Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols Locations Guide

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Exploration is an important aspect of Borderlands 2 and being a vault hunter; you have got plenty to explore.

If you are into unveiling the secrets in the game, you must have come across the hidden vault symbol? If not, you can find these symbols painted on different places throughout the game. If your main concern is taking out enemies and not to explore, you will hardly come across few of these.

Find these vault symbols ofcourse, come up with some bonus xp as you complete some challenges if you find the required number in different regions.

For a list of challenges and the solutions, you can refer to our Borderlands 2 challenges guide. Now, since you have been familiarized with significance of the vault symbols, let’s go hunting.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – Windshear Waste

Vault Symbol #1/1
Location. When you are in Claptrap’s place, look for a closet near the fire. If you open it, you will find the symbol.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – Southern Shelf

Vault Symbol #1/2
Location. You can find a vault symbol during the side mission, Shielded Favors. You need to get the elevator to a small store.

Outside the store, you need to look for an angled platform you can jump on. From here, jump to the top. Move to the other side and jump onto the small balcony where you will find the symbol on the floor.

Vault Symbol #2/2
Location. While you are fighting in Flynt’s village, you will use the lift to bring up Claptrap. After that, you will come across a ramp leading upwards. From here, you need to jump across to the large opening in the sleeping room.

You will find some useful loot here, but the symbol is further ahead. Jump your way across to the other side to find a large symbol on the ground.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – Southern Shelf ‘Bay

Vault Symbol #1/3
Location. On the bottom side of the map, you will find a half sunken boat. You will be able to find a symbol at its back side.

Vault Symbol #2/3
Location. In the village (at its back side), look for a building raised by two circular supports (columns). The symbol can be found at its back side.

Vault Symbol #3/3
Location. While you are searching for the Power Core in ‘Road to Sanctuary’ mission, you will find the symbol in Windbreak camp at its base level. You will find the symbol on the back side of the small hut.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – Sanctuary

Vault Symbol #1/5
Location. You will find a small alley on the left side of the hallways leading to Marcus’ shop. A the back side of the fence, look for the symbol behind the dumpster.

Vault Symbol #2/5
Location. From the location of the previous symbol, you will find a bench on the right side. Jump on its edge and then get to the overhang above. From here, you can get to the roof. Now, get to the roof on the other side.

Now, jump to the corner of the mattress and then from the mattress, jump on to the roof in front of you. Through the triangular section, walk around to find a balcony. You will find the symbol on its door.

Vault Symbol #3/5
Location. This one is in Moxxi’s bar. While you are looking at her, turn around and head outside the doorway. From the top step, you will be able to spot the symbol on the wall.

Vault Symbol #4/5
Location. Explore the corner of Scooters to find the symbol behind the tyres. You can enter Scooters through the garage door.

Vault Symbol #5/5
Location. In the central section of the Sanctuary, there is a newsstand named ‘this just in’. The symbol can be found on the roof in front of this building. You can get to this building using the command center. Use the stairs to get to the roof.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – Three Horns Divide/Valley, Bloodshot Stronghold/Ramparts
For vault symbols in Three Horns Divide, Three Horns Valley, Bloodshot Stronghold and Bloodshot Ramparts; watch this video.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – Frostburn Canyon

Vault Symbol #1/2
Location. Before reaching First Hawk, you will go through an industrial area leading to a tunnel through a hole in the wall encountering two bad-ass psychos. You can easily differentiate this hole by the Skull and Teeth that’s around it. Look for a small frozen area to the right just before this hole. Get close to the edge and you should see a ladder. Jump down to see the symbol on the wall.

Vault Symbol #2/2
Location. Cred ‘Silentdante’ – Head right down towards the cave entrance from the start. Once you are at the cave entrance, look to your left for a quicksave/revive Behind it is a little tunnel/trail. You can follow this tunnel/trail up until you see a burning barrel. Look for this symbol on the ground next to this barrel. As a bonus, you should find the weapon chest outside to the right.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – Southpaw Steam and Power

Vault Symbol #1/3
Location. In the first room where you encounter enemies, look for a ladder across from the entrance door and use to go down to a lower level. Turn around at the bottom of the ladder and look on the wall to the left of the ladder.

Vault Symbol #2/3
Location. Kill Wot and Ony and turn left from the spot where Wot, and his badass psycho guard emerged. Go up a short set of stairs and look for a fan on the wall that emits sunlight. There will be a spinning wheel next to a broken railing by that fan. Stand with the wheel in front of you and look up to your right; you should see on top of objects, and you will have to jump to get to.

Vault Symbols #3/3
Location. On the bottom level of #2. It is right outside where Reeth appears. Facing the spot where Reeth emerges, look to your left and up a bit, you should see it on top of a slanted piece of machinery. There is another spinning wheel in this area, use it as a reference to find this spot.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – Friendship Gulag
Vault Symbol #1/1
Location. In the middle on the back side of the crate by two ammo boxes.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – Frostburn Canyon
To find all the vault symbols in Frostburn Canyon, watch this video.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – The Dust, Tundra Express & End of the Line
You can find the vault symbols in The Dust, Tundra Express and End of the Line by watching this video.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – Sanctuary Hole

Vault Symbol #1/1
Location. After defeating first set of enemies, go to the top of the stairway and stop at the door in front of you. You will see an exploding tank slightly to your left and another set of stairs to your right. Go behind the stairs on your right and follow the broken concrete around the wall to find this symbol.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – Fink Slaughterhouse

Vault Symbol #1/1
Location. Go to the slaughterhouse and up to the top of the center platform. To the right of the Fink’s Slaughterhouse, you should find some stairs. At the top of these stairs, slightly to the left, is a column and at the back of that column is the vault symbol you are looking for.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – The Fridge
To find all the vault symbols in ‘The Fridge’, watch this video.

Borderlands 2 Vault Symbols – All Locations, One Video

If the text doesn’t cut it for you, instead of cursing us in the comments, watch these time linked videos for every location in Borderlands 2 where you can find these vault symbols:

If you still can’t find these symbols, ask us in the comments and we will help you out!

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