Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

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If you are experiencing any issue while playing Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, you can refer to the troubleshooting guide below to find a workaround till a patch is out. We will try to assist you in resolving these issues.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Troubleshooting Guide

1# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit No Sound During Racing ?
Update your sound card drivers and it will be fine again. Or you can give these a try.

Solution #1
1. Start Game.
2. [ALT] + [TAB]
3. Go to your system try by your clock and locate the icon that looks like a speaker.
4. Now, either right click on speaker and and chose “open volume mixer” or left click on it and click “mixer” underneath the volume slider.
5. You should now see Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit volume control, drag it up to the top.

Solution #2
Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Sound > Click on Communications Tab and select “Do Nothing” radio button and it will fix this issue, its a permanent fix.

Solution #3
If on the launch game mutes your sound, you can un-check the mute and the sound will come back.

Solution #4
You can also force the game to run in compatibility mode to fix this issue. Find the exe in the steam folder, and run it in compatibility mode for XP. This will force direct X 9 and the sound will work.

Solution #5
If the game is recognizing your audio device wrong, like you have headphone connected and it is showing speakers. Also you are unable to change the settings, then try this. Install the DirectX that comes with the game. Update your .Net Framework and re-install c++ runtime libraries.

Solution #6
Right click on the speaker, select playback devices, highlight sound device you use, click Properties, and then Advanced Tab and select 16bit, 48000hz(DVD quality).

2# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Server Connection Issues
If you have played the demo of the game on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, it would be better to delete the demo profiles before you continue online multiplayer on your consoles. As it may be profile conflict issue.

3#Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Steering Wheel Problem on Playstation 3

4# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Manual Shifting Bugged ?

5# Logitech Steering Wheel Support
“Logitech and Logitech-compatible steering wheels will not be detected at all on PS3, some others that are based on the PS3 standard controller will work but you’ll have to test them to make 100% sure. We will be considering official support for Logitech’s Driving Force GT, G25 and G27 wheels at a later date. Other Logitech Driving Force wheels and other wheels that are Logitech “Class B”-compatible should be configurable to work with the game, but are not officially supported.”

It simply means they are not officially supported but you can try your luck.

6# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Controller Deadzones ?

7# Type, In-Game Chat in NFS: Hot Pursuit
It’s a challenge, but here’s what you do. Says ‘Moges 79’
1. Start a Race.
2. Turn on your Headset.

and use the voice chat…

8# Playstation 3 to PC Autolog
First You should have two personas, one for PS3 and one for PC. On the Autolog page, click the Change Account link at the top right, then select to Change Account. On the next screen, select your PC account. Then you should see all your stats from the PC version also.

9# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Draw Distance Bugged Graphics
It seems like some people are experience bad graphics on the distant objects, road, buildings etc. Try updating your graphic card drivers, and if that doesn’t resolve it, wait for the patch. Seems like EA Support ain’t that helpful.

10# Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Press Start Screen Bug, Error, Issue
If you are on console, try running the game directly with the disc. If you are on PC, make sure your installation is not corrupt, and try running the game windowed it may help.

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  • Andrei12

    I just buyed needforspeed hot pursuit,activate was succesuful but when i press OK after that NOTHING black screen no error.why?my pc is compatibile with the game.i checked it.

  • Masum Billah

    what can i do for that

  • Giovanni

    Hey I start the game on my PS3 and I chose the race and the car but when its loading to start the race it freezes in the screen it give you the tips and says loading

  • uktarsh

    the volume label ,sytax error at startup .. please solution!!!!

  • Wido

    the screen freezes after autolog is cancelled or escaped…. freezes as in it goes blank… :/ help please

    • clyde

      i have the same problem

  • Jigar Patel

    plzzz upload ‘’ file plz arjent

  • Athul Sasidharan

    can some one pls upload nfs hp 2010 “en” file

  • Dwarfer66

    After upgrading my GPU from an 8800gt to a gtx 560 the game would always crash when I have a Logitech controller plugged in at the start menu, the only way I could get it to run with controller was to to delete my save file, and options file.

  • ghazanfar

    I have this same problem but i solved it by myself first of all u have to do to update direct x and graphics card then it will work fine.It works fine for me.
    i have this specifications:
    intel 915
    with hd soundcard
    2gb ram
    512mb 7200/7300 gs graphics card.

  • Dan200016

    Hey i installed hot pursuit on my PC and everything went fine.

    THEN i tried to play it and it opened to a black screen, stayed there for a few seconds and dissappered and instead a box came up saying “Need For Speed Hot Pursuit has stopped working”.

    ANY help would be appreciated by my friends and me

    Thx Dan

  • pop

    why NFS series got too much problem on ATI this fucking shit EA!!!

  • aman singh

    i hv windows 7 with core i3 4gb ram…
    but while playing.i m not able to see the road while driving…. black scrren comes/…..plzz help me..

  • Samer Baqaeen

    I read some of the comments, I have the same problem, When i run the game a black screen appears for 2 seconds then the game starts loading then the \EA\ Game screen appears (when it says EA Games and in small font Electronics art) then a black screen appears with the game mouse, then it crushes and a program made your ……. windows is trying to find a solution ….! (I used the crack, because I don’t have a disc for it) Please help :)

  • peter

    save game didn’t work.
    i download the save game from internet.

    sorry can’t speak english well

  • Summer

    when i open nfs hp.exe my screen turn black and it wont start the game.. any solution?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      It may be a resolution issue, do you hear sound ?

      • Summer

        No..the game wont even load…after i alt +tab it became not responding

        • Sagar

          Hi did u find ne answers? I have similar problem

          • Summer

            Not yet :/ how about you?

  • Shivam

    How to fix Visual Basic 2008 Installation which also cancels the installation of game too?
    The fixed isn’t listed up there.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Install the visual C++ libraries. You can do that from Microsoft site. Search the download link.

  • Shobhit

    HI .Actually i did something with the controls.I changed the accept key to escape by when the next time i opened it,i could not access anything as accept and quit keys were the same.Is there a way of resetting the controls.pls help.

    • vijay


  • Vincent

    hi. I’m currently playing NFS HP and it freezes when I get upgrade to new police car { Aston Martin DBS} on PC and I have to restart the game all the time…
    Please be so kind and help.

  • … …

    i only get the car in colour the rest is black any ideas? ive got legal version and just installed it.

  • jehu1234

    when i install NFS hot pursuit i cant load the disc 2….is there anything i can do?

    • … …

      there is no disc 2 XD

  • abinash

    i have nfs hot pursuit but its in russian ………..i want it in english………….how can i change it???

  • Tales Mateus

    when i got half of install, the wizard detects a file TRK_UNIT148_GR.BNDL like something its doenst exisct or corrupted. help!

  • chester

    I cant run the game.
    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: NFS11.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 00000000
    Fault Module Name: NFS11.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00440a83
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1124
    Additional Information 1: 0a9e
    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional Information 3: 0a9e
    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    i update my video card driver,directX and i have install netframework4.

    may pc information:
    AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core BE-2350 2.10GHz
    2GB RAM
    ATI Radeon X1650 Series 512mb.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try running the game as administrator. or Try a Fresh Install… Or Run the game in compatibility with XP SP3 If you have Vista or Windows 7.

      • chester

        i try also do that but the game still not working!
        my operating sytem is windows 7 ultimate 32bit.

  • CCR30

    I can start the game and play only one race. After a race, it sits at the results screen and does not allow me to return to any menus. The only way I can get out is by alt+ctrl+del. I’ve got the latest drivers for everything.
    PC Specs
    Intel i3 550, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD5700 1GB

  • Josh

    When I start the game will go to a black screen and go back to the desktop. Does the same for the Crysis 2 Demo. not sure what to?? help please.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure you have updated drivers, directX, and audio set to stereo. After that run the game as administrator.

  • Ashish Patel


    i have nfs hot pursuit 2 and whenever i open it, a messages comes out ‘unable to get initial keys!’ what is this? Please help me. :)

  • ahmed

    when i play the details of graphics are in black color
    please what i need.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      You need to upgrade your video card drivers and update DirectX.

      • ahmed

        My Computer Information:
        Adapter Information:
        Intel(R) GMA X3500
        Internal 384 MB
        Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
        E4600 @ 2.40GHz
        RAM 3 GIG
        DIRECTX IS 10
        and drivers are updated.

  • sniperghostwarrior1

    Finally friends, and all NFS fans, at last, I have found the fix for NFS HP 2010 crashing,

    while loading, at startup, at car select screen, or just before the race.

    All the solutions which different sites suggests like,

    1. Updating dx.

    2. re-naming the target of the NFS11.exe.

    3. updating your graphic card drivers to latest ones.

    4. changing affinity.

    5. running as administrator.

    6. changing compability to winxp service pack 2 or 3.

    are totally fucking crap. The game fully works on 4 cores or more than 2 cores.

    I downloaded the game and completed the game within 10 days of release in november 2010

    without any crashes, freezes, or any kind of errors.

    Recently, I installed it again for playing and found it crashing to desktop before race.

    I tried all the above crap, but it was just waste of time.

    Then i tried to find the problem, and finally after 3 fucking days, found it.

    The thing is you need not update your graphic card drivers.

    You need the Nvidia “260.99_desktop_win7_winvista_32bit_english_whql” drivers.

    Do not update your graphic card drivers above this version.

    My pc configs. are:-

    intel core 2 quad q6600

    win7 ultimate 32 bit

    2 gigs of ram

    nvidia 9500gt (1gb ddr2)

    • speeddemon194

      alright so is there a way to revert back to 260.99 from 314.07?

  • zaid

    i have nfs11 and i have all minimum reguirment but when i start the game this message show
    (this application has failed to dtart because d3dx9_42.dll was not found. whats the solution?

    • Ali Asif

      You need to install directx latest version…

      • Tafadzwa

        Download the file at and paste it into C:\Program Files\Electronics Arts\Need For Speed Shift Unleashed

  • coc

    everything done still crashing before race while loading.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: NFS11.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 00000000
    Fault Module Name: NFS11.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 0076946a
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 0a9e
    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional Information 3: 0a9e
    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      What do you mean by everything done ?
      Video Card Drivers Updated ?
      .Net Framework Updated ?
      DirectX Updated ?

      and please specify how randomly the crashes are occurring like how and when ?

  • Cuztomized

    During installation. it Freeze when installing on the Direct X part. what should i do? >.< problem is not on my DVDrom.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Wait for a while or close the installation manager and manually install directX. Try to run the game ? It may be the disc if not the DVDrom.

  • md sho

    hey i have nfs hp 2010 but i am unable to install it.when i click setup , it says error that setup.exe is not a valid win 32 application.some body please help me.please please please

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure you are running the game on Windows XP SP3 minimum or the OS that’s is supported by the game.

  • meet

    i have problem in controlling of game .it can not move in the left side so i cant move and i cant play new level which is on the left side.please give me solution for that.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure there is no other wireless or gamepad controller connected to your computer. If it is, disconnect it and be sure to check NFS Hot Pursuit controls.

  • Robey

    I tried the admin run fix but I am still unable to login to autolog. Support had me manually uninstall EADM but that didn’t work. The cdkey is correct it just keeps looping back to enter key page. I am using PC direct download version through EADM… Kat, have you found a fix? Anyone else? It is very annoying not being able to login to the mplayer portion of this game, argh!

    I’ve never had this problem before and I have every title since carbon. HELP! :(

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure your firewall and antivirus is not blocking the internet access. Try running the game while you have your internet and firewall disabled do open ports for this game. Check the ports to forward in your game manual or readme.

  • bogdan

    hi! i have thi nfs11 game
    but when i want to start it , it show me a window that says to me to update the game.after i update the game , my monitor turn black and after 30 sec it say that it coldn’t start.
    what shoud i do?

  • katilemre

    Hey, i have installed the game and patched it to
    But, i cant start my game. when i enter product key and pressed ok, it says activation successful, i press ok and nothing happens after it. Game never opens. When i again try to open the game it again wants to register product… i dont know what to do… please help :/

  • daawer

    i do not know what to do i feel like thrashing the manager of this game what ever i try to do the game doesn’t come itself i don’t know what to do.I open it,it comes normally but when i want to do the event it comes problem error it has stop working

  • kabs

    i have the same problem.. everything works fine but when it comes to racing i only see cars and the rest of the screen is black and white. wat should i do??

  • jeremy

    This is about 20 times worse than Microsoft – doesn’t work on anything I’ve tried. RUBBISH – how can they release anything so buggy.

    very disappointed – useless Xmas present

  • exidas

    Hi guys, when i start the game the black screen appears and nothing else happens. I can only switch back to Win (7/64bit) and turn the off the process. I’ve notebook ASUS Intel Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA Geforce 220M, 4GB RAM. Any suggestions?

    • HairyMetal

      delete the files Vv said, i tried doing that and it fixed the problem with it starting up, but i do stil get crashes when im playing the game.

  • Marco

    Vv doens´t work = // “need for speed hot pursuit application has stopped working”

    • clau

      same too me but only when i press alt+tab

  • wesley

    when i try to join my friends game on the xbox 360 it says i have a different version when we have the same i have tryed every thing!!!!!!

  • clau

    i have notebook fujitsu siemens celsius intel core 2 duo t7500 4 gb ram and
    video nvidia quadro 570m , this game run perfect, but after 5-6 races my video card is too hot and i get bluescreen, but only in this game

  • Vv

    Oh and also delete “controls.NFS11Save” from %:\My Documents\Criterion Games\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit\Save\Default (do not delete “MUD.7.NFS11Save”) that is the basic save file, the only things to delete its the old config saves. This explains why some ppl found useful making a seccond account in windows.

    • HairyMetal

      i deleted those files and it works but my game still crashes every when im playing

  • Vv

    The solution with “need for speed hot pursuit application has stopped working” is to delete the old saving configuration config.NFS11Save from %:\My Documents\Criterion Games\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit and it should work.

  • melting

    how do I restart career with a different profile? Is that possible and how?

  • erwann

    if the game is crashing due to your controller it could be due to the previous controller settings you have, it might not be but if so go to CDocuments\Criterion Games\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit\Save\Default
    and then delete the controller settings file.
    this problem will come from changing the drivers of a controller or switching save files from one computer to another with a controller settings already assigned. hope it helps pps

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  • Serg

    I can not play NF4, just start the game I have a black screen with this error

    Nome evento problema: APPCRASH
    Nome applicazione: 87722.exe
    Versione applicazione:
    Timestamp applicazione: 00000000
    Nome modulo con errori: 87722.exe
    Versione modulo con errori:
    Timestamp modulo con errori: 00000000
    Codice eccezione: c0000005
    Offset eccezione: 00440a83
    Versione SO: 6.1.7600.
    ID impostazioni locali: 1040
    Informazioni aggiuntive 1: 0a9e
    Ulteriori informazioni 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Ulteriori informazioni 3: 0a9e
    Ulteriori informazioni 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    I tried several versions but always the same error, I have tried to install the new patch but nothing, I tried as you suggested to install the key to run only one core and disable the castalyst but nothing. my system is a windows 7 64 bit … I hope you can help me … I’m going crazy.
    ps sorry for my English

  • patel

    hi please some can help game works ok but i can’t see the roads or buildings its all dark can anyone help please email to

  • navdeepverma

    i have tryed everything …have some problem…nfs11.exe has stopped working everytime i start the game…
    running on XP SP3

    if some1 found solution please email me

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Its a problem with executable, replace nfs11.exe with someone who is playing the game. As this error arises when executable of the game has been corrupted.

      • leonken56

        I’ve tried that but it didn’t work…

  • spiros


    Yes i have the same problem, games runs but stutters every 5 seconds or so, also get the usb disconnect noise constantly, tried everything, affinty, latest drivers, latest patch, even formatted my hard drive and only installed windows 64 bit, ati drivers and need for speed and still doesnt work! All i have in my usb ports are wireless keyboard and wireless gaming receiver.


    I`ve Found the answer on this…
    Run the game
    press the windows key

    management devices (my windows are in Greek so imagine what i`m talking about)
    you will find
    devices compatible with hid
    one of the devices when the sound occurs turns to yellow then to normal etc
    disable this device
    enjoy a nice game

    hope this help …

  • Sert

    “NFSHP running good but when i’m on racing only see cars, all street tree and

    everything blank white.

    I used dell inspiron 4010

    Intel(R) HD Graphics latest driver

    can anyone please help me?”

    same problem :(

  • alan

    ive atrouble my friend, the game was running, but the street appears to black!! and no light at all!!

    anyone help me… thanks mate.

    • L-train

      i’m having the same problem, have you found a solution?

  • CamLa

    NFSHP running good but when i’m on racing only see cars, all street tree and

    everything blank white.

    I used dell inspiron 4010

    Intel(R) HD Graphics latest driver

    can anyone please help me?

  • spiros


    Yes i have the same problem, games runs but stutters every 5 seconds or so, also get the usb disconnect noise constantly, tried everything, affinty, latest drivers, latest patch, even formatted my hard drive and only installed windows 64 bit, ati drivers and need for speed and still doesnt work! All i have in my usb ports are wireless keyboard and wireless gaming receiver.


    VISTA 64

  • Roko

    Pls people help me….

    nfs11. has encountered a problem and needs to close.
    i get this error evry time I strat the game…

    direct x and drivers are up to date….
    I have E6550 core duo ande Ati Radeon X1950 pro graphic card

    Windows XP but i was getting the same arror on the Win7…


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      From where you downloaded the game ? it may be due to corrupted game. If you have everything update as nfs11.exe may be the issue.

      • Roko

        I tried both RELOADED and WAIT4CRACK editions and both of them give me the same error….i download it from isohunt….

        I tride instaling the patch…didnt work…

  • zedu

    hey, what does the patch do ?

  • leonken56

    I have a question:
    “Can Radeon X1300 256 MB play this game ?” someone answer me please :(

  • Zeet

    I have a Problem with this game
    All Installed Well but When i start the Game

    * Loading Screen Appear,
    * Loading Complete,
    * then Black Screen Comes,
    * After 5-6 Minute I press Any Button,
    * Sound Comes…. (Then NOTHING Happen)

    Using Latest directx_jun2010
    Windows Vista 32
    Latest ATI Graphic Card Driver

    Please Reply…. I am Dieing to Play this Game….

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      In the game folder, you will find config-tool.exe or something along the lines. Start it and change your video settings. Preferably set your resolution similar to the resolution you are using on your desktop if you have everything else updated, this would solve this issue. Try to run the game on low settings also as a last resort.

  • Harakan

    So i was having a ton of problems too, about trying to start a race and my game crashing, so finally after doing tons of reading i figured it out

    Things to note:
    patch having been installed (i have a quad core so naturally i did this first)
    all other drivers up to date.

    Still my game crashed when i tried to start a race.
    In Catalyst (for ATI users) after checking “use application settings” and disabling Catalyst A.I it worked!

    To get to this screen, open up Catalyst
    graphics->3D->All-> check all necessary check boxes

    I hope this fixes other peoples problems too!

  • sai

    hey guys even the same problem with me……i start the game and after 2secs its getting down saying an error nfs11.exe has encountered a problem………can any someone help me in removing the error…!!!

  • Luxurious Stuffs

    if it says needforspeed11.exe or smething like that is not working then simply reinstall the game…..then when it is reinstalled right click the need for speed icon and click run as administrator……….. that sometimes works for some computers……….. now i have stop playing pc games long time ago so I couldnt rmr the best way to solve the problem… has happened with me many times and i fixed them on my own………if i remember the best way then i will post it here :)

  • leonken56

    Almost forget, I’ve already updated the latest patch ( ) release on 26/11/2010 .

  • leonken56

    My system:
    CPU Dual Core E2200 2.2 Ghz, 2GB RAM, Radeon X1300 256MB, WINDOW XP (SP3).
    Every time I run this game, it only shows a black screen in 2s and then return to desktop …
    Please tell me if my computer can play this game or not…!?

    I’ve tried
    -Setting the affinity
    -Turning off all ATI Catalyst settings
    -Running in various compatibility modes
    -Turning it off and on again
    -Downloading the latest ATI drivers

    • HairyMetal

      your does meet the minimum system requirements and i have the same problem too and ive tried all those things and i cant even get it to work, so hopefuly there will be a patch to fix all the bugs

  • kemantor

    the game wont start at all, when i satrt it only shows a black screen!!!!!!!! Can someone help plzzzzzzz :(

    • HairyMetal

      i have the exact same problem except my game worked fine for a while then crashed every now and then and now whenever i try to play it it just goes black screen and then comes up with some error message.

      • HairyMetal

        my pc specs
        Windows XP
        Intel Core E8400 3.00 GHz
        nVidia GeForce 8800 GT
        3GB RAM

  • zedu

    hey, my game has a problem.

    before the car choose, and the color of the car, in the loading thing, my computer freezes, and i have to turn it off in the button.

    i know that my english sucks, but if you could help me, it was great, thank you 😀

    • Allen

      mine stops working at same location as yours. Have you found a solution yet??

  • Ramon

    When I start to play this games, I get about every 5 seconds a USB connect disconnect sound and the game freezes. NFS Carbon is working fine though. I can’t play it like this

    • Gstyle

      Yes i have the same problem, games runs but stutters every 5 seconds or so, also get the usb disconnect noise constantly, tried everything, affinty, latest drivers, latest patch, even formatted my hard drive and only installed windows 64 bit, ati drivers and need for speed and still doesnt work! All i have in my usb ports are wireless keyboard and wireless gaming receiver.

      i5 760
      8gb ram
      2tb hard drive
      LG bluray optical hard drive.

  • ashish

    whenever i start the game a msg window opens with \unable to get initial keys, wats the prob? can u help me pls. :)

  • Name

    Game chrash before the race, in the menu work fine.
    I have notebook HP(Vista)
    processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5670 1.80GHz(2 CPUs)
    1976MB RAM
    Graphic card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family 796mb
    DirectX 11

    Pls help, i love this game :/

  • Mrameez

    Hi guys,
    My problem is my steering wheel first it was working 100% but while I was playing it used to get disconnected for no reason then it came right for other games but now when I start nfs it loads until the main screen where you press any button and crashes if the steering wheel is in if it is not plugged in it works fine.
    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but no luck and I updated the driver.
    Please help if you can.

  • Pedro

    I can’t install nfs hp.
    After I click install a prompt window appears for 1 sec, and then nothing happens. I’ve tried compatibility, running as administrator, with no success.
    My specs are:
    C2D 2.26
    9400M 256Mb
    Windows 7

  • Saifon

    I have the problem with game crashes on start screen using windows 7 core processors.

    I’ve tried using only two processors, gets a little further.. starts the first mission, but again crashes before u even get to do anything.

    I’ve tried compatibility mode, it does work on using Windows 98/ME compatibility mode.. but the performance is terrible, very jerky, and basically unplayable.

    According to any information I’ve found.. there’s no known fix, hope this is sorted soon with a patch

  • Saurav

    When a Patch will be released? I am waiting for it. Horrible Lag and Stuttering problems continues….

  • NFS

    easy easy solution to this all you need to do is GET A PS3 or a XBOX 360,instead of playing it on PC then there will be no problem, the only game built for PC is World of fucking War Craft, Sims(awesome game) and Spore(Awesome game too) oh and all your shitty simulators

    • Hadyn

      What a hateful message.

      I own a PS3 and a 360, and just about every other console, yet I chose to buy Hot Pursuit on PC because it runs at double the frame rate and a much higher resolution.

      Simply put, I have the exact same game you have, but mine looks better and runs nicer.

      Yeah, it’s a bummer that I had to spend an hour or two to get it running – but when it enables me to enjoy the game at a higher level of quality for the hours upon hours I’ll spend playing it, it’s easily worth it.

      There are some other pretty good reasons to pick up the PC version too. Criterion’s previous game, Burnout Paradise, had improved graphics on the PC version (as well as higher resolution / frame rate), and the Need For Speed series itself has a long history on PC’s.

      The consoles are great and they have some awesome titles that you can’t get on PC. But my PC is more powerful than my consoles, so when a cross-platform release comes out I choose the version that will run the best at the highest settings.

      I’m a lover of games, not hardware.

      • Menacer_LA

        My friend has it for the X-box and his textures blink and game crashes.. so…

        STFU little consul boy

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      “I’m a lover of games, not hardware.” one day I will write a post on it xD You got yourself a fan brother :)

    • AjAx

      you are a bloody idiot!!!

      it takes a fugwit like yourself to suggest that WE PC GAMERS who are havin g issues, solve them by joining YOU and the rest of your ZERO skilled CONSOLE community to fix our issues….

      You are a fugging tool sunshine!!, IT TAKES NO SKILL TO PLAY CONSOLES…when will nubz like you get that into your heads…..We PC gamers PAVED the way for idiots like yourself to feel better about playing games when consoles are exactly the same all around the world….and we PC gamers BUILD our systems to OUR specs and not some fugging companies.

      grow the Fug up and blow that shit up someone elses arse…..Meantime, we need help with this games crashing issues and we DONT need retards like you wasteing our time with lame arse comments.


  • eric

    Hey i need help. I have a windows vista laptop, and when i try to start the game, the screen turns black for 1 second, and then a message saying “Need For Speed(TM) application has stopped working”. Im not sure whats wrong, but it happens every time i launch it please help!

    • TuKa

      me too… do u have a answer already?

  • xelalex19

    I have the same problem, Need for speed(TM) Has stop working…
    I’ve tried this:
    “go to User accounts > Manage Account > Standard user Account and after doing this 3 simple steps. Switch user to the account u just created and it should work right now”
    but it didn’t work.
    (I havent got time to change the affinity cuz if i start the game it will stop immediately)
    If some1 knows, how i can fix it pls pm

  • Guille

    Lol, i did finitty stuff, i went to msconfig.exe and i set it to 2 CPU’S. I restarted my pc and i almost broked it, it didnt started so i needed to spent 1 hour fixing that… the only thng is that its still crashing

  • xxx

    My problem is, that when I’m trying to turn on the game I got a black screen for about 2 secs, and It kicks me back to windows, and I can’t even do the ALT + TAB thing 😉

    • Hadyn

      Exact same problem I had. Do you have the CL-Eye driver on your computer (for the PlayStation Eye camera)? If so, you’ll have to delete it.

      If not, you can try setting affinity for CPU cores -before- starting the game, but it’s a little more advanced and you need to download a program that enables this specific feature on your computer. If you have win7, try this:

      Otherwise just google “set core affinity prior to lauch” or something like that, plus the name of your OS. Should be able to find something that way :)

  • Despinda

    By the way, I searched the entire PC drive without finding anything about CL or eye. I don’t even have webcam so don’t know why it crashed right after I selected a vehicle. I’ve tried all the tips above and really want to smash my PC or NFS. COD Black Ops worked just fine on my system. *sighing*

  • Despinda

    I have a similar system like Hadyn. How do I uninstall CL Eye driver? Thanks.

    • Hadyn

      Go into Control Panel, then “Uninstall a Program”. The “CL-Eye” driver should be on the list if it’s installed, and you can uninstall it from there :)

  • andrey_t9

    i have tryed everything …have some problem…nfs11.exe has stopped working

    if some1 found solution please email me

  • mike

    Every time i close the game my web cam is turned On.

    I have a asus monitor with webcam integrated. Any soluction?

    • Lambda

      I have the EXACT same problem! Did you find any solutions?! My computer is a HP dv8t with integrated webcam. Whenever I close the game, my webcam light is fully turned on, that it’s instantly dimmed, but not turned off. It remains like this until I turn off the computer or start/end another application that activates the camera.

      This is SO annoying!!!

  • Misaka 1995

    I have found another error which may be of help to people.

    Need for speed(TM) Has stop working….Windows is searching for blah blah blah…

    Windows 7
    go to User accounts>Manage Account>Standard user Account and after doing this 3 simple steps. Switch user to the account u just created and it should work right now

    • Dun Yuan

      So I have to log to the other account every time I wanna play the game? :-< If yes, better than not being able to play I guess…

    • crippling fear

      DOESNT WORK :(

  • Hadyn

    Yes! it works 😀


    Please post about this if you can -, there’ll probably be quite a few other people out there with the same problem as me, and I don’t have anywhere online where I can write about it with high exposure.

    The advice on the Criterion site was difficult enough to find as it was…

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Done =)

  • Hadyn

    No matter what I try, the game crashes when I open it.

    I get the little splash screen on windows, then a black screen for about half a second, then the windows crash recovery dialogue.

    I’m running windows 7 64bit, core i7, Radeon HD 5800, 6GB of ram. Every other game I own runs fine.

    I have tried:

    Setting the affinity
    Turning off all ATI Catalyst settings
    Running as admin
    Running in various compatibility modes
    Turning it off and on again
    Downloading the latest ATI drivers
    Making sure DX11 is up to date

    I love Criterion, I’ve owned every burnout game on console but decided to grab this on PC now that I have a more powerful computer. I’m really beginning to regret that decision…

    — ooohhh—

    I found a hint on the Criterion website:

    “We’ve seen a problem with users with the CL Eye driver and NFS Hot Pursuit where the game will not start. You will need to remove this driver to get the game running again. ”

    It just so happens I’m using the eye camera. I’ll try uninstalling the drivers and let you know if I have any luck…

    • hormazd

      for those people facing the blank startup screen issue while nfs is installing it create’s 2 file bin.7z and bndl.7z. Copy those 2 files somewhere else and after the installation is complete manually extract those 2 file’s into the installation directory… The final size of the folder should be around 5.4gb.

    • eyemadad

      my game also crashed constantly. it turned out to be incompatable button assignments on my controller which i had to figure out myself. i reduced the interaction on the controller to the bare minimum, just steering, gas, breaking, and nitro, and it seemed to clear up the crashes.

    • Choto Cheeta -> NHS HP 2010 Patch 2 should solve the issue of Quad Core CPU related issue..