          • Elie Bou Nakhle Moujaess says:


          • Skylar says:

            Although the Spider-man 3 for the Wii sucked compared to Spider-man 2 for the Gamecube; Graphically, Physics Engine, and game play wise.

        • jonathan says:

          Not just Disney but JJ Abrahams. The same guy ruining Star Trek by turning it into another everyday, piece of shit, run of the mill sci fi action thriller. No intrigued, exploration or reasonable conflicts. Just “have to save the universe from the guy with the big, big planet destroyer ship” Blah blah. Whoever’s idea it was to give sci-fi’s two biggest franchises to one single, mainstream Hollywood director was coo-coo.

        • ThatGuy says:

          Reason why Lucas messed up the episode 1-3 is because he didn’t listen to his writers this time around for the screenplay. For episodes 4-6 he let the screen writes look at his script and “they” changed it to what made the trilogy famous; a great story. But Lucas thought he could do the same job that 3 of his writers did, and failed miserably at the story telling. After the reviews for Episode 1 came out, he was so pissed off he didn’t listen to the writers he did hire to change the scripts for 2 and 3. Thought he could do better… moron, great idea’s but he should have really stuck to just directing and let the writers do what they do best.

      • Jake says:

        Well, would you want a bunch of disney cartoon things running around in star wars? Like seriously don’t get me wrong it’d be like one of those games thats just gonna give you a good laugh. But do you really want a Mickey, Donald, etc. running around on Bespin or really anywhere with light sabers and laser rifles. The two just don’t mix, keep them separate franchises.

    • Alex Mclean says:

      Why the fuck not?

    • RoadShow says:

      Star Wars is da bomb and thank god Disney took it over away from the scum bags at Lucas studios. Freaking all damn generation and not 1 good Star Wars game. We freaking begged for Battlefront but no, we get washed out BS instead.

      the movies I’m concerned about, while I do like the new Star trek movies I don’t really like all the changes made. JJ Abrams better not fk up the Star Wars movies and I don’t know who the fk he thinks he is. Freaking directing Star Trek and Star Wars.

      • look here... says:

        Not one good Star Wars game?

        Remember 1313? THAT was going to be a good game, but Disney cancelled it and chose not to renew the trademark, so Star Wars 1313 is extinct.

        And The Force Unleashed IS a good game. You just talk s#it about games you never played.

      • GameStation says:

        they would ruin the star wars movies even a little, just look at what disney did with the avengers movie so ummmm yeah

    • Crimson Mask says:

      You think Disney could do worse than Lucas’s prequels?

      I believe that could only happen if the project were turned over to Pixar. Disney actually brought Ralph McQuarrie back to design further material for Star Wars. That makes me think maybe the franchise should have been sold to Disney decades ago, before it was too late.

    • Elie Bou Nakhle Moujaess says:

      why not? disney’s got what it takes !!!!

    • Mike W says:

      Yah. I’m sure Disney won’t dare create anything in the star wars universe ever. They just spent 1 billion dollars so they can continue not daring making anything star wars.

    • Skylar says:

      Too late, Disney will do whatever Disney damn well pleases. For all we know, Disney could kill or entirely revive the Star Wars series.

    • Isaac Argesmith says:

      Just remember…it can’t get worse than the Christmas special.

  181. Solid Snake says:

    RIP PS2,

    Thankfully all the games I liked playing on PS2 have HD collections on PS3!

  182. John925 says:

    Absolutely the best console ever made along with snes. I mean how many issues did you have with your ps2? I mean really? That thing is solid. I mean ive played on ps2s that had broken disk trays where i had to pry it open with a screwdriver and it still ran smooth. They rarely burned out or overheated, could stay on for days without breaking and still run seamlessly. Sony should have kept that mentality with the ps3.

    • This is true, but I don’t remember the Xbox or GameCube having hardware issues either. I think all the hardware issues started coming when the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 came to play.

      • samuel says:

        “I don’t remember the XBOX(…) having hardware issues either.”

        • The original Xbox smart ass. The ring of light on the original Xbox didn’t work that way. And It didn’t have that problem either, because mine still works to this day.

          • jasonZak says:

            The original Xbox had problems with blacking out people’s screens.

            • I definitely didn’t have that problem so I have no clue what your talking about. Just accept that the original xbox was a great system with great games. I love the PS2, a lot of games I played on xbox I prefered the PS2 version, such as GTA III or Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2, there’s no denying that the PS2 was a phenomenal system, but it wasn’t the only one. THe PS2 got a year head start which is what made it so popular. So did the xbox 360 and look at it. It is the most popular game system atm. I never had freezing or black screen problems with the XBox. I have a lot of games from SSX to XIII. No problems at all, so what ever you talking about seems bogus to me. I have a PS3. Not an Xbox 360. I had one. and I sold it to get a PS3. I have a December 2006 60 GB PS3, and it is the best game system I have ever played next to the N64, PS1, and original Xbox. I know this is a PS2 article, but as everyone else, I expressed my opinon, and I hated that PS2 needed a memory card. Xbox didn’t have that problem. Sure I couldn’t play DVD’s without a dongle, but hey, I asked for it for christmas for games not movies.

            • Alex Mclean says:

              Not gunna lie it was good but I’m surprised 360 became really popular cause to me the original Xbox was the weakest of that gen and GameCube I loved but I think it was too overwhelming and ps2 was the one that survived to this day…..Microsoft and Sony must of switched places

            • Skylar says:

              The Xbox (original) had very powerful hardware. I soft-modded mine and turned it into a Media Center and a Personal Computer with web browsing and all.

      • Marshall says:

        I know why, they half-assed shit with these consoles, and built them the wrong way, with non-indestructible parts.

  183. pulseimpact says:

    I owned original xbox, gamecube, and playstation 2. The PS2 was by far the best of the three. I mainly played xbox for Halo 1 and Halo 2 xbox live and there were a couple other ok exclusives, but most of the big xbox original exclusives were crap compared to PS2 exclusives. And Gamecube was when I started disliking Nintendo…I liked Metroid Prime, but the console ended up just being a SSBM machine for me. Not only did the PS2 play PS1 games, but I have over 250 PS2 games and at least 100 of those exclusive and most of the games I have on PS2 and Xbox consoles (like NFL Street) were better on PS2. What I’m trying to say is that despite not being a true playstation warrior (don’t own PS3), the PS2 was one of the greatest consoles of all time and I miss it. My Xbox 360 experience has been good, but nothing was better than the PS2 for me. And I grew up on Nintendo originally. I am once and always a PS2 fanboy because they system just kept pumping out gems.

    • Rocky DeHart says:

      I recommend getting a PS3, at this point there are many, many magical and exclusive moments to be had on one.

    • illidan4ever says:

      All Gamecube to me was SSMB/Metroid Prime/Resident Evil 4 and messing around multiplayer James Bond. I didn’t like the original Xbox because my computer could handle Halo.

      PS2…There was just something about it that made even a bad game seem inviting. Maybe is was nostalgia leftover from the PS1, maybe it was so many people had a PS2 so you could just brings your games about, maybe it was it’s variety of multiplayer games combined with good exclusives…maybe it was all this and that it was the last time video game consoles felt like their own unique thing.

  184. josh32799 says:

    it is so sad seeing this console stop production, all the memories it held with gamers around the world, all the fun for the family, and had great exclusives like kingdom hearts.

    goodbye playstation 2 you will be missed

  185. Jonathan Thomason says:

    cant wait for kingdom hearts 3 though

  186. Jonathan Thomason says:

    ps2s yes ps2s bc i had to buy a new one every 10-12 months, was the system that got me into final fantasy (this is mainly bc of age when 7 came out), kingdom hearts and many other games and game companies. I bid a fond farewell to my ps2s that have been worked to the fine hard and software.

  187. CraZed77 says:

    Why complain about that? There were already a TON of great games on the PS2 it’s not like you had to buy those crappy games to get to the great ones.

  188. Sean Sherk You're Dead says:

    so they release FIFA for PS2 but they won’t release the UFC game for the XBox 360.. Makes sense

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Best Gaming Moments Ep 2: The Grim Reaper, TED vs Darth Vader, Skywalk…

We are back with another episode of "Best Gaming Moments." Today, we have some more videos for you...

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The Last Guardian

How Xbox One and PS4 Exclusives Stack Up Against Each Other in 2016

Every year is a fresh start for the two giant console platforms who are constantly looking to...

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Video games

Are Most Videogames Disappointing Due to Marketing Hype and Expectatio…

Just as the videogames industry got furnished with newer technology, three things that have...

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Black Ops 3 Multiplayer

Videogames Could Be Predicting Future Warfare More Accurately Than Man…

Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex, Titanfall, Crysis, Call of Duty: Black Ops III. All of these games have...

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Final Fantasy

Top Five Most Milked Video Game Franchises of All Time

Innovation, creativity and fresh ideas are found in abundance in the gaming industry. Developers...

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XCOM 2 Review

XCOM 2 Review – Classic in its Own Right, Simply Exemplary

You spread your team of 5 wide across the initially visible map, the long-ranged Sharpshooter...

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Xbox One PS4

10 Confessions of PS4 Owners After Purchasing an Xbox One

Ever since its release back in 2013, Sony's PS4 has been ahead of Xbox One by a large margin....

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Cosplay Johanna from Heroes of the Storm

Top Cosplays of the Week: Geralt and Yennefer, Johanna from HotS, Mast…

Top Cosplays is our new series in which we will be covering some of the best and latest cosplays...

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Darth Vader-

Best Gaming Moments Ep 1: Black Ops Massacre, One Handed Player, Deadp…

The week has come to an end, it was a hectic week as we covered lots of great news stories. We...

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