Borderlands 2 Named Locations Guide – Arctic, Urban, Highlands and Blight

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Borderlands 2 is full of adventure. From Easter Eggs to Legendary Items to hidden Vault Symbols, there is a lot you can indulge yourself in.

Achievements encourage you to find these hidden secrets. Among these achievements are Arctic Explorer, Urban Explorer, Highlands Explorer, Blight Explorer and World Travel, which encourage you to find all named locations in Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 Named Locations

If you are up for the challenge, we have listed down all the named locations you need to find under each area to unlock all these achievements.

Arctic Explorer

You can unlock this achievement by discovering all named locations in Three Horns, Tundra Express, & Frostburn Canyon and uncovering the map.

Three Horns Divide

  • Fishguts Outpost
  • Windbreak Camp
  • Marrowfield
  • The Drydocks
  • Thirty Below
  • Snowbound Crossroads

Three Horns Valley

  • The Frontsprings
  • Split Skull Bay
  • Shock Fossil Cavern
  • Happy Pig Motel
  • Bloodshot Slums

Tundra Express

  • Varkid Ranch
  • Skittering Mound
  • Varkid Ranch Observatory
  • Buzzard Academy
  • Tiny Tina’s Workshop
  • Ripoff Station
  • Meltwater Crossing
  • Mount Molehill Mine
  • Old Man Johnson’s Farm

Frostburn Canyon

  • Frozen Ant Lake
  • Blacktoe Cavern
  • Ashworth Camp
  • Blisterpus Camp
  • Incinerator Camp
  • Firehawk Lair

Urban Explorer

You can unlock this achievement by discovering all named locations in Sanctuary, Opportunity, & Lynchwood and uncovering the map.


  • Crimson Raiders HQ
  • Scooters
  • Marcus Munitions
  • Dr. Zeds 24/7 Clinic
  • MoXXXi’s Bar


  • The Pits
  • Residential Quarter
  • Orbital Delivery Zone
  • Waterfront District
  • Opportunity Square
  • Living Legend Plaza
  • Hyperion Office Complex


  • The Grinders
  • Death Row Refinery
  • The Old Mine
  • Main Street
  • Gunslinger’s Corner

Highlands Explorer

You can unlock this achievement by discovering all named locations in The Highlands, Thousand Cuts, & Wildlife Exploitation Preserve and uncovering the map.

The Highlands

  • Mercury Induction Station
  • Isotope Reclaimation Center
  • Lake Shining Horizons
  • Frothing Creek Mill
  • Aggregate Acquisition
  • Whispering Riverbed
  • Blake Bridge
  • Hunter’s Bane
  • Overlook
  • Old Cranky’s Pond

Thousand Cuts

  • Central Core Supply Dock
  • Control Core Loading Dock
  • Competitor Deferrence Field
  • No Man’s Land
  • Bloody Knuckle Point
  • Slab Town
  • Broke Face Bridge
  • Buzzard Factory

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

  • Casa De Mordecai
  • Preserve Dockyard
  • Observation Wing
  • Specimen Maintenance
  • Bloodwing’s Enclosure

Blight Explorer

You can unlock this achievement by discovering all named locations in Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus, & Sawtooth Cauldron and uncovering the map.

Eridium Blight

  • Human Dwelling Place
  • Bruiseboulder Quarry
  • Eridium Extraction Plant
  • Infused Grotto
  • The Slag Scar
  • Grandma’s House
  • Stagma Vapour Extraction
  • Slagma Refinery
  • Mount Hellsfront
  • Lover’s Leap

Arid Nexus Bonyard

  • Eridium Pump Station 1, 2 & 3
  • Hyperion Truth Network
  • Loader Maintenance Depot
  • Transmix Regulator Station

Arid Nexus Badlands

  • T.K. Baha’s House
  • Hyperion Info Stockyard
  • Fyrestone

Sawtooth Cauldron

  • Main Street Reservoir
  • Avie’s Camp
  • Cramfist’s Foundry
  • The Buzzard Nest
  • Scalding Remnants
  • Sawtooth Stilts
  • Smoking Guano Grotto

World Traveler

You unlock this achievement after you have discovered all the named locations in every area and uncovered the complete map of each area.

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  • desserrie

    me and my brother named all the locations and got all explorer trophies but we haven’t unlocked the world traveler trophy .-.
    it sucks!!!! any advise??????

  • LunarSinner

    WAHHHH! Okay so, I have those trophies already, but not the world traveler or whatever… I took cbombs advice, turns out I already found Ebonfloe, not sure when I did, must have been when I went on one of my exploring kicks…… Crap…. Any other advice guys?

  • connor

    i have all the explorer achievements that you listed.. thought i was going to get world traveler after.. but i guess im missing some hidden locations please give any information you have about this. thanks

    gamertag cRaFtY xD

    • HitMeUcantHrtMe

      I have the same problem.. have arctic, blight, urban and highlands achievements but don’t have world traveler yet !

      My map’s look complete.. have scanned over them 20 times now.

      • cbomb

        you guys are missing a place i had the same problem you have to head to southern shelf bay follow the wall to the right all the way around at some point youll come up to a light tower head left of it this will run you into a wrecked ship take a left at this point and follow it you will have to jump over a piece of ice cliff when you land on the other side just keep walking a few steps and you will discover a place called ebonfloe

        • Jumbie

          you wouldn’t get arctic explorer if you didn’t discover that place.. douche

          • Rawr

            Actually, cbomb is correct. The Southern Shelf Bay is not part of the Artic Explorer trophy. You would know that if you actually looked under the section for the trophy. I would know, because that is the area I had missed for the world traveler trophy, which I just got now. I got the Artic Explorer a long time ago.

            Before you go calling someone a douche for trying to help, double check your facts and not sound like a complete asshat yourself. Thanks.

          • Hyperion Personal 101232

            He is probably one of those ass-hats in sanctuary that killed Handsome Jack. Stupid ass-hat.

        • MateusSan10

          Thanks man, it was missing this exact location!!!