Skyrim Smithing Guide and Blacksmith Locations

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Smithing is an art to craft different weapons and armor. This crafting technique is dependent on your skill level. You can acquire different perks ranging from Steel Smithing to Dragon Armor to forge some quality weapons and armor.

You can perform Smithing only at certain places like blacksmith’s and your require the following tools:

Tools Required for Smithing

Grindstone – It helps sharpening your weapons for extra damage.
Workbench – You can improve your armor depending upon the skill level.
Forge – You can forge new weapons and armors from the raw materials which is dependent on your Smithing skill perks.

For the raw materials used in Smithing, you need following workstations:

Tanning Rack – You can create leather from the hides obtained from different animals.
Smelter – You can create ingots from raw ore or dwemer scrap.

Skyrim Smithing Perks

Steel Smithing
You can forge Steel Armor and Weapons and improve them twice as much.
Skill Required –
Perk Required –

Acrane Blacksmith
Magical weapons and armor can be improved.
Skill Required – 60
Perk Required – Steel Smithing

Dwarven Smithing
Dwarven armor and weapons can be created at the forges and improved twice.
Skill Required – 30
Perk Required – Steel Smithing

Orcish Smithing
Orcish weapons and armors can be forged and improved double time.
Skill Required – 30
Perk Required – Dwarven Smithing

Ebony Smithing
Ebony weapons and armor can be created and improved.
Skill Required – 80
Perk Required – Orcish Smithing

Daedric Smithing
Daedric weapons and armor can be created at the forges and improved.
Skill Required – 90
Perk Required – Ebony Smithing

Elven Smithing
Elven weapons and armor can be forged and improved twice as much.
Skill Required – 30
Perk Required – Steel Smithing

Advanced Armors
You can forge scale and plate armor and improve it twice as much.
Skill Required – 50
Perk Required – Elven Smithing

Glass Smithing
Glass armor and weapons can be created and improved.
Skill Required – 70
Perk Required – Advanced Armors

Dragon Armor
You can make Dragon armor and improve it double time.
Skill Required – 100
Perk Required – Daedric Smithing or Glass Smithing

Blacksmith Locations

These are the place where you can practice your Smithing skills to forge weapons and armor:

Location. Just outside Alvor’s house.

Location. Near the silver mines, there is a covered bridge where you can find a blacksmith.

Location. You can find one outside Warmaiden’s near Whiterun’s main gate.

Location. Beside the market, next to the main gate.

Location. It’s in the middle section of the town, to the west side of the market.

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