Civilization V Hotkeys/Keyboard Shortcuts List

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Hotkeys/Keyboard Shortcuts can make a big difference in strategy games, especially in multiplayer, when you are short on time. Same goes in case of Civilization V, you obviously can save time using the shortcuts rather than dragging your mouse for each move, which ultimately slows you down.

Following is the list of Hotkeys/Keyboard Shortcuts that can be used in Civilization V.

General Hotkeys

No. Hotkey Action Performed
1 F1 Civilopedia
2 F2 Economic info
3 F3 Military info
4 F4 Diplomacy info
5 F5 Social Policies Screen
6 F6 Tech Screen
7 F7 Notification Log
8 F8 Victory Progress
9 F9 Demographics
10 F10 Strategic View
11 F11 Quick Save
12 F12 Quick Load
13 G Hex Grid
14 Esc Menu
15 Enter End Turn
16 Period Next Unit
17 Comma Previous Unit
18 Zoom Out
19 + Zoom in
20 Insert Capital City View
21 Home Capital City View
22 End Capital City View
23 Page up Zoom in
24 Page Down Zoom Out
25 Ctrl+R Show Resources Icons
26 Ctrl+Y Yield Icons
27 Ctrl+O Game Options
28 Ctrl+S Save
29 Ctrl+L Load
30 Ctrl+Spcae End Turn

General Unit Hotkeys

No. Hotkey Action Performed
1 M Move Mode
2 E Explore (Automated)
3 A Alert
4 F Sleep
5 Space Do Nothing

Action Hotkeys

No. Hotkey Action Performed
1 Delete Delete Unit
2 Ctrl+A Attack
3 Ctrl+B Ranged
4 S Set up Artillery
5 H Fortify Until Healed

Air Unit Hotkeys

No Hotkey Action Performed
1 Alt+R Rebase Mode
2 S Air Strike Mode
3 Alt+S Air Sweep
4 I Intercept
5 N Nuke Mode

Civilian Unit Hotkeys

No. Hotkey Action Performed
1 B Found City
2 A Build Improvements (automated)
3 R Construct a Railroad
4 R Construct a Road
5 Alt+R Route to Mode
6 Alt+C Remove a Jungle
7 Alt+C Clear a Marsh
8 T Construct a Trading Post
9 H Construct a Camp
10 I Construct a Farm
11 N Construct a Mine
12 P Construct a Plantation
13 Q Construct a Quarry
14 P Construct a Pasture
15 F Construct a Fort
16 O Create a Well
17 F Create Fishing Boats
18 O Create Offshore Platform
19 Alt+C Remove Forest
20 Backspace Cancel Last Mission
21 L Construct a Lumber Mill
22 C Citadel
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  • Tony

    Wow is there really no button to jump to units that haven’t used their moves in the current turn?
    I tried . and , but it seems only , does anything and only goes back to units you just moved..

    And this interface is so sluggish and awkward, think I’ll go back to Civ 2 thanks!

    • Tony

      And seriously, it doesn’t even offer every unit a turn most of the time.. I have to actively search for all my units and hope I didn’t miss one!? What the hell is this shit?

  • Sephiroth

    i cant end the turn, can anybody help me out?

    • Super Answerer

      Of Course, Just Press the power button on your PC for… just about two seconds should do it. Its not at all the MASSIVE SIGN THAT SAYS “END TURN”!! Oh, of course not.

      No but really, Over the map at the bottom right or just press Enter Key.

  • Rich

    Yield Icons is simply Y not Ctrl Y, nearly made me cry trying to get it off the screen, stays on even when you start a new match.

    • Krezzle

      Thank you so much, the yield icons almost ruined a friendship and made me RQ the game for two days.

  • Thomas

    I cant figure out how to select multiple cities in order to mass produce.
    They removed this feature?

  • Howard

    Another thing left out is the key+mouse commands, ie: Ctrl-LeftClick, Alt-RightClick. Are those still in the game?

  • Peter

    How can I awake air units in a city? I put some bombers and fighters into sleep mode and now I can’t get them “out”. I see them in the F3 list and when I hover over the city with my mouse.
    But the little shield above the city has disappeared and now I can’t select them.

    • thom

      Click on the number at the highest bar of the city ‘label’. The number stands for the number of air units currently docked in the city.

      • Peter

        Thanks. I didn’t notice that tiny number above the city shield. I was looking for the aircraft icon not the number.
        Now they’re alive and I can conquer the world. :-)

  • Zander

    Thanks for the guide.The reason I ask is because I don’t want to have to login each and every time I visit, which is just about every day since this has become a great resource

  • Allen75

    Thanks for the guide.

  • piwakawaka

    So there’s no multiplayer ‘ping map’ key?