Dead Island Crashes, Freezes, Stuttering, Lag, Sound, Errors and Fixes

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Dead Island is buggy to an extent that people easily bought the statement by Techland/Deep Silver that they have coincidentally released a beta build. How come ? Well, it was catastrophe PC launch of the game. PC gamers experience errors, crashes, freezes and all sorts of game breaking issues when they try to launch the game, they paid for.

Is it the really the beta build or the game in itself is broken ? We will never know but for now, we will take what we are told by developer/publisher. More importantly, Dead Island hasn’t been fixed even after a huge Day 1 patch.

So, here we are again with another troubleshooting guide that has all the possible workarounds to fix the current issues that you may experience while playing Dead Island.

1# Lock Up at Start/Black Screen at Launch
Disable all but primary monitor, disable all extra USB devices to resolve this issue. You can disable Desktop compositing in the compatiblity menu for the game’s executable to fix Black Screen at launch.

2# Dead Island Slow, Stuttering, Lag Fix
Go to my documents\deadisland\out\settings\video.scr, open it in notepad, and changed VSync() to VSync(disable). Graphics won’t be that smooth but it will increase performance and fix lag and stuttering.

3# How To Increase Shadow Resolution ?
You can increase the shadow resolution by navigating to this directory and opening “video.scr” in Notepad. You can find it in this directory: Dead island\DI\Out\Settings. Once you have it opened, simple change these values:
Simply increase the following:


4# Character Save File Location ?
You can find it here – \Program Files\Steam\userdata\\91310\remote\out\save

5# How To Fix Audio Crackling/Static Sound
Goto the directory:


Open: “Audio.scr” with a text editor and Change:




6# How To Change Refresh Rate?
You can open Video.scr and


To any value you see fit, like:


7# Can’t Change Resolution ?
Disable stereoscopic 3D in your drivers/video card control panel and you should be able to change the resolution. It’s a NVidia specific issues.

8# How To Fix Static Sound ?
Try changing your computer’s sound configuration and going back into the game to see if its fixed. You can put the sound to Speakers 5.1 to start the hit and trial.

9# Dead Island Temporary Stuttering Fix
The temporary fix is to set the game in LAN mode. You can do this by starting up the game and in the main menu, go to Options, click the Online tab up top and set “Game Visibility” to LAN. It’s a temporary fix till developers fix this issue in the patch, you should at least enjoy singleplayer mode in full swing. Or open Task Manager and setting DeadIslandGame.exe’s priority to Normal from Below Normal and see if that fixes the issue.

10# Dead Island Crash at Launch
Running Dead Island as a local user works fine.

11# Dead Island Windows Mouse Circular Bug
Disable Steam Overlay. This solves the problem, but is by no means a fix.

12# Black Screen When Launching The Game
If you are trying to run the game on dual-monitor, you may experience this issue. You can fix it by disabling one monitor.

13# SLI Support Doesn’t Work
Rename deadisland.exe to deadislandgame.exe through Nvidia Inspector to resolve the issue.

14# Fix For Black Screen With Dual Monitors
Go to


There should be a file called Video.scr. Open this in Notepad++ and edit this line: Monitor(0) Replace the 0 with -1. Save the file and start the game. It should work without the need to disable your second monitor.

If you face any other issue, let us know and we will try to help you out.

111 responses to “Dead Island Crashes, Freezes, Stuttering, Lag, Sound, Errors and Fixes”

  1. Buttlius says:

    I’m having a problem with the Video file. I tried to change the file type, using every option I can think of, yet I cannot make it into a .txt file. Is there any fix?

  2. Kyle says:

    I’m probably the only idiot trying to do this. I’m trying to play the game on a laptop. I can run other similar games with good graphics with no problems. But whenever I click to play the game, a black screen pops up leaving my taskbar and just a small amount of my background visible. I can hear all the sounds so I know it’s running, but there is just no picture to be seen. What’s up with that?

  3. Hans says:

    Please! I need help! I have a problem with the sound: voices and music are fine, but when you kick a zombie, there is no smashing sound, also happens with the guns, there are not shooting sounds and the same thing with the cars, there in not engine sound.!
    Sorry for my bad english…I’m Spanish
    If anyone can help me, please answer

    • Richard says:

      Having the same problem, Tried all of the sound fixes listed above but nothing worked. Someone please help us! we want to hear whats going on in this game!

  4. doublet360 says:

    Hey guys and girls i have a problem that i dont think anyone has encountered yet. So i click on new game to start my character, it does the cutscene of him getting out of bed and then looking at the door, first of all it wont let me skip it and sencond of all when i try to move it doesent do anything at all. I can look around and punch, but thats it i cant do anything!!

    PLEASE!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

  5. dimitris says:

    Hello everyone I have a dead island at the start is audio but no video can you suggest a solution other than those listed above I have tried everything without success.I’ve gone to techniques without result, the computer has graphics card ati radeon hd 1024 my mail is thank you!!

  6. Rob says:

    When i start it up the \Dead Island\ picture shows up and then it says \dead island has stopped working\ I am on windows 7 and I have looked around trying to find the solution but have yet to find it. So pretty much as soon as I start it up it crashes and i’m not sure what to do to fix it. please respond soon!

  7. Niky says:

    I have logitech surround sound gamin headset. I did your fix to the audio.scr but I still get a crackling sound. Is there anyway to fix it. I don’t get the crackling or popping in any other app so far.

  8. FoxRage says:

    Oopps, sry I didnt remember I had posted here sry

  9. FoxRage says:

    So, my problem is tha everytime I start the game, I see the Dead Island logo, then a pop up appear telling me it has stopped working. Can you help me?

  10. satanicfuneral says:

    what a crappy game

  11. FoxRage says:

    When I start the game, I instantly have a pop-up that says : Dead Island has stopped working properly.

    Any idea of what I can do to make the game work?

  12. mike says:

    its says video.scr i not a valid win32 application what do i do from here? this makes no sense. well to me at least

    • andre says:

      You right click on the file, click on ‘change name’ and change the extension to .txt instead of .scr. Make sure you save it when you’re done. If it changes back, you might wanna go to properties and click on ‘read only’ after you modified it to vsync(disable).

  13. Frank says:

    Hey guys, i’ve got a problem, when i play, i can hear the sound of weapons, someone can help me?

  14. Liam Jappe says:

    Yo, I having this problem where everytime I join my mate online or he joins me my computer closes dead island and tells me its not working correctly, but when I play on my own it works fine? Anyone got any ideas as to what the hells happening?

  15. matt says:

    i can surely play the game,, my only problem is that when i open it up i cant use the shift key, so by that cannot sprint, i have to press the alt+tab key and then go back to the game and that’s the time i can use it. but after that the Vsync is then turned off.. i want to play the game without doing that…. can anyone help me?

  16. Landon says:

    I could be playing the game on my pc for like a few min. with others then a message will come up say that my game has stopped working and will just shut off and whats bad is I lose my process!

  17. Haggis says:

    Jim, from your mail adress I assume you are in Austria atm – I guess Steam realizes this too and gives you german subtitles… (I live in Austria – same here ^^)

  18. Rakib says:

    I’m having the same problem as James Beard. However when I first got it worked fine, so I started playing again after 3 weeks and the black screen at start up won’t go away, only audio

    The fix for black screen at startup when using dual monitors (Item 14 ) does not work.

    When I try this, I set monitor to (-1) and start the game.. the game still fails to load.

    when I go back into the configuration file, the Monitor (-1) setting has gone.

    I repeated this 3 times and also checked that I had saved the file before loading the game, by reloading it.

  19. james says:

    my problem is the game text
    i cant understand anything
    yeah they speak english but the text is not in english
    how do i fix it plss help me

    email me here

  20. james says:

    my problem is the game text
    i cant understand anything
    yeah they speak english but the text is not in english
    how do i fix it plss help me

  21. Slood says:

    NotePad, looks like you put in properties of file – Read only. Uncheck it, edit, check it again.

  22. NotePad says:

    Hi, hey i can’t save the changes I make in notepad, trying to save the file it tells me “video.scr already exists, want to replace it?, I put yes, but then tells me “access denied” and is not saved, what I can do?

  23. serjeh says:

    i have the steam version and when ever i alt + tab out of the game it crashes and there’s a black rectangle in the op left of my screen i can still hear the games sound even the sounds of me moving but cannot get back in to see the game. HELP please

  24. Stian karlsen says:

    Please help, my sound ingame is broken, its really loud fucked up sound and I dont know how to open Audio.scr with a text editor

  25. AliceBoxOfChocolates says:

    Oh ara ara, this game is dead. I give up.

  26. James Beard says:

    The fix for black screen at startup when using dual monitors (Item 14 ) does not work.

    When I try this, I set monitor to (-1) and start the game.. the game still fails to load.

    when I go back into the configuration file, the Monitor (-1) setting has gone.

    I repeated this 3 times and also checked that I had saved the file before loading the game, by reloading it.

    I use two monitors, a 1900*1200 primary with a 1680*1050 secondary. GPU is a GTX 570 and CPU Core i7 920.

  27. bharadwaj says:

    hey the game works fine for me but i’m nt able to break open the doors. i use the F key repeatedly but still the door doesnt open.can someone help me out with this?

  28. Tyrone says:

    i have just installed dead island on my Dell laptop when i launch it the screen is black but i can hear the audio y cant i see screen?

  29. Slood says:

    When i play the game my screen suddenly FREEZES but i can hear all the sounds, sounds are not repeating. It goes ok after like 10 seconds, but after playing more my screen turns BLACK or game just crash. I can run DI maxed out very smoothly, i also tried to play on LOWEST settings, no luck, still freezes. Hmmm?

  30. Motta says:

    I was having a hard time playing the game,
    because of a microstuttering which was driving me mad.

    I tried the suggestions by Zawad, but nothing worked.
    And I had the same problem that was mentioned by other users
    -after editing video.scr, i launched the game and the settings
    reverted to default.

    So, after googling, i discovered that the stuttering i was having
    was caused by the keyboard input.
    “The issue is caused by the speed of “repeat” key strokes on your keyboard.
    For a quick fix, you must DISABLE repeat keystrokes while in the game.”

    Even better, i found out someone (Logan), created a great tweak tool
    named “Dead Island Helper”, that includes this as a feature.
    Just select “Prevent keystroke repetition”.
    You can download it at “”

    Unfortunately, this game is too buggy (saving, re-spawn,…),
    so im only going to play it again when a decent patch is released.

  31. Srksi says:

    Looks like I found a new bug! My character won’t run! Actually it runs in very short bursts when I rapidly press shift. Relocating run won’t help. In another games all works well. My keyboard is OK, and have no exotic control hardware. Some ideas?

  32. need help =/ says:

    well the setting doesnt save like that D=

  33. Xeric says:

    Hi. When I try to start dead island, from steam, the window with the dead rising logo pops up for a split second and then vanish. I can see in my windows task manager that the dead island exe is running but the game never starts up. Tried some of the solutions from your list which sounded similar but they didn’t work.

  34. Ssof says:

    Is there any way to permanently disable full screen mode instead of setting it every time the game starts up?

  35. Dogge says:

    Hey there, i bought dead island yesterday and when i start the game the text isn’t showing! i just se the water and blood(the menu), i maganged to join the game but i couldn’t controll my character with my mouse and the graphics sucked! I have reinstalled it but it doesn’t work :( please help

    • Francisco says:

      Hi Dogge,

      How are You ?

      I hope great!

      I just bought this game I have the same problems that you described.

      How did You fix it ?

      Thanks for your attention,


  36. Scyth3x says:

    Done it all as you said, but still not working also i forgot to mention that my cpu and vga doesnt meat the minimum yeah i know i should have said it the first time..I’m just curious than why it let’s me in the menu ..and i tought this old peace of scrapmetal could run games made with chrome engine..well time for shopping i guess..

  37. Danko G says:

    Hello all. I just bought a new gaming computer a week ago and have played the witcher 2 on max settings without any issues and when I play Dead Island anywhere between 10-60 minutes later it crashes to the blue screen of death. I have all updated driver’s and all windows 7 updates. I have an HD Radeon 6870. I am a complete retard with computers and I finally decide to get on the PC gaming bandwagon and this crap happens a week in to it. Any help would be very much appreciated. I should mention it freezes in game first and then the screen goes a weird tan type color and then it crashes to the blue screen and then I end up having to start windows normally or in safe mode…..HELP ME PLEASE!!

  38. Darkslayer says:

    stereoscopic 3d srry my fault xD and i have nvidia gfore 450 gts dual core etc :) works fine at maximum settings

  39. Darkslayer says:

    hey i did the thing with stereostopic 3d and did change my rezz tnx for info but i have another Q: if i activate stereostopic 3d again when my rez are chanced may something happen?XD

  40. need help =/ says:

    I cant get to open It doesn’t say open with or run as it just says test where it usually it=/

  41. BullWinkle says:

    How did u disable it?

  42. DIHELP says:

    My game just crashes when i pick the char i want to play on :s says the program stopped running and shit.. I havent played this game at all, got it on pre order of steam EU HELP

  43. helplagondeadislandD= says:

    Ok idisabled the thing it better but still shit. How can you lower graphics even worse than default. Could you send a message pasted the changes you made. I know how to make it pernament. also i changed it it 720-860 but it did nothing. I did make it read only after.Please help. Is it my computer? Its a laptop… getting a new one soon. Do you think its the hard drive space so filled. 12 gigs left in space. Wait till new one? Maybe it’ll work. Got it from steam. Help. D=

  44. helplagondeadislandD= says:

    Ok so i go on video.scr and it say it not a valid win32 application. I right click and it says nothing of open with. I tryed open archive in winrar the program i have. I get the list like the !vsync() but i cant edit it. I really want to play the game but i cant because it wont let me go in video.scr HELP

    • mikelbikel says:

      You should use notepad, there you can edit and save it, however i’ve changed the vsync into disable but still the game crashes every couple of minutes. Very pitty course i like the gameplay a lot.I did also try any suggestion i could find, still nothing works. And those patches everybody is talking about, well i can’t find them, not even on steam! donno

  45. wantstoplaydeadisland says:

    for #10, what do you mean by running the game as local user? because when i open the dead island folder and go to logs, i see that i have a “crash” document. So i was thinking this might help me fix my black screen issues

  46. Scyth3x says:

    hey. First thanks for the guide:)
    I tried most of the solutions but neither of them was succesful.
    So my problem is when i try to start a new game and click on play it just exits with the usual windows error you know that “Deadisland.exe encountered a problem..blahblah” i also hear the menu music in the backround if that helps..
    If anyone knows a solution to that i would be grateful

  47. SniperScyt says:

    hi uhh i have a mildly maybe more technical problem, me and a few friends were dicking around with grenades (a lot of them like 20-30 on the ground in one spot) and we were seeing whether or not we could destroy the armored car/antizombiemobile thing with a mass of grenades, we did it twice and on the second try i crash and cant get back on my character, now its the next day and i still cant get in, the game launches i can make and play other characters but the one that got exploded whenever i try to play him it loads the map and (im guessing here) when its done loading the game crashes, i have restart and reinstalled every single thing i can try and i knwo that there is something wrong with the save file now, is there anything i can do to fix it so it is playable again?

    [i have no idea how an ingame explosion could cause this lol, or if it caused it at all for that matter, maybe it was just coincidence but regardless i really need help from somone who knows a lot more than me ><]

    • Ahhh Damn! that’s a bit funny :) It can’t possibly be an exploded character I mean, something may have happened that you didn’t notice. May be the crash was random and it corrupted the save files. If the save files are corrupted, I am not sure if there is any way to get them working. I will look into it though but no promises.

      • SniperScyt says:

        alrighty thanks XD and yeah thats what everyones been sayin, probably coincidence lol
        (and yes it was hilarious, still is XD )

      • Sniper Scyt says:

        hah it happened again to the new character. this time after i beat the game i now cant get on him in the same way, crashes after loading the map. would having the save files help any? lol (im gonna bug steam support later just i dont rely on them too much)

        • Dishatred says:

          There is nothing you can do. I’ve had this problem happen on TWO different characters now.

          Once the save is corrupted, nothing you can do locally on your machine will make a difference due to the steam cloud sync bullshit.

          Anyways, best of luck to us both in this matter.

          I hope the next patch will fix this and prevent it from happening.

  48. Thomas says:

    Game seems to play fine for me except ANY time I try to open a car door to get inside. It starts the animation of opening the door and freezes. I “alt-tab” and see a windows 7 “Program stopped working” close prompt. I have only been able to open a door ONE time successfully. Every other time it has frozen. Stops me cold as I can’t use any vehicles.

    Windows 7 64bit

  49. Ugh says:

    Wow I got the game into 800×600 and gained nearly 10 FPS.

  50. Ugh says:

    The settings just get reset when you start the game back up.
    So pointless.
    And I’m utterly pissed off that 800×600 isn’t an available resolution.
    It would give me a lot more FPS.

  51. dead pcland says:

    I have the same problem…black and loud pc fucked up total
    XP64bit &
    ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9650 @ 3.00GHz

  52. Schro says:

    About the dual monitor issue, setting the game to window mode also fixes the issue.

  53. Leo says:

    I have no sound when i launch Dead Island, what so ever. I’ve checked everything but it’s set to have sound… But yet i dont have any sound. Its freaking annoying… Do you know how i can fix this..?

  54. ghigo says:

    hey, plz helpme, i hav a problem with a save the VIDEO.SCR, i save but when i play the game, hav all reseted, same MATROX problem…

    plz help with, how i save finally?

    *sry bad english*

  55. Scottsworth says:

    I’m having an issue that no one has encountered yet. I straight up don’t get any sound. All video works fine. Every other game I have works fine as well as anything else that requires audio.

  56. Alex says:

    My issue is that the game will launch, but the main menu is lacking all the text, when I press ESC I get asked if I want to quit the game or not, but I dont see any of the game options.


  57. Zomgbie says:

    I am having the same issue as many: system locks up after about 15 minutes of flawless gameplay (high settings). I too have 2 monitors.

    I hope there will be a patch that fixes these issues ASAP.

    • Try disabling the Vsync. or running the game on application controlled settings in your nVidia control panel if you are an nvidia guy. Most importantly, this issue has been found associated with settings that players force through graphics control panel. Like AA etc.

  58. Matrox says:

    hey editing the video file wont make any difference, it will change again to its default shit D: and its pretty annoying having the game at 15 fps :/

  59. Fang says:

    System totally locks up after 5-10 minutes of perfect gameplay. ONLY happens with this game.. help please :/

  60. Nikola says:

    Pls help:
    12# Black Screen When Launching The Game
    If you are trying to run the game on dual-monitor, you may experience this issue. You can fix it by disabling one monitor.
    I am using one monitor… possible solution?

    • if you are hearing sound/music and there is a black screen. Possible solution is to run the game in native desktop resolution. You can change the resolution by editing Video.scr, you can find the location of that file in the article above.

  61. Mike says:

    After playing the game for 15 minutes or so, the game crashes, my screen goes black, and my CPU or GPU (not quite sure which) speeds up so fast that it sounds like a jet engine. I’m afraid im doing damage to my pc. Any idea what might be causing this?

  62. Rune Pedersen says:

    Thanks for lots of fixes, it should also be noted that .scr extentions are known as screensavers on Windows 7 (what I know of), so default options like “Open as” or “Run as” might not apply for these, and you might have to open Notepad and open the file while Notepad already run.

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