Dead Rising 2 Combo Cards and Weapons Guide

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After a successful run with DLC/Demo hybrid Dead Rising:Case Zero, Dead Rising 2 officially hits stores tomorrow.

That said, we already have Dead Rising 2 Combo Cards locations for you, if you got your hands on the game already, feel free to contribute to the guide to complete it.

Combine Pitchfork + Drill Motor to get Auger.

Air Horn
Combine Pylon + (Blue) Spray Paint to get Air Horn, and use the power of sound to defeat enemies.

Beer Hat
Combine Construction Hat + Bottle of Beer to get Beer Hat.

Combine Bow and Arrow + Dynamite to get Blambow and shoot arrows to fire ignite enemies.

Combine Pitchfork + Shotgun to get Boomstick.

Combine (Mercenary) Assault Rifle/LMG + Electric Chair to get Blitzkrieg.

Combine Sledge Hammer + Fire Axe to get Defiler.

Drill Bucket
Combine Power Drill + Bucket to get Drill Bucket, smash zombie heads with the powerful helmet.

Combine Hunk of Meat + Dynamite to get Dynameat. Give it to a nearby zombie to eat it, Yeah it’ll blow.

Combine Power Drill + Spear to get Driller.

Electric Chair
Combine Wheelchair + Battery to get Electric Chair.

Electric Rake
Combine Battery + Leaf Rake to get Electirc Rake, and fry zombies nearby with electricity.

Combine Vacuum + Sawblades to get Exsanguinator.

Combine Water Gun + Gasoline Canister to get Flamethrower and repel zombies with it.

Flaming Gloves
Combine Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil to get Flaming Glovers, now punch them. Yeah!

Fire Spitter
Combine Toy Spitball Gun + Tiki Torch to get Fire Spitter, and press to fire the flaming balls towards incoming zombies.

Fountain Lizard
Combine Lizard Mask + Fountain Firework to get Fountain Lizard.

Freedom Bear
Combine Stuffed Bear + Light Machine Gun to get Freedom Bear.

Gem Blower
Combine Gems + Leaf Blower to get Gem Blower.

Freezer Bomb
Combine Fire Extinguisher + Dynamite to get Freezer Bomb.

Combine Flashlight + Computer Case to get Hacker combo.

Hail Mary
Combine Football + Grenade to get Hail Mary.

Handy Chipper
Combine Wheelchair + Lawnmowerv to get Handy Chipper.

Combine Toy Helicopter + Machete to get Heliblade.

Holy Arms
Combine Training Sword + Nails to get Holy Arms.

Combine Box of Nails + Propane Tank to get I.E.D and throw it in a pack of zombies and shoot it to blow them all in a one go.

Infernal Arms
Combine Training Sword + Motor Oil to get Infernal Arms.

Knife Gloves
Combine Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife to get Knife Gloves.
Location: You can find both items in the maintenance room next to the Atlantica casino.

Laser Sword
Combine Flashlight + Gem to get Lighsaber.

Combine Parasol + Leaf Blower to get Parablower.

Portable Lawnmower
Combine 2×4 + Lawnmower to get Portable Lawnmover.

Combine Whiskey Bottle + Newspaper to get Molotov.

Combine Canoe Paddle + Chainsaw to get Paddlesaw.

Pole Weapon
Combine Push Broom + Machete to get Pole Weapon.

Combine Cement Saw + Saw Blade to get Ripper.

Power Guitar
Combine Electric Guitar + Amplifier to get Power Guitar.

Roaring Thunder
Combine Battery + Goblin Mask to get Roaring Thunder.

Rocket Launcher
Combine Rocket Fireworks + Lead Pipe to get Rocket Launcher. You know what it is right!

Secret Combo Card
Combine: Nectar + Queen

Snowball Cannon
Combine Fire Extinguisher + Water Gun to get Snowball Cannon.

Spear Launcher
Combine Leaf Blower + Spear to get Spear Launcher.

Spiked Bat
Combine Box of Nails + Baseball Bat to get Spiked Bat.

Super Slicer
Combine ServeBot Mask + Lawnmower to get Super Slicer

Tesla Ball
Combine Bingo Ball Cage + Battery to get Tesla Ball.

Sticky Bomb
Combine Lawn Dart + Dynamite to get Sticky Bomb.

Super B.F.G
Combine Blast Frequency Gun + Amplifier to get Super B.F.G.

Plate Launcher
Combine Cement Saw + Plates to get Plate Launcher.

Blazing Aces
Combine Tennis Racket + Tiki Torch to get Blazing Aces.

You can refer to our Dead Rising 2 Secret Combo Cards Location Guide, if you any problem finding these gems. Meanwhile do check our Dead Rising 2 Guide series.

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  • Michael

    And spear gun, leaf blower and spear

  • Louise Weasy Woodward

    I’m British and everyone calls what Americans call flashlight a torch. We also call massagers dildos or vibrators ha ha

  • PieMan224

    What about the Tenderizers? MMA gloves + box of nails = Tenderizers…

  • TylEr

    And also in Europe they say torch

    • alex

      and in South Africa they say torch 😛

  • Tyl

    They forgot the broom and machete
    And u can put a wheelchair on a motorcycle a stuffed bunny and rocket also machine gun and chainsaw

  • Me

    You can combine massager and a drill motor. Then you just shove it down ther throat.

  • diz

    valeu cara,essa sexta vou comprar,muito bom o jogo…

  • chance

    beth is right english say things differnt like our soccer is there football and dont go saying stuff about other countrys untill you learn about is dipshit

  • waxweazle

    also try bucket + hand dril for dental bucket.
    and hand dril + lance for the defiler

  • rachel

    there is one missing item the tenderizers which is NMA gloves and nails

  • jack

    combine the gem with a torch and you get a light saber

    • DeeJay

      No, to get the light saber you need gems and a flashlight

      • john

        People from europe call flashlights torches

        • me

          no im from europe and i say flashlight

          • Beth

            Well obviously your an American-wannabe. Flashlight is an americanism, which in English Language terms, (which I study in college) means an American term. Torch is what Europeans say, whilst Americans say flashlight.

          • Pan

            Wich school do you go to Beth ? retard college ?

            A torch is a burning stick with some cloth wrapped around it. Go watch Indiana Jones or something and you’ll see. Dumbass

          • Deejay Mackay

            wow, never seen something so stupid before =P LOL does it really matter what someone calls something else? as long as you explain what the fuck you are talking about =P

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  • Chuck

    Dont forget the gem blower

    Gem + blower = Gem blower

  • person1

    go to a work bench and cobine the power drill, a wooden chair and a javlin to get the guarded javlin drill… four legs made from javlins and a giant javlin drill goin through the middle

  • !!!paddlesawking!!!

    how do u get the meat cannon

    • lll

      put a piece of meat in a cannon

  • wkd99

    you can also combine the motor cycle with the chainsaw cant remember what the name of it was but this and the tenderiser along with the ones you said makes 50 combo weapons wonder if the list is compelet

    • adam fucking gregory


  • That One Guy

    Burning Skull. Combine Bull Skull and Motor Oil.

  • Helpy Helperton

    there’s one you left out i know of, it’s the Tenderizer!! it’s made by combining the mma gloves and nails.

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