Fight Night Champion Strategy Guide

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Fight Night Champion is bigger and better than its predecessors. Simpler combat system along with the role playing element makes the game coddling and captivating.

It’s not a game where you can make your way to the top just by directly defeating your opponents. The road to glory is not a walk in the park and you will have to get through a lot of hurdles before you become one of the greatest. Lets start with the basic offensive and defensive techniques:

Fight Night Champion Offense

The combat system in Fight Night Champion is relatively simpler. You can punch in different directions by just pushing the stick instead of mimicking the whole move. You will learn different moves as you progress through the career full of trials and bumps. Following tutorial tells you about the basics of punching in Fight Night Champion

Heavy punches can do more damage but they are slow in action and consume more stamina. Keep in mind that any missed attacks make you vulnerable to counters. Always keep an eye on your stamina meter as you can’t afford to execute moves that consume more stamina while you are running out of it.

Stepping punch can cause more damage like the heavy punches but can be countered easily. Counter Punches can be effective if you are skillful enough to dodge your opponents attacks by blocking,leaning, weaving or stepping.

Fight Night Champion Defense

In Fight Night Champion, you just can’t win only by offense. Defense is equally important. You should learn to dodge and block attacks and then counter before your enemy. Have a look at the following video for the defense tips.

Head movement is critical as most of the times, attacks are directed towards head region. You can use the lean button along with the left stick to move your head in any direction to dodge the attack. Blocking system involves the reflexes of both you and your player.

If both are sharp, your boxer will be able to block more efficiently and the transition from the defensive stance to the offensive move will be easier and quicker. Clinching can prevent you from extra damage so make sure you use it specially when you are under constant attack.

How to Deal With Body Spammers Online

Some players who want to win at any cost will use cheap tricks like body spamming to spoil the fun. They constantly throw hooks to the body till you run out of stamina and then attack to the face which inflicts more damage. Although this punch spamming does not cause any real damage to health but it is very difficult for the victim to counter or dodge the series of punches.

Sadly there is no proper way to deal with spammers. So you will also have to employ the same tactics to stop them. Use straight rights in series and try keeping a small distance. Straight rights inflict more damage and use less stamina. Once inside mode is engaged, keep on punching till stamina starts getting low and then block low and back away.

At first it may appear you are loosing the fight till you start noticing that your opponents health and stamina bar are not being recovered in between rounds. Now its your chance to turn the tables by spamming. Ultimately (if everything goes according to plan) you will emerge as a winner.

If you have any tips of your own that you want to share with us, share in comments below.

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  • lordjakian

    Trillxz, you know, there is a difficulty option for single player. Pressing rt doesn’t work ALL the time. Super Aggressive guys and super defensive guys…..that means there are different styles of playing. Sometimes you have to step back and accept that there is more then one round in a boxing match. You might even have to accept there are ten or twelve, but even I have a problem with that….should have won or lost before then with my super aggressive style. Yeah Butterbean!

  • Trillxz

    WORST Boxing game EVERRR!! ABSOLUTELY NO SKILL required in defense. All you do is press the RT button and both your head and body will be defended AUTOMATICALLY. Wtf kind of game is that? The legacy bonus requirements and training are also bogus. I fought a super aggressive guy whom I EASILY landed over 60 percent of my punches and the extra bonus XP earner req. was land over 47%, then I fight a SUPER DEFENSIVE guy who BARELY even came to attack and the req. was over 50% landing and I failed that. You can literally not land a single shot against these people cuz all they do is stay there blocking and you have to walk forward then throw some awkward punches that are obviously going to be blocked then stay there for standing not being able to land a single shot. Then the second one also had a req of me having to ko them before the 5th round and OBVIOUSLY i’m not going to be able to do that when all the dude does is block. I’m in my 3rd match and I’ve lost. The training is CRAP. I did the Maize bag and every time I sway, it doesn’t count. Then I throw a punch and I get hit by the bag. This is CRAP. I liked the other Fight Night MUCH BETTER. DO NOT get this game, if you want a Fight Night game, then get Fight Night Round 4 instead cuz Rnd 4 is MUCH BETTER. They deff downgraded with this crap. Damn Canadians want everything easy.

  • Coty Allen

    I’m a newbie, but I’ve made quite the progress. My xbox live was acting weird, so I droped the gold, but I will within a few days. Boxer puncher is my thing, stats would be greatly appreciated. Coty Allen, Facebook. Or Coty Allen is my gamertag. So anyone looking for an xbox friend hit me up, do a little training sparing for me. I’ve been winning most of my fights. But I feel as if my stats aren’t right like they should for boxer puncher. I like counter punchers, but it’s difficult for me. Brawler isn’t my thing. Uncon is good for me too. So send me an email to me, and I’m needing an xbox friend. <3 Get at me.

  • Scott

    Fighting spam with spam is not wise since you are just as open to damage as they are. A smarter way to defend against this is to observe the opponent and exploit the weaknesses of spam. When someone is doing this \bodyspam\, it is annoying but two things are happening that can work to your benefit, 1. any punch thrown leaves them open to attack and 2. while throwing multiple body punches, their head is always low. If you are at a distance, it can be tricky to stop that kind of attack because jabs and straights are more powerful from this range. Its best to try to use your feet to escape the path of the punches and respond with your own straights and hooks. Any time a punch is completely avoided by some type of movement, it creates the counter punch window where punches do much more damage. By letting them spam jabs and straights and countering with hooks and straights, the damage will be greater for them and most will not want to continue with that strategy. The same works when in close but a little differently. Here, you will want to weave side to side with your guard held tight and pop them with uppercuts. This will create little openings where you can still get off your counter punches even though its much harder to avoid body punches in close quarters. Also, the uppercut is key to defending against the bodyspam. While they are spamming, they are draining their stamina and leaving themselves wide open. Uppercuts work great on the lowered head of a body spammer, very high connect percentage, very high damage.

  • matt

    I would suggest to use multi jabs up n down everytime they try to strt the spam.. this will disable them to do a connected puches which gives a openning for modified counter.

  • Israel

    I have a question instead of a comment and it’s concerning the Fight Night Champion video game. How can you up your skill level in Legacy Mode so you can add more XP or is it that once you create a certain fighter you are only set a certain skill level for that particular character?