Metro Last Light Errors, Crashes, FPS Performance, Freezes, Fixes

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When Metro: 2033 was released; it managed to secure a respectable position in the ever staling FPS genre. Its successor, Metro: Last Light, has also done a descent job.

Metro: Last Light has been released for PC along with Xbox 360 and PS3 and has managed to secure average reviews. The game, however, do have some issues that may spoil the experience for you.

If you are looking for a fix or a work around related to a bug/error/crash, you should refer to the following troubleshooting guide:

#1 Metro Last Light – Ranger Mode not Available
If you are entitled to get the DLC and it’s not being shown, you should try restarting Steam. After the restart, verify the integrity of the game cache to resolve the issue.

#2 Metro Last Light – Resolution Fix
If you are having issues with the resolution or other visual properties, and you are using multiple display monitors, I will recommend that you unplug all of them except one to fix the issue.

#3 Metro Last Light – AMD Performance Fix
First thing you should do is disable the ‘Advanced PhysX’ from the options’ menu. Furthermore, make sure that you’re using the latest version of the drivers. You should also try to force the game to run in DirectX 9 mode (refer to point 6) until a proper fix is released by AMD.

#4 Metro Last Light – Nvidia Performance Boost
Nvidia has already released graphics drivers for their cards to boost the performance of Metro: Last Light. You can download them from here if you are looking to improve the performance of the game on your PC.

#5 Metro Last Light – Poor FPS Performance Fix
If you are using the latest drivers for your GPU and have a PC good enough to run the game properly and still getting lower than average frames, you should make sure that you are not running any applications in the background, for instance, the Logitech tool, etc. You can use the task manager to kill these processes.

#6 Metro Last Light – How to Force to Run the Game in DX 10 or 9
If you don’t have a very good PC and you want to maximize the performance, i will recommend that you run the game in DX 9 mode. To do that:

  • You need find the .cfg file that is usually located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\4A Games\Metro LL\.
  • Open the user.cfg in a text editor.
  • Find the command line “r_api X”.
  • In place of X, you need to put ‘0’ if you want to run the game in DX 9 mode. For DX 10 and 11, you will have to add 1 and 2 respectively in place of ‘X’ in the command line.

#7 Metro Last Light – Stuck at Safe Mode
There is a possibility that your game may face a random crash and on re-launch, it may ask you to run in safe mode. The game turns off some features which you may have to enable manually.

Firstly, force the game to run in DirectX 11 mode as mentioned in #6. If that doesn’t work, a re-install or restoring your system back to when you installed the game will work.

#8 Metro Last Light – How to Disable Aim Assist
If you don’t like the semi aim assist of the game, you can go to the config file and disable it completely. Find the config file in \4A Games\Metro LL\ and open it in a text editor. Find the command line saying “aim_assist 1”. If you want the aim assist to be gone, you should replace the value “1” with 0.

If you come across any other issues, let us know in the comments and we will try to help you out!

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  • Boedi Samosir

    I have problem to run “new mission” here, let’s say the tower pack, Khan, Anna etc.
    it says “Metro last night executable has stopped working”, then I have to hit task manager to close this error out to get back to desktop.

    can someone help me out please.

  • Tansa112

    Hello please i have a problem whenever I run MLL the screen goes to black and i have a message screen “out of range” cant do nothing but shut down manually my pc, help plz

    Im running on:
    Quad core 2.4GHz
    4Gb Ram
    Geforce 9800GT inno3D
    Windows 7 ultimate x64

  • DeDe

    how to fix the “DX11: presents failed, expected capture_context on activation.” error?

  • Mohammad

    my metro last night has no sound a all and all game audio settings are correct.

  • Sarabjeet Singh

    jst update your graphic card drivers…..& first start benchmarks and adjust your video settings….after this start game in safe mode……..worked perfect 4 me

  • kotelmaniac

    Is this game work on notebook’s with AMD graphics HD6xxx? I’ve got problem with starting game. After start video the game switch to console menu. Is someone here with same problem?

    Drivers are update, I started game on DX9,10,11…

  • Dazzle

    After patch my game runs smooth

  • e92m3

    Working excellently on my 890 fxa/8350/quad 6950/tri 6970/ and 7950 @ 1000 core 1750 mem , stock volts (GCN is like magic).

    You nvidia children are little uneducated dumbasses, akin to the common apple device owner. SIlence, stupid little shits.

  • Ryan BurnsRed

    This worked great. My game was stuck in safe mode after I accidentally clicked yes. I reinstalled it but that didn’t work. Luckily I found this and changed the settings. Now it’s back to DX 11.

  • Socke

    New style of freezes it seems. Instead of a simple crash to desktop (CTD) or total freeze. Only the current srceen freezes, and the game dont stop working. Just the screen is frozen. Curious.

  • derp

    You guys with AMD cards… You should stop buying them. I’ve never seen a game that didn’t have you guys complaining about glitches and graphics bugs. When will you learn? Plays great for me, but I use Nvidia.

    • Raldwynn Joshua Ona

      My laptop has an ATI card and it’s not versatile. Thus, even before I had a laptop people will always bitch that ATI is the superior than Nvidia, but when I got my laptop with an ATI, it’s the other way around. :/

      • Albert Cain

        dude what do you expect out of a laptop.

        • Raldwynn Joshua Ona

          And who says Laptop can’t handle this game 😛 I’m currently playing the game using directx 9(THANK GOD) and I’m able to get a decent performance.

          And I got the laptop as a gift, it wasn’t chosen by me.

    • jason blankenship

      I love that no matter what game site youre on someone always tries to launch a flame war about graphics. AI vs Nvidia. or they boast pc Intel vs AMD.

      I’m sure it is as black and white as ATI being inferior to Nvidia. It has nothing to do with the software developers optimising the software code better for one product over the other.

      I have lots of games that work better with ATI cards over the Nvidia equivalent. Why is this ? That is right, Software coding. Some games work better with Nvidia for same reason.

      Also, if memory serves, the first Metro game was very resource heavy. And in my opinion didn’t look as good as it should have considering the resources it consumed. If this game is built upon the same engine as the first, I can assume the same for last Light.

      Im not trying to start a war of word between internet tough guys. I just think we all need to acknowledge that sometime developers, for whatever the reason may be, optimise a game to run better on certain hardware at release.

    • Albert Cain

      actually, just like jason said, the only problem is when i run “the way its meant to be played titles”. any other game runs perfectly on my 200 dollar AMD card.

  • John King

    Im having a problem just getting the game to show up. When I launch it from Steam, it launches fullscreen. I can hear audio, but I lose video and my monitor tells me “no signal”. I tried looking in the config and setting the fullscreen command to “no”. The game launches windowed, but then immediately crashes. All methods Ive used in Steam to try to run it windowed do not work either. Any ideas?

    • Berserk

      Did you tried in game setting or you mean or opening the user,cfg file with notepad in the metro last light folder ?? Anyway try changing it in the user.cfg file if it s not how you said you did it . Worth a try .