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Binary Domain differentiates itself from other squad-based games by introducing The Consequence System deeply into its gameplay mechanics. It’s A.I. offers unique experience to every user based on his/her actions during key situations.

It monitors your in-game behavior and then directly chemistry of your squad-members. Core to The Consequence System is ‘Trust’ – It is something that you will have to earn. Each squad member on your team has a different personality and hence he will response differently to your actions. What may be right for one squad-member, may be wrong for the other?

You will be able to gain trust of your squad-member by making right decisions. Conversions are core to gaining trust. Your choices will impact on your squad-members’ opinions and their actions throughout the story.

Perform badly, put your squad in difficult situations, issue poor commands are some of the actions you should avoid if you want to gain trust of your squad. If you indulge in such actions, your squad will hold back, and your game experience would be more or less solitary.

If you want to build a high trust level, you would have to follow a simple rule – KNOW YOUR SQUAD. Know their likes, dislikes, specialties, guard their interests and follow the tactics you agreed and finally, perform better. Following these simple tips, you should be on your way to Max Trust in no time.

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Gaining Trust level within the squad helps you in many ways; your squad will be more responsive; they will follow your commands, suggest different strategies and talk to you more. They will work together for the task in hand and help you when you are in trouble. Your actions not only put your squad at risk but also decide how you will experience the story-line.

Different squad members will suggest different strategies based on their unique experience of the environment, and that would trigger certain events at different points in the campaign, making your experience subjected to who you take with you, how you work with them and how you perform in battle.

Earning trust of all members is tricky, but you get rewarded for accomplishing this task. There are six achievements based on earning Max Trust of every member in the squad.

  1. MAX Trust: Big Bo
  2. MAX Trust: Faye
  3. MAX Trust: Charlie
  4. MAX Trust: Rachel
  5. MAX Trust: Cain
  6. MAX Trust: Shindo

You can follow some of the generalized rules that I have already detailed in the text above and if that doesn’t work, following tips should get you Max Trust of every member in your squad.

How To Earn Max Trust Of Your Squad Members
Don’t shoot your team-mate, it drops their trust level. It’s interesting because no matter how careful you are; they will walk straight into your line of fire. So try to be cautious as much as you can.

When they talk to you, don’t walk away. You will lose their trust if you do so. It’s another one of those actions that you end up doing unintentionally, so keep that in mind.

Choose an answer based on their personality and go for an answer that doesn’t offend any other squad-mate. Be careful here, as you will hear different opinions from your squad members about other squad-members.

When you have your squad members around you (when they are idle – like in Underground City after fighting the spider and after coming out of the sewer in upper city), talk to each member to build trust, though they may say one line and shut up, but that’s good right?

When you start a mission with chapter select, your trust level will be at base points. It’s best to stick with the same squad member to build his/her trust.

At some occasions, you will have a chance to win MAX Trust of a squad-member. Like in Chapter 2, in the sewage-treatment plant, save them once and then get to the elevator, do no hop on.

This will spawn an infinite amount of Crazy Monkey bots. Keep shooting the monkey bots and melee when they get too close. You will get a lot of kills, and your squad-members will be impressed with your kills, and it will boost their trust levels.

This will depend before you enter the sewage-treatment plant as your two team members go off, and you save the other two. It’s a lot easier on the lower difficulty so you can come back to Chapter 2.

MAX trust of Cain
You will meet Amada and will be knocked out by Cain; you will wake up in a trash area, making it your first encounter with zombie scrap heads.

Kill them all and aim for their heads. Take as many head shots as you can. You will come to a point where there will be a door with red handles one on each side. Shindo and Kurawara will turn them to open the door; you should defend them at this point and make sure they don’t get hurt.

Take head shots and try to kill as many as you can. Preferably, use your upgraded electric shock to rack up multiple kills in one shot. They will drop a lot of electric shock re-charges. You can keep on your killing spree even after the door is open. These enemies will eventually stop coming, and you can continue forward.

Continue forward and you will come across another door like that with infinite spawning enemies and limited ammo. Go for headshots and quick kills to Max Shindo’s trust in no time.

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