Final Fantasy 13-2 Artifacts Locations Guide

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  • January 30, 2012

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Artifacts in Final Fantasy 13-2 are used to open Blue Gates that give you access to secret areas that are not related to main-story but are very much related to achievement/trophy hunt especially Defragmented trophy/achievement.

In this guide, I will outline all 10 Artifacts and their locations briefly to help you find them and use them to open corresponding Blue Gates that will be needed later to get access to different secret areas in Final Fantasy 13-2.

For more help on FF13-2, read our Paradox Endings, Fragment Locations and Side-Quests Guide.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Artifacts Locations

A Dying World AF700
Come back later after the events with Moogle Hunt and look at the goddess statue next to the gate.

Archylte Steppe
Look for it in the northwest section of the map on a cliff ledge; you will need to angle the camera down and use Moogle Throw to get it.

Augustia Tower AF200
It can be found on Floor 50. You will need Moogle Hunt to get this.

Bresha Ruins AF005
Look for it in the area near Chocorina. You will need Moogle Hunt to get this.

Bresha Ruins AF300
Complete fragment mission ‘Iridium Ring’ and you will get it as a reward.

City of Academia AF4XX
Look for it in the southeast section of the map. You will need Moogle Hunt.

Mt. Yaschas AF100
Complete Time Labyrinth and you will get it as a reward.

Oerba Village AF200
Go to the northwest section of the map to get it. You will need Moogle Throw.

Sunleth Waterscape AF300
Look for it in the southern side of the large monster you ride. You will need Moogle Throw to get it.

You can purchase it for 10,000 casino coins.

Can’t find these artifacts ? let us know and we will help you out.

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    • Paige

      I found all the ones you mentioned, but i still need one more. I need help, please help me if you can. :(

    • Shawn

      @Kim – It shouldn’t be invisible. Are you at the northeast end of the water area? You should be able to look off the cliff and angle the camera down, showing another cliff. That’s where the artefact is.

    • Kim

      Hey, I’m having trouble trying to get the artifact in Archylte Steppe…like I can see it floating and it is invisible though I’ve been throwing Mogi like millions of times I swear…[moogle abuse >.<] anyways I don't really understand the "angle camera down".

    • James

      the wild artifact in Sunleth waterscape 300 AF can be found when you ride the giant ruamo (or just Mister forest), as far as getting that artifact, you will be needing \Moogle throw\ to get it, the color of the artifact makes it hard to find it normally its always on the eastern side of when you are riding the giant ruamo. hope this will help.

    • Ryan

      having truble finding the map quest girl in academia 400af and the last wild artifact in sunleth waterscape 300 af

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