Tomb Raider Crashes, Freezes, Errors, Graphics and Performance Fixes

The cooler and the younger version of Lara is ready to explode the PC platform with the latest Tomb Raider reboot. Crystal Dynamics has done a great job with the game, and I am pretty sure that Lara’s fans are going to praise the newer version.

However, unlike the console users, PC gamers sometimes have to face some technical difficulties, which can spoil the experience for them or can’t even let them start the game. These issues can be resolved with minor fixes and workarounds which you will find in our troubleshooting guide.

#1 Tomb Raider General Crash Fixes
A number of users have reported that the game is being crashed at various points. Well, the update is on the way, which will address the issue. In the mean time, try turning off the Tessellation option in the graphics menu.

Nvidia users should make sure that they are using up to date drivers (the new beta version) as they seem to be more vulnerable to crashes than the AMD users.

#2 Tomb Raider Error – Blue Screen of Death
If you are facing the blue screen issue, you should check the crash message. A simple reboot may make it go away but if it doesn’t, there can be some software/driver conflict in your system. Fresh driver installation can make the error go away.

#3 Tomb Raider (PC) – Game Crashes on Launcher
You can try out the following to fix the issue:

  • If your display frequency is set to higher than 60hz, try reducing it to sixty. You may be able to change it later once the menu crash goes away.
  • Launching the game in windowed mode can also solve the issue.
  • Turning off ‘fullscreen exclusive’ option can get you through.

#4 Tomb Raider (PC) – Options Crash Fix
If clicking on options gives you a crash, you can try the registry file of a friend to get things going. It’s a risky task but if you are desperate enough, you may wanna give it a shot.

Here is a working reg file you can use. You need to copy all the text into notepad file and then save it as “Tomb.reg”. The name doesn’t matter as long as it ends with reg extension. Double-click the file and click yes. This should enable you to enter the game and play it.

#5 Tomb Raider (PC) – Choking Sequence Bug
When a guy chokes you and pressing all the possible keys don’t help, try mashing the ‘F’ button. For exclamation point, you need to press ‘F’ and if the hand pops up, press ‘E’.

#6 Tomb Raider (PC) Black Screen Problem
If you are using an EVGA card, try disabling EVGA precision tool to make the problem go away. Others should check for the latest driver updates for their relevant cards.

#7 Tomb Raider (PC) Error – Failed to Initialize Direct3D With Current Settings
You need to turn off “Exclusive Fullscreen” from the launcher options. If you can’t enter the options menu, refer to the point number 4.
Also try installing the directx from here.

#8 Tomb Raider – Poor Performance on SLi/Nvidia Graphics Issues
Grab the latest beta drivers. They should boost up the performance to standards. And if you are using a netbook or something, make sure that your system is using the correct graphics chip to run the game.

#9 Tomb Raider (PC) Disk Write Error
It’s not the game rather your hardware is in trouble. You can do the following to fix the issue:

  • Try running the setup/unpacking as administrator.
  • Make sure that you have the sufficient disk space on the partition you are planning to keep your game.

#10 Tomb Raider (PC) Crashes to Desktop – Tomb Raider not Responding
If the fixes mentioned above to bypass the crash didn’t work for you then try disabling your second monitor.

If you come across any other issues, let us know by commenting below!

By Ali Asif

Being the managing editor, Ali manages a lot of the editorial duties as well as publishing stories for you. A long-time gamer, his favorite game series is the Gears of War but when he's not gaming he likes to kick back with a few popular animes like Naruto.

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    • Vicky

      “A fatal error has occurred while playing Tomb Raider:
      Please refer to the ReadMe file for information which might help you
      solve this problem.

      Whilst I am playing the game this error message pops up and
      automatically quits the game. I have read the read me file and could not
      find anything there.

      I am using a windows 7 PC, 2.6 GHz Quad 2 Core, 4 GB RAM, 1 GB ATI Radeon 5450

    • Shyboy Cali

      this is some real bullshit. WHAT A JOKE! So many people will be frustrated and let down by this ….I have every tombraider game ever made, and now this shit happens….get real you makers…wtf were you drinkin when you made this shit?

    • chen chen

      why i cant open the game after i installed? when i double click the tombraide. the mouse showed loading but nothing came out…. how do i fixed this problem?

    • rattlesnake_906

      Make sure that the game is using 330GTM and not the integrated graphics memory.

    • Uncle Bobby B

      I get to the part where it says something like profile id and then it crashes, every single time, no matter what I do. It sucks because i was really looking forward to this game and now I don’t get to play it.

      • rattlesnake_906

        Did you try out the fixes mentioned for the crashes?

        • Uncle Bobby B

          Yes I did though come to think of it I didn’t try to turn of crossfire, I’ll try that now! I’ll post a comment with the result!

          • Uncle Bobby B

            It didn’t work at all, if anything it only made it worse…
            I first get black stripes flashing around and then the game crashes.

            • rattlesnake_906

              Tried beta drivers? What are your system specs?

              • Uncle Bobby B

                No I haven’t, guess that’ll be the last thing I can do besides waiting for a patch.


                System manufacturer

                System Product Name

                Total amount of system
                16,0 GB RAM

                System type
                64-bit operating system

                Number of processor


                Total size of hard
                1975 GB

                Disk partition (C:)
                59 GB Free (112 GB Total)

                Disk partition (D:)
                727 GB Free (1863 GB Total)

                Media drive (E:)


                Display adapter type
                ASUS HD7970 times 2

                Total available graphics
                14056 MB

                Dedicated graphics
                6144 MB

                Dedicated system
                0 MB

                Shared system
                7912 MB

                Display adapter driver

                Primary monitor

                DirectX version
                DirectX 10

              • Uncle Bobby B

                The beta driver seemed to get me into the game atleast! I haven’t played yet so we’ll see how that goes but atleast it hasn’t crashed yet! THANK YOU GOOD SIR!

    • Muhamad Asyraaf

      Thumbs up! Fix #4 worked like a charm! :)

    • Oboboli

      How in the heck can they release garbage like this? Don’t they test games anymore on more than one PC? It’s just crazy and reflect very poorly on those involved with making this game. This is NOT just a small bug, this is a huge problem for a ton of people.

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