Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Crash Fix, Black Screen, Keys Binding, and Freezes

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Launch day is always super-busy for developers and it doesn’t really help when your game goes buggy. Developers try to fix these issues by releasing the demo/beta and then acting upon the feedback received from the fans.

38 Studios did the same by releasing a demo for Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning but still, there are few unresolved issues that need their attention.

I am sure they will try to resolve these issues today, but if you can’t play the game on the Day of Reckoning, you can refer to our troubleshooting guide for the workarounds.

1# Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Graphics Overhaul
Skyrim FXAA injector seem to work fine with Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning so you can use it if you aren’t content with the graphics of the game.

2# Kingdom of Amalur Blackscreen Fix
If you get a black screen after character creation, you can fix it by disabling vertical-sync and post processing. If you don’t want to lose post-processing, you will have to force 2X AA to fix this issue.

3# Can’t login to EA Servers
Keep trying Origin is not known to handle heavy load. You can also delete the line ‘blaze_email=xxxxxxxx’ in your My Documents/Reckoning/personal.ini and re-launch the game to fix it. It worked in demo, hopefully will work in full-game.

4# Kingdom of Amalur – Remapping Controls, Binding Keys, Mouse Wheel Fix and More
Samades has developed an application that enables you to remap controls, bind keys, fixes mouse scroll button and make macros for different abilities. You can download the latest version from here and follow the development in this thread.

5# Kingdom of Amalur Textures Fix

6# Kingdom of Amalur 3D Vision Fix
If you are experience any issue with getting 3D to work in Kingdom of Amalur, you can follow this thread on Nvidia for a comprehensive list of fixes. The discussion is on the third page of this thread as of writing this article.

7# How to get access to The House of Valor Quest
You can unlock this quest by entering the online pass included in the game. PC players will also receive the same quest regardless of the digital retailer they bought the game from.

Once you have activated the code, you can find the House of Valor by exploring the eastern end of the Alserund area, in Detyre.

8# Reckoning D3DX9_30.DLL Error
You can fix this error by downloading the latest version of DirectX 9. You can download it from Microsoft site here.

9# Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning Crash Fix
If you are experiencing any random crashes to desktop – you can download and install the new optimized drivers released by your hardware manufacturer (Graphics Card).

Nvidia has already released Reckoning Optimized drivers so if you are using Nvidia video card, you should check them out.

10# Reckoning Freezes
You may experience random freezes on Xbox 360 – installing on hard drive helps. If the issue persists and happens more frequently, create a new character and try again – It can happen due to bugged character World.

11# Stuck in Reckoning Mode
If you get stuck in reckoning mode, enable tutorial to fix the issue.

12# Quest Log Freezes/ How to Get Back on the Screen
If you get stuck on the log and want to get back to the game without losing your current progress then you should press # key.

13# Can’t Move After Character Creation in Reckoning
If the issue is not with your hardware then create a new profile (start a new game) to see if things go right. I will also recommend you to restart your PC before playing the game again and see if any updates can fix the issue for you.

14# Game Keeps on Freezing on Xbox 360
Turning off autosave can fix the issue for you. Otherwise, you will have to rely on the developers to notice the issue and release a patch to fix it.

15# PS3 Sound Issue/ Sound Keeps on Lagging
The issue is faced by many users so it’s safe to say that the problem might be due to some buggy code, which will most probably fixed in the next patch.

16# PC Weapons and Armor Bundle DLC not Appearing in the Game
Restart the game and your Origin client to fix the issue.

17# The Game stucks in Reckoning Mode
Enabling the tutorials can fix your problem. Worked for others, can work for you.

18# Reckoning Crashes On Certain In-Game Resolution
This can be due to the conflict between your in-game resolution and that of your desktop. Keep both the resolutions same to fix the issue.

19# Can’t See the Mouse Cursor
Unplug any USB controller connected to your PC to resolve this issue.

20# The Game is Stuck at Update/Origin Keeps on Updating
The problem can be due to multiple reasons. You can resolve the issue by hit and trial, your best bet is to uninstall the game and Origin. Re-download it and try again.

If you come across any other issues, let us know in comments and we will try to help you out.

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  • xxkaptainkrunchx

    Hey during the main quest: breaking the siege, I died during the battle at mel senshir. Well it put me back by the boats at the start of the map. I got to my quest log and it says reach the outer gates? But on my map I have no quest indicator? Even though I click on the quest it shows nothing on my map? Is something wrong or am I just stupid? All the doors are locked and I can’t do anything here, I need to finish these quests. Please help. I play on ps3

  • Patricia

    I’m currently level 33 and I’ve gotten stuck during a battle. My character killed everything, but now I can’t move. Is there a “no-clipping” code that might get me out of this? I save often, usually, but it doesn’t look like my last save was as near to this mess as I’d like.

  • Conni

    I’m now on level 35 and didn’t have any problems with the game until now. Last save I made was inside a building. Now I’m stuck in there. Every time I try to get out of it the loading screen appears and keeps loading… and loading… and loading… I even got myself arrested, but that didn’t work either. As soon as I try to get out of prison (in whatever way) the loading starts again.

    Last time I saved manually I was on level 30 and I’m really not in the mood to go back there.

    Is there any way to fix this?? Please??

  • Johnzkee

    Someone please help me, i’ve been unable to run the game for weeks now.
    Whenever I launch the game, a splash screen with the orc-thing appears, after that nothing happens, one time I managed to fall asleep and it was still there, please help me, I’m running out of things to do

  • Taruq

    Crashing everytime entering a certain maps and while using “Arrow Storm”

  • oesteer

    after killing Baronett in DLC The Legend of Dead Kel, i have no option to save the game. there is still Baronett’s HP bar (which is empty ofc) instead of map in the upper right corner, like i am still fighting him although the plot goes on. i tried to load a little bit older save, or just end the DLC’s story despite this to return to Rathir and check what happens. the result is still the same :(

    • The Whispering Bloodgrin Baronett

      I have the same problem after the baronett battle with his hp bar, I tried to continue the quest and killed Dead Kel but the hp bar was still there only that it was Dead Kel’s. I also have the “Gates of Mel Senshir” crash for xp users.

      • Fox Software Manager

        .it happen to me too. Dead Kel & Baronett HP didnt dissapear..
        .if this didnt fix, i will not recommend this game.

  • Deadsimbiot

    Well when i already instal the demo on my PC and i click to start playing i get a black screen right after a few minutes.
    I don’t even get to the leading screen or something the game just freezes.If you have any idea how to fix it,pls let me know.

    • Ali Asif

      turn off the post processing in the graphics menu to fix the issue.

      • Deadsimbiot

        Dude i wrote that the game can’t start at all.
        I meen that when i click on the play button and then it start’s the little loading “orc” screen after that i get a black screen and it crashes.

  • Tareq

    Every time i fight with a champion sprite, i get a black screen. I did tried to set the low settings. It work sometimes though. But, mostly it’s just a pitch black screen

  • mamba

    so it just randomly crashed when I was inside the castle on the I dont even know its name anymore island. where you sail to from rathir. and when I try to load an older save it crashes as well. I must play this game :(

  • Lara

    I too have that “can’t move after character creation” bug. I tried unplugging my keyboard, my logitech controller, reinstalling, restarting, but nothing. I can type my character name or profile name fine, but when it’s time to move, it won’t do anything.

    I can do the front roll thing using my controller, but my keyboard seems to be completely undetected when playing. ESC doesn’t do anything and I tried pressing every key, yet nothing. Please help! :(

  • Hihahas

    well i have laptop with Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, so i guess there is no help for me. i tried to search for drivers but it seems they are up to date.

  • Hihahas

    Ivgot weird bug. At most of the areas all of the characters bodies are black. any solution?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Nvidia released Amalur Optimized drivers, I would suggest you to try those… if you have Nvidia card. ATI would have something like that also… You can also try to revert back to previous more stable version of the drivers; see if that helps.

  • Brian

    i cant even get past the first loading screen, ntohing i have done seems to work. tried soo many things that i so badly want to send a very “wordy” e-mail to these developers telling them how bad thier game is.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Launch the game as admin, make sure the resolution is set to your native monitor resolution and same for refresh rate. Make sure you have updated drivers and DirectX. Make sure you aren’t installed from corrupted disc. These are just general workarounds you can try to snipe the issue. Let me know if you succeed.

  • Marc

    I got myself a nasty bug around the end of the game (at least i think)
    Once i entered Cann-Rane (most south-east place on the map)
    After that my character keeps being stuck while walking forward (the rest of the game continues as if nothing happens) i have to press the W key again to make this stop.

    – Tried a new character, doesn’t have those issues, and i hadn’t got the problem before i entered that place
    – rolling works as well as normal combat
    – the freezes are completely random and it just shows the character freezing up and walks again after either a roll, attack or releasing the W key. (Random, but still frequent, around once every 1-5 seconds. makes walking to different places very very tedious or a rollfest.)
    – tried all the options with graphics etc to see if it got fixed – it didn’t.
    – restarting computer and reinstalling the game still doesn’t fix the problem of my character.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      May be your installing again from the same corrupted installation files …. try replacing a disc or if you bought a digital copy, you should sync files after download is complete.

    • Barthos

      I have the same problem. I first had it on my lvl 30-ish char and when i made a new one he got it at lvl 7 or something. The characters are unplayable like this so i keep looking for a fix.

      • jomz

        same problem here…. did they fix this nasty bug, its so annoying specially when your walking then your character will freeze, then roll out of it then freeze… roll out, freeze shake the mouse, freeze…. damn bug

  • Michael

    While fighting medgar for the commendation quest, I juggled him over a chest and he got stuck there. Problem is that I killed him, leaving his daggers there and leaving me unable to get them. Is there any way for me to fix it?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      You will have to start from the previous save ^ I don’t know if you can somehow fix a game bug like that with a workaround.