Mafia II Errors, Crashes, ATI Fix,PhysX Fix, and Graphics Bugs

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Immerse yourself into the bottom to top by making your name in the streets of cold and unforgiving city. But not before you resolve tons of game breaking errors, random freezes and crashes.
Especially the price of eye candy of PhysX, which will make the game performance frustrating for ATI users and people with low ended or average PC’s.
You can see for different workarounds in the guide below that may solve your issue.

Mafia 2 Troubleshooting Guide

1# 3D Vision not working in Mafia 2
If you are facing issues like un-readable text and black textures when you try to play Mafia 2 using 3D vision. You need to install nVidia 3D vision drivers on top of your video card drivers. You can download and install them from here.

2# Black Lines, Graphical Error
If you are seeing black lines in certain parts of the game during different missions, make sure your video card is not overheated.Verify and check the temperature of your video card and system using any system monitor tool.

3# ATI Graphics Issues
If you are facing certain graphic glitches, you can resolve this by running the game windowed. You can change it in the game options menu of the game.

4# Mafia 2 PhysX Performance Tweaks
You can remove the apex clothing simulation effects from the game to increase the frame rates and overall game performance. Follow the guide, I posted earlier for Mafia 2 PhysX Fix.

5# Start Up Black Screen and Mode not supported Error
When the game loads, the monitor stays black with the floating box saying “mode not supported”. You can hear the game sound and game content loading, but can’t get to display the video. It happens because of the video settings, and you need to follow the steps below to get it to work.

Start up the Mafia 2 and then DON’T TOUCH the mouse again until the monitor problem is fixed and follow these steps.

  1. Listen for the nVidia logo to start and press Esc.
  2. Another video will play, press Esc again.
  3. Wait a second and press Esc once more.
  4. You are now at the Main Menu. Press Down arrow 1 time and press Enter. (you should hear click sounds as you navigate the menus).
  5. You are in Options Menu. Press Down arrow 2 times and Enter.
  6. You are in Video Options. Press Down arrow 1 time, then hold down the Left arrow until the click sounds stop.
  7. You are going to change the Resolution to 640×480. Press Esc, wait for a second and press Enter, wait 5 more seconds and press Enter again.
  8. If you did everything right then you should now see the Video Options menu on screen. Use the arrow keys or mouse to set the resolution up to 1024×768 (or whatever your monitor can handle), press Esc, press Enter to accept, wait for screen change and press Enter to accept again.
  9. Now fully exit the game, restart the game and hope that it saved your changes.

Courtesy adair0061@ Steam Forums.

6# Mafia 2 Doesn’t Start
Update your video card drivers, and directX. Also download the specified version of PhysX and run the game in compatibility mode as admin. Make sure the game is not broken by running an integrity check via Steam.

7# Quitting Game, Changes Monitor Settings
CTRL+ALT+DEL to reset everything.

8# Steam Error “The Game is Unavailable”
Log out of steam, and restart it.

9# Mafia 2 Doesn’t Start after loading Splash Image, Resolution Problem
When you click Mafia 2 executable, game starts with splash image which disappears after a while and then nothing happens.
Go to

C:\Users\yourAccountUserName\AppData\Local\2K Games\Mafia II\Saves

and open file “videoconfig” with notepad and change all 1’s to zeroes (0’s).

Within that file you will find something like:

0 0 1680 1050 1 0 0 1

Change it to:

0 0 640 480 0 0 0 0

This will solve this issue and game will start normally and looks better.If the file/folder doesn’t exist, create it.

9.1 # Mafia 2 Blackscreen Fix
When you start the game, it gives you a constant black screen, one reason for that can your monitor being out of range. Simple solution is:
Go to

C:\Users\yourAccountUserName\AppData\Local\2K Games\Mafia II\Saves

and open file “videoconfig” with notepad and change video resolution to your native desktop resolution.  Thanks @Xander for tip.

10# Mafia 2 Brightness Bug Fix
Right click on Mafia 2.exe and go to its properties. Click on the compatibility tab and check “disable desktop composition”, save the changes.

11# Mafia 2 Custom Keys Configuration
Mafia 2 Custom Keys Tutorial.

12# Mafia 2 Graphics Errors
Black lines across the map, black NPC’s, and weird shadows ?. You may need to do the following, for any chance to resolve these issues.

  1. Update your drivers.
  2. Update Nvidia Physix.
  3. Verify integrity of the demo’s cache.
  4. Disable any additional settings in ATI’s Catalyst Control Center or Nvidia equivalent.
  5. Turn down settings to minimum and work your way up.
  6. Check that your all your computers fans are working and that it isn’t overheating.

13#Mafia 2 Steam Installation Error
When you start the installation, it gets stuck at “Installing: Launcher.exe (step 1 of 4)”. Try launching these two installers manually,

Steam\SteamApps\common\mafia ii\3rd folder

(PhysX_10.05.12_9.10.0512_SystemSoftware.msi and DXSETUP.exe in DirectX folder).

14# ATI PhysX Fix
ATI users may face poor framerates and performance issues if they opt to play the game while PhysX is enabled.
The reason behind it if you are on ATI card, all the PhysX processing is done by your CPU rather then your GPU. So the simple solution to this will be disabling the PhsyX or tweak.

15# No Voices in Cut Scenes ?
Update your sound card drivers.

16# Mafia 2 Game Freezes
If you are on an old graphic card, disable the PhysX. No need to even tweak it for good performance, just disable it and run the game on low/medium settings.

Note. Guys go through the comments and you may well resolve your issue, thanks.

Any other issue you are facing ? comment away.

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  • Meher Zayani

    thanks its work in my Windows 10 i fix the resolution problem :)

  • Almas Kakul

    chapter 7 when i get in car game stop working, what should i do?

  • Tyler

    Yeah, my game freezes up but I have a GTX 760 Ti and a intel core i7-4790. What do I do?

  • mizzz

    Thanks a lot

  • shardul

    i downloaded full 7.3 gb steam update for game and now when i press play it again starts downloading 7.3 gb. game never starts . first it downloaded 2 gb then 7.3 gb now again 7.3 gb. so annoying after buying the game it just keeps on downloading.

  • vivek menon

    i have the same problem .have you solved it?

  • NaHal

    I Have A Problem When I Start The Game A Black Screen SHow And Then A Msg Show That “Cannot Display This Mode” What SHould I Do Pleasseee Help :'( :'(

  • Mirela Isaincu

    Mine is 1.7 GHz 2 gb ram windows 7 and doesn’t run..I have already add some dll’s but nothing..double click on mafia and nothing hapens

  • Luan

    i downloaded mafia 2 off the internet. and it works fine until i go into the first repair shop and it crashes every time, even on the lowest setting.

  • Sourjeyo Goswami

    my game shows loading screen after paying bruno. the loading never completes and game crashes. please help

    • soham goswami

      hi sourjeyo did your problem resolved, i’m facing same prob.

  • Mehmed

    hey when i come 7 chapter at the game mafia 2, computer start to error and make close the game .. how can i fix this?

  • diljot

    i play mafia 2 its work done BUT after 10 min its play very slow as like spot the game but i do ???????????????????????

  • klojik

    Hey in chapter 6 in jail I fight against O’Neill my mafia 2 crashes so i can’t continue game and i HATE that >:I. (sorry bad english)

  • DVKR

    When i tried to start game the monitor turns black then exit from game.

    • li

      same problem

      • shivam

        me 2

  • LPS

    When I go into the restaurant in chapter 13 joe shoot the two chinese but then are there not enemy’s that gonna shoot against me. help!

  • alex

    it dont work

    what should i do
    my mafia 2 comes out of game in level 7

  • srina

    sir i have downloaded mafia from internet and i installed it.when i click on mafia 2 icon splash image of mafia comes after that nothing happened
    what should i do

    my system details are

    windows 7
    ram 2gb
    intel hd graphics
    750 mb graphic and video adapter

    and also this is not working in laptop
    windows 7
    ram 3gb
    intel hd graphics
    1024mb graphics and video adapter

    please help
    is there any fix for this i have also followed 9# Mafia 2 Doesn’t Start after loading Splash Image, Resolution Problem

    fixing the problem will appreciable

    • afsa

      explain what is really hapening

  • fardin

    when i start the game it crashes to desktop and some weir and funky colors appears.

  • Amr

    Hey Guys, i have got a problem in chapter 9 The Wild Ones…it works good upto 2 deliveries but after that it saves automatically(as it happens) and then tries to load something , with black screen and a disc of loading on the top(also normal) but it wont get loaded at all, i left it in this situation for more than an hour but yet the screen wouldn’t go. i have tried restarting the game several times and also i ended the chapter from the start but yet it wont get fixed. please help, greatly appreciated

  • Luan

    Hey, I’m from Brazil and I’ve seem its the resolution problem, I start the game,then it appears the splash, about 2 seconds later it returns to desktop with some strange colors, how do I fix it?I don’t know where is the 2K Games folder, it’s strange, I think I don’t have it.

    • Ali Asif

      It won’t be there till you start a game. Do you meet the minimum system requirements for the game? Which gfx are you using?

      • Luan

        I can play the demo okay, via steam, but I downloaded it at demonoid, and it wont work..

  • Ahsun

    I have installed Mafia II 3 times with different installations and every time after completing the installation including the cracks etc, when i start the game, a blue screen (full of white text) appears for a second and my computer restarts. I am not able read the text as it appears just for second. The computer i have has higher configuration than what this game requires and i have a 1gb geforce graphics card. Can anyone please help me with this problem? I would appreciate it alot. Thank you.

    I get this error on my desktop when the computer starts after restarting:

    The system has recovered from a serious error.

    A log of this error has been created.

    BCCode : 10000050 BCP1 : 9B6FF212 BCP2 : 00000000 BCP3 : BD0E216B
    BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 256_1

    The error has to do something with these files:


    However when i checked for these 2 files (hidden also), they were not found in this folder.

  • Billy

    The game runs fine on my computer but when I shoot sometimes my gun will become holstered or disappear if it’s mounted. It really becomes annoying in gunfights when I shoot one guy, my gun goes away and the others shoot the crap out of me. Any way to fix this?

  • Daliborsb

    Hey everyone.
    I installed Mafia II but when I want to start it after the Mafia II logo nothing happens.
    I just get rose and yellow lines on the screen and I don’t know what’s the problem. Can someone help?

  • ian

    hey, i need help with that too, can you give me an answer to fixing the problem soon? thanks. and if you cant, still email me to tell me that you cant.

  • Bitade

    HI i have a problem with mafia 2 when i am playing and i need to shoot with gun after 4 bullits change to hand what can be a problem. and i have
    core 2 duo 2.66
    4gb ram dd2
    ATi reandon HD5045

    and i need to play with low setting to play well how can i fix it .it crashs in game some time

  • yusuf

    Mafia II Update 4 is fixing the problem

  • yusuf

    I have ATI 6630M like brothers above ı got same problems

    ı solved mates

    1-ınstall physx
    2-download ınstall update

    Run the game.

  • Joh

    I got a problem with chap 7. I need to get a car but when I try to get in it the game crash. Someone have a crack to solve this error?

  • Madman66

    It seem like nobody else has the same problem… Even google doesn’t :D.. (I do.)

  • cds

    I have successfully installed Mafia 2 (after many hassles!). Now when i start the game, it starts properly like any other game and there is a part where you have to adjust the brightness and save (apply) the settings. I try to save (apply) but receive an error saying “CANNOT CREATE DATA PROFILE. RETRY OR EXIT”.
    The same problem persists if i retry.

    Someone please help me. Any suggestions will be gratefully acknowledged.

  • zeljko

    I have problem in chapter 2 i dont have color evrithing is black and white. ati hd 6770, 4gb ram, dual core 3.25 ghz

  • Don

    when i open the mafia 2.exe file the message appears that

    physX SDK not initialized..phys system software will be installed…

    Whats the problem ????

    m using ATI Graphics card HD 5770…

  • TAN

    When i load the game,only the game logo(pic of 3 men) appears on the screen after which it just vanish nd nothing happens. I hve checked all the solutions but dsnt fix the problem. My specs are more than enough for the game. Kindly give me any sol. if any…………..

  • crogamer

    when i finish the first army mission and i get into town my helth bar gradually decreases til it reache 1 hp.

    sorry if my english is bad

  • Atharva

    Hey when I start the game the logo and appears and then my monitor just shuts off and I have to restart my pc. I tried your #9 #9.1 tips but didn’t work for me

  • GrovE

    Hi. I can not customize graphics options. Example: I change antialiasing from “off” to “on” or i change filtering from “2x” to “16x” but nothing happens! In video options it appears changed but in game, it stay same like before my customization…(sorry for my bad english)

  • dimi3

    Ma m problem us som hru instaloval asi 5 x a podla navodu skusal som aj skidown verziu teras mam cd/clon setko som spravil podla navodu ked ju idem spustit chiba mafia 2 exe. je treba ji zavriet. to je koniec mohol by my niekto pomoct.?

  • Mrughinder Singh
  • Mrughinder Singh

    i played and completed mafia 2 just a few days back on laptop and now i receive a message about the compatiblity (i have win 7 x64).What the hell??
    “The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows u r running.Check your computers system info to see whether you need an x86 or x64 bit version of this program and then contact the software publisher.” -says the message.
    i uninstalled and re installed the game but no luck same is the case with run compatiblity modes of win xp sp2,3.
    So please help me buddy.
    i have dell xps 15 l502x(sandy bridge) it has i5 2410m 6gb ram & nvidia 540m 2gb graphic card.And im currently playing just cause 2, nfs hot pursuit 2010 n just finished medal of honor 2010 all on almost everything set to high.

  • Nasrulla

    Hi everytime i open mafia.exe this error always come up its says ” Steam.exe (main exeptional): To run Steam,you must first Connect to the Internet” nut i have internet but everytime i open mafia this come up pls help me

  • Martin

    I need help with shadows problem in this game. It seem like on this video: I have AMD HD 6630 graphic card with actual graphic drivers. Thank you for your answer.

  • Mino

    My problem is ..
    Everytime i open ‘Mafia.exe’
    It’s Logo appears then black window and then through me to the DeskTop !
    I tried using the Hint #9 & #9.1 but it still the Same !!
    The Demo works just fine and with High Definition !!
    Plz Help coz i’m about to Blow here :@
    Thnx in Advance :)

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try to run the game in compatibility mode ‘Windows XP SP3’ and make sure you run it as admin.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      If it doesn’t start, tell me your specs and write about any error that pops up afterwards. If it just comes back on desktop and doesn’t run even in compatibility mode, you may be missing few files of the game required to run it properly.

      • Dragosh

        That’s happend whit me like him i run it in Windows Xp service pack 3 and run it as an admin but dosen’t work.plz help me.

  • mcbonn

    and i cant find the save folder to change the #’s thank u

  • mcbonn

    i have bought the mafia 2 cd and when i play it on steam the game starts to load with the three men then just goes off

  • Maser

    Hello, I have a problem. When I start Mafia 2, the game stuck (in different time, different places) and after 1 s my PC restarts… Can anyone help me, pls? (GC: ATI Radeon 4830 :-/)

  • Maser

    Hello, I have a problem. When I start Mafia 2, the game stuck (in different time, different places) and after 1 s my PC restarts… Can anyone help me, pls?

  • Flick

    Guys i got a problem. I play mafia 2 for like 5 mins and it crashes to dekstop i dont know what is the problem my spec is ram=2gb graphic card=ati radeon 3600 processor=amd 5000+ can u guys help me plz…?

  • GoldenMurderer

    My problem is when I try to play the game it just crashes, usually during the first 30 seconds of gameplay. So I can’t get past the first mission in sicily, and its the full version of the game. I can’t return it because it’s been opened. The game just crashes and says ATi catalyst control has encountered a problem… blah blah blah… I have an HD 4670 512mb GDDR3, AMD Phenom II 720 Black edition at 3.4 GHz, 4GB Ram, 3.25 useable, and plenty of HDD(2TB). Any way, when the game crashes the screen goes black, I have to do CTRL+ALT+DELETE to get out, and then My computer needs to be restarted because of all these graphical artifacts appear on the desktop and high pitched annoying noises started going crazy. I would like to play the game, but I don’t know if theres something that can be done. I have tried the Demo as well, all graphics at lowest possible settings and PhsyX off, as well as CCC at complete default settings. I have tried getting cracks for the game off line and everything, the game always boots fine, but the first 30 seconds of gameplay no matter where I am, just f*cks up like I described above… ALL THE TIME…

  • androider99

    i cant continue playing the game in chapter 13 where u enter the elevator. the underground basement or watever doesnt seem to load and all i see are the cars and building outsode above. I have restared my machine, retried thwe mission and adjusted graphics settings and all to no avail. Help please……

  • crysisftw

    Mafia II seems to be a very buggy and incompatible game on PCs. By the way, Intel graphics won’t work buddy. You will need a dedicated VGA with atleast 512 mB of dedicated VRAM.

    If you have a retail version, then go to 2K games’ website and ask them about the problem. If you have a pirated version, then most probably it won’t work.

    I had reached a chapter where the main guy is in prison and the game readily crashes in that chapter.

  • No376

    hi.i have a problem with Mafia 2…i was played 6 chapters in 2-3 days and in next day, on my screen appears NO SIGNAL and i can’t exit..i need restart..somebody can help me ? now the game don’t work at me 😐
    Write me at The Graphics is GeForce 8400GS, Nvidia and i have windows 7 ..plss heeelp!!

  • clifford

    @kassem,how did u manage to fix the black screen problem?cz the notepad fix aint working n am still sitting on my mafia 2 twiddling my thumbs..i’ve nt got to play it while my friend completed it!

    • clifford

      and i’m using intel graphics card..that shouldn’t be a problem,should it?

  • Altair

    Hello! in troubleshooting section 5# Start Up Black Screen and Mode not supported Error in 4th item there is a litle problem. You need to press down key 3 times insted of 1 and then press enter, and then all will be alright

  • Kailash-I want games like Mafia.

    My problem is that when i try to install Mafia..My antivirus avast says its setup.exe is a trojan virus(i don’t know other antivirus gives warning about it or not)..When i disabled antivirus and try again then mafia install smoothly..No problem cames..But when i run the game by it desktop shortcut or directly from 2k folder in problem..nothing happen..No screen,no logo,no black screen..My computer detail is below-
    Os-Win xp Pure Sp2
    Cpu-Amd athlon 3.0 with Nvidia G-force 600
    Please solve the problem soon.
    I love Mafia too much and play it again and again(love u Tommy)..And also want to see Mafia-2..Thank u 2k game corp. And develpors from heart for providing these real world games…
    Plz mail me for a solution copy of this problem..Also tell me any news about Mafia-3 and Mafia game series reviews,tips and tricks..

    I shall be thankful to U for this.

    • kassem

      have u tried to play the game while disabling ur antivirus?? if not try, it might work..if the problem stays,try enabling ur antivirus and play the game.. let me know if that worked for u :)

    • crysisftw

      Oh buddy, your PC can’t afford running Mafia II. You need to upgrade it! Anti-virus is not causing any problem, the game won’t just load on your configuration.

  • Gamer

    After clicking the launcher, it’s show loading sign for few seconds and then it again come back to window. My system is 4 gb ram, i3 3.06 processors,motherboard – intel dh55pj built in video card. Assassins creed brotherhood,call of duty black ops,witcher 2 all working.I’m yet interested to play Mafia 2. Help Plz.

  • gamer 96

    somebody please help! when i click mafia 2 that little image with mafia 2 pops out, i get a black screen then the game closes with no error. What can I do?

  • joey

    I have bought Mafia 2 for PC and it hangs every second down maby someone knows why that is?

  • sean floro

    when i click mafia2.exe
    theres no error
    but the game is not loading
    i waited 30mins its still not
    but no error help plsss


    in chapter 7 when i get into a car the game turns black and it quits. HOW DO I STOP IT?? :(( its so annoying!!!



  • Tanmay

    i edited that videoconfig.cfg file number of times but i didn’t got that black screen problem resolved the black screen comes and disappears.

    i adjusted oher values till all other shows zero.

    • Furqan

      Same here :(…someone help

  • Bjørnar


    Have anyone got this problem too?

    I choses Continue story and this message comes after loading:

    Load failed. Select cancel to return to main menu.

    I STILL have windows XP.

    Can somebody please help?

    • crysisftw

      1. What is the RAM in your computer?
      Mafia II runs with atleast 2 GB of RAM.

      2. Try to reduce the graphics either to lowest or lower and then try to run the game.

      3. Try running the game in “windowed” mode. You can choose this option by going into “Video” options and then unchecking the “Full screen” option.

  • Sarvam

    whenever i start mafia 2 it Doesn’t Start after loading Splash Image . i changed all the digits as written by you but nothing happens. only that icon appears and a black window opens for few seconds and then closes automatically and nothing happens. help me out of this soon please.

    • crysisftw

      mention the complete hardware and software summary that your computer has.

      • sarvam

        hello crysisftw,
        thanks for your reply. my computer information is as follows:
        System Information
        Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1, v.721 (7601.win7sp1_rc.100929-1730)
        Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
        System Manufacturer: INTEL_
        System Model: D945GCR_
        BIOS: Default System BIOS
        Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
        Memory: 2048MB RAM
        Available OS Memory: 2038MB RAM
        Page File: 1082MB used, 2992MB available
        Windows Dir: C:\Windows
        DirectX Version: DirectX 11
        DX Setup Parameters: Not found
        User DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
        System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
        DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
        DxDiag Version: 6.01.7601.17105 32bit Unicode
        DirectX Debug Levels
        Direct3D: 0/4 (retail)
        DirectDraw: 0/4 (retail)
        DirectInput: 0/5 (retail)
        DirectMusic: 0/5 (retail)
        DirectPlay: 0/9 (retail)
        DirectSound: 0/5 (retail)
        DirectShow: 0/6 (retail)
        Display Devices
        Card name: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family
        Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
        Chip type: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family
        DAC type: Internal
        Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2772&SUBSYS_D6078086&REV_02
        Display Memory: 256 MB
        Dedicated Memory: 0 MB
        Shared Memory: 256 MB

        • crysisftw

          Now I guess where the problem is. You will need a newer VGA card with atleast 512 mb of VRAM. 256 mb VRAM will also do. The problem with the onboard graphics chipset that you have is that it is not compatible with the latest shader models and other technologies that the game will use. This is the reason why the game shuts down before even loading the videos or anything.
          Your processor can run the game at lower settings but you need to upgrade the graphics platform by sliding in a VGA card in the computer.

  • kassem

    i have all my graphic cards dual core intel ….. up to date!! nvidia geforce 9600gt 512mb but it shows 64mb i don’t know y it shows this number:/.. anw post a solution and don’t tell me to update my video cards and drivers cz i have them all UP-TO-DATE!!

    • crysisftw

      relax there dude! re-install the OS may be its a problem with the OS thats why the memory is being shown as 64 mb. just re-install whatever OS you are using and then try installing and playing the game.

      • kassem

        how can i reinstall my OS??

  • i have the video cards: standard vga card up to date.. and all other

    i have all my graphic cards dual core intel ….. up to date!! nvidia geforce 9600gt 512mb but it shows 64mb i don’t know y it shows this number:/.. anw post a solution and don’t tell me to update my video cards and drivers cz i have them all UP-TO-DATE!!

  • kassem

    nvidia card geforce 9600m gt 512 mb but i have an vga error, it shws 64mb but the games runs but slow… can u give me ur mail so i can talk to u comfortably? mine is
    but anws post the solution in here

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try updating your video card drivers. I think you have the older version of the drivers installed.

  • kassem

    i just get the black screen then crashes out to the desktop with no error messages,it didn’t even reach the nvidia logo..

    • crysisftw

      are u having an ATI card or an nVidia card?

  • kassem

    look man i’m sry but it was a pirate version.. what can i do?? the solution number 9.1 says: and open file “videoconfig” with notepad and change video resolution to your native desktop resolution. my desktop resolution is 1680*985 or somethin’.. how can i put it in the notepad?? is there any solutions if that dosen’t work??

    • crysisftw

      oh, so u too have a pirate version huh?? well, for me a good news is that i can the game successfully! for u, here are the steps:
      1. go to “c:\users\\app data\local\2k games\mafia ii\saves\videoconfig.cfg

      2. open this file using notepad

      3. i have these settings here:
      -3 -14 1920 1080 0 0 0 0
      u will also have something similar to this format. change the number “1920” and “1080” by ur native resolution. u can check ur native resolution by right clicking the desktop and clicking the “display resolution” option. it will show u ur current resolution. if u are not sure about ur native resolution, then change the numbers in the videoconfig.cfg file as “800” and “600” instead of “1920” and “1080” in my case.

      4. if that doesn’t work, open the same file again and change all the other values like 2 or 3 or -2 or -3 etc to 0 and then try again.

      5. if the game opens then first go to the options menu and then the graphic settings and uncheck the “Fullscreen” option. ur game should work fine thereafter.

      let me know if this works because it worked for me!!

      • kassem

        it didn’t work..:( i tried ur way but nthng happend.. any other solutions??

  • kassem

    when i start mafia 2, after the splash image, the window turns into a black screen for 5 sec.. and then it returns to windows..:( i can run batman arkham asylum cz i have the latest nvidia physx and direct x 11 and nvidia 9.10.0224 .. plz help!!

    • crysisftw

      resolution problem may be… check the solution for problem #5 and #9 at the top of the page…

      • kassem

        i did what solution #5 and 9 said, but nthng happend.. :( new games work perfectly.. black ops medal of honor 2010… can u suggest me a new solution please? when i change the resolution on the videoconfig. , the window of the game only change its size.. but the game dosent start and still crashes… :(
        P.S:DX 11 nvidia physx:9.10.0513
        and this is not a pirate version

        • crysisftw

          oh.. if the one u are using is not a pirate version, then u should ask for a technical help with 2K games… they will be able to assist you the best.
          secondly, if you have an ATI graphics card, then may be the only problem is that the game was not made for ATI gpu’s.
          if u have nVidia, then i suggest u to update ur video drivers and make sure u run it on win 7 32 bit, win 7 64 bit and win xp 32 bit on different computers. may be the game has compatibility issues.

          the best bet though is that u should wait until a stability update comes. since u have a genuine version, u will have no trouble in updating.

          i wud still recommend u to ask for the technical help with 2K games by going to their website.. they will be able to help u the best

          rest about me, well, i too am having problem. i have ati radeon hd 5850 1 gb and 5970 2 gb in my other pc. i have run on both. the game runs but it crashes after a few time. may be the game in made only for nvidia and not ati…

          if nothing happens, then ask for a refund!!

          • kassem

            anyway thx for ur help i’m gonna ask for their help thx again

  • naz

    when i start my mafia..the message says:
    “the procedure entry point D3DXCompileShader could not be located in the dynamic link library d3dx9_42.dll”
    what the hell!!!
    i buy this game for 3.30306 USD

    • crysisftw

      re-install directx

  • crysisftw

    i had installed the latest PhysX from nVidia’s site and installed it. after that i installed the game and launched it. it launches perfectly but in the first chapter, it crashes after a few minutes of gameplay. after it crashes my system behaves weirdly and i have to restart the system. after restarting, the system would work fine but the game would crash again. please help me out. i am using amd phenom ii x4 955 @ 3.2 ghz, ati radeon hd 5850 1 gb, 4 gb ram, windows 7 32 bit (tried it on windows xp 32 bit and windows 7 64 bit but nothing good happens)
    help help help

  • jek

    in chapter 10 why is it that the garage in empire arms hotel doesnt open??…

  • waak

    Every time I load up the game, it does the splash screen then produces a small window with black in it that lasts for maybe two-five seconds then it disappears. Anyone have a fix?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Update your video card drivers, directX, and install the PhysX version for the game that comes with the game. After that start the game as admin. If it doesn’t work, run it in compatibility mode with XP SP3.

  • alex

    i have downloaded directx and physix but it still wont load i am using pc just to let you know. i am actually getting very angery at my pc right now so please try to help

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Whats the error ? is it like nothing happens when you try to try to start the game ? if so did you try starting the game as administrator and do double check whether you meet minimum requirements.

      Game requires XP SP3 minimum as for OS.

      • OnlyoneKK

        Im having problem= I press Mafia2.exe And then the Mafia2 logo comes up and than it just goes away and nothing happens, BUT i try to right click icon than select run as…, Than a screen shows up where i select Run as Administrator, BUT it asks me a password

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          You are trying to run the game on guest account may be or don’t have the admin privileges.

  • oppico

    i tried the solution number 9 , but the game still opening the image then the black screen then nothing happens , can anyone help me ?

  • John

    Never mind on my thing. Just incase anyone else has that problem,
    I found my answer here:

    I’ve encountered the same bug and apparently it’s caused by robbing stores during the chapter. So if you robbed any stores to get the money for Bruno you’ll get an infinite loading screen after the cutscene with you giving the money to Bruno. To avoid this bug you just have to restart the chapter and not rob any stores for the money (best way is to bring cars to the crusher for 400$ per car crushed).

  • John

    Mine’s at the end of chapter 13 or 14, I don’t remember which.
    When I complete the mission, the cutscene where I -spoiler- pay off the debt to the loan shark, and he talks about your guys dad.
    -end spoiler-
    It starts loading for the next chapter, and then thats it.
    It stays on loading forever.
    I’ve beat and rebeat the mission, same result. I waited two hours the last time I tried. (I’m patient)
    But it just stays that black screen, with the background noise of cars, and the little loader spinning in the corner.

    (I’m playing computer version through steam, I have windows7, ati radeon graphics card)
    Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • Henrik

    When i aim and shoot, my gun disappears, and it changes back to fist.
    can anyone help? plz

    • John

      Have you tried rebinding, or changing the binding of your keys?
      Go into options and find shoot and try temporarily makeing it something else like K.
      Just to test it.
      If useing K works then try rebinding it to mouse click.
      If it doesnt work, might be something in the code, and that’s beyond me.
      Good luck.

  • roy

    i cannot play the game because when i launch mafia2.exe the screen become pinky and nothing happen….please help me

  • Ugur

    the game has that irritating bug which drops the health bar down with a deep hearthbeat sound makin the game impossible to play,someone help!! any crackfix links would be appreciated :) thanx in advance :)

    • Gabor

      I have the same problem. Anybody have solution?

    • barney

      me too !!!
      someone help

  • steamwtf

    when i click mafia 2 launcher it throws me to steam websites and says i gotta buy it to play it please reply fast!!

  • Sam

    i have an acer aspire 5315 that runs windows vista home basics
    im tryin to play mafia 2 but when i open the game the screen goes black as if its loading but then it doesnt load it theres nothing it just goes back to my desktop. i download the latest physx and i have directX10…so what do i do..

  • Pingback: Mafia II Crashing - -

  • Master20

    Guten Abend, habe mir Mafia 2 über Steam gekauft.
    Nun bin ich an der Mission angelangt wo man zu diesem Joseppe gehen soll.
    Man geht also die Treppe hoch zur Wohnung und dann lädt es aber es geht nicht weiter.
    Habe es 15 min laden lassen und es kommt nix!!!
    Wer kann mir helfen?

  • Haydees

    I run Win 7 x64. I have no problems playing the game, all works fine (at least at first).
    Chapter 7 loads fine, As I head outside and get into a car, the game crashes and closes with windows error. (Mafia 2 has stopped responding)

    Anyone have a solution to fix this please.. Maybe I’d be able to help some of you get the game to actually load.

    Thanks in advance

    • manos

      I have the same problem with ”Haydees”.Can anyone help?

      • alexis

        i have the same problem, anybody could help?

        • moh

          I have this problem too

          • ryboyd323

            same thing wit me, just crashes.

    • Ashish

      I m also suffering from same problem.. if any of you can able to find the problem please reply or mail me @

    • Nicola

      I have exatrly the same. I have installed the last nvidia driver but no way.. :(!!
      I have Xp, dell vostro 1510, nvidia geforce 8400 GS.

      It’s so annoing this bug! Please, write me suggestions to

    • Ashish

      i got solution:
      just google the quote
      and you will find the crack to download and it will fix the problem..

      • Nicola

        thank you!! it works!

    • barney

      me too , please help

  • bobby

    Tried many ways to fix black screen but none worked for me….i love the game most..i hav restarted my system improperly more than 60 times due to this black screen issue…. still doing plz if any one find perfect solution for this reply to me..

  • balachandar

    hi i will finish my installation of steam version using phoenix but when i click on mafia 2. exe
    it will open in blank screen for 2 or 3 seconds.
    what is problem and how can i solve It please any one tell me solution for this problem.
    i have the problem since five weeks please replay me …………………

    • Joker

      I have the same problem … any sugestion please ?

    • Furqan

      Same with me…plz help

  • DarkDisguise

    Game crashes while interacting with phone booths.

    Just closes up whenever I try, a real frustrating issue as chapter 8 requires you to call Eddie.

    All numb.

  • Ady

    I have a strange problem, when i start game the game freeze for like 30 secconds and then he rebot .

  • mustafa

    the game doesn’t start and this message appear
    the program isn’t compatiable with certain visual elements of my windows 7

  • frank

    sorry i wrote in spanish.. xd
    the problem that i have is this: everytime that i run the game there s all black and a window saying that

  • frank

    el problema q tengo es q cada vez k abro el juego me sale todo negro y una ventanita k pone esto:

    Firma con problemas:
    Nombre del evento de problema: APPCRASH
    Nombre de la aplicación: mafia2.exe
    Versión de la aplicación:
    Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 4c6d595d
    Nombre del módulo con errores: mafia2.exe
    Versión del módulo con errores:
    Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 4c6d595d
    Código de excepción: 80000003
    Desplazamiento de excepción: 00588e1d
    Versión del sistema operativo: 6.0.6002.
    Id. de configuración regional: 3082
    Información adicional 1: d0a9
    Información adicional 2: bfcd2342e4c97f92ae1165bbe5a6f971
    Información adicional 3: 2064
    Información adicional 4: 5029e90621632191907569dc334b535b

    Lea nuestra declaración de privacidad:

  • pooya

    in chapter 7 when i want to get in the car it will crashes to an unknown errors i’m tired of trying the game.any body help me??that was ok before chap 7.

  • Mr.A

    Hii whenever i try to open the mafia2 game a black screen comes with the windows loading icon and after a few seconds it returns back to the desktop.
    I got this game from my friend and it works correctly on his pc. I have tried using solution #9 and #9.1 but no luck.
    Please HELP

  • Carlos

    Hello, i need help with the Intel HD graphics, it doesn´t work and apears a red screen

  • vaporx

    Can you help me?? I followed your steps and when i run the game it shows me logo of mafia then logo loading and then black screen. Thanks

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Update your directX, video card drivers. Run the game in the native desktop resolution.

  • 1920s Ganster!

    Hi I have Mafia 2 for the Xbox-360 and on the 14th mission when you go give the money to Bruno the cutscene plays out but theres a problem! After the cutscene is finished there is the loading screen and it stays up there foreverit does not load!!! Help me please.

  • Kiril

    I changed it 2 times so i think it’s with my computer

  • Kiril

    I am not downloading the game i have a disc but only one if i get it out it says: no disc inserted on E

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Bad Disk, just get the disk changed. It’s just bad installation media…

  • Kiril

    During installation it says:Problem with extracting data_c what can I do?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Change the disc, or re-download the game. Files downloaded for installation are corrupted.

  • Omar Khalil

    Chapter 2 cant get up after being knocked down… does anyone know how to resolve this…

  • manwar

    hi guys plzzzz i need help to resolve this problem …

    mafia.exe entry not found
    the procedure entry point _binksetvolume@12 could not be locate in the dynamic link library binkw32.dll

    what can i do to resolve this problem by the way i didn’t play the game yet :(
    plzzz help me thank u all

  • BemApo

    my system : Ati 4890 1gb VaporX oc, intel q6700 2.66, 4gb ddr2 1066, Win 7 64bit, latest Ati and physx driver, I’ve tried the 10.9 ati driver to, and tried the lowest game settings also but its all the same , just more ugly,

  • BemApo

    I have graphical problem, i”m seeing black lines on the moving cars, and people, I’ve tried every kind of graph setup, I lovered my VGA core clocks, rise the fan manually, but still I see them, its not heating up, its only 56c hot, the normal would be 70-72, PLZ HELP,


  • jerry

    Oh I forgot to mention ive tried every solution under the sun with videoconfig and still no help

  • jerry

    Hey guys I’ve got an extremely annoying problem I install mafia 2 then goto play and it starts and tells me about the sponsors like physx and nvidia and all that then a little disk spins in the corner saying loading then just goes black and won’t do anything after that I’ve had this problem for over a month now I how someone can help I’m fed up with it:)

  • Somebody

    k i have this problem where when i start the game and i go and continue my story on the loading screen (screen that gives you hints or quotes) during that screen it crashes me and gives me a window saying that mafia 2 had stopped working so please tell me how to fix this thank you

  • Nasim

    i thinks its chapter 15 when i pay bruno back then after that its stuck in loading?

  • Altay

    hi there i am having the health decreasing problem just like some other players, i have read the other comments about it someone has written down something like “it happens because of 1st chapter”. i didnt take any damage instead of the tank’s launchers, does that problem have something about only getting damaged by the tank or does it have another reason? if so i will restart the game not i will restart the game to not to get that problem, i am still at the beginning. plz someone respond quick^^

  • rotarman

    i cant evenget upto those chapters.. after waking up and having to go to joez house i walk up the stairs to open his door and the game is in constant load state for at least half an hour so far…what is meant to be done to resolve this issue?

  • Mahoney

    I downloaded a weapon sound mod and the freeride mod (don’t know doesn’t it make any changes), but when I enter a car sometimes, or get one from the garage, my game crashes.

  • damien

    i can’t find carlo after sending joe to doc…i’m it because of bugs or something else.i’m stuck.need help plz!!!!!!

  • barowner

    Went to continue to the story and had to start from the beginning. I was up to the chapter where Vito and Joe were killing the Chinese boss. I can load a chapter but it won’t save or load from there. Looks like I have to start from the beginning or else just load chapters to play.

  • Abbas

    in the chapter 2 my health keeps decreasing till the end and when i eat it goes full then immidiately it starts decreasing again!!! please advice what to do???


    hi,i have aproblem with chapter7
    some times when i want to enter to acar the game suddenly exit and it shows to me the regular message of errors for windows7
    I found solution by running any mission from above and riding in any car thenI exit and return to my mission,it workedout for some time,but sometimes it returns to the same problem and i had to run it again

    • Bozsó

      Same problem here. I got to chapter 7 without any problems, now on the first mission, every time I try to get into Joe’s car, windows7 error message. I have a gigabyte gtx 460 1gb ddr5 so that cant be the problem. Any solutions?

      • mrrn124

        hi. i have the same problem. got any solutions?


        • nf94

          i have the same problam can someone help us its really annoying cause driving is a big part of that game.. lol

  • Joachim Aas

    I got a strange graphical problem an i dont know what to do about it. Its like everything is invisible. Please help me ;(

  • Sstevann

    When i start chapter 5, my controls are frozen as soon as i left Joe’s builing. Everything else keep running, people are passing by, i can move camera using mouse, but Vito won’t move or do anything. Any ideas?

  • Anudeep

    ive been playing in pc.I have a problem with trying to get in the mona lisa cafe recently. I would get to the main door & open it ( when its highlighted ) and then the highlight would disappear without me going in & would keep giving me the OPEN DOOR with the square button & now Im stuck as to how I can continue . NEED HELP!!! give me reply|plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Eg

    PLZ help .. whn i click mafia 2 to start it shows 3 guys then dissapear i tried to find the videoconfig.cfg but i cant find it plzzz help!!!

  • Anudeep

    ive been playing in pc.I have a problem with trying to get in the mona lisa cafe recently. I would get to the main door & open it ( when its highlighted ) and then the highlight would disappear without me going in & would keep giving me the OPEN DOOR with the square button & now Im stuck as to how I can continue . NEED HELP!!!

  • TT

    On mission 2 you go into the apartment and sleep. I wake up the next morning, ‘change my clothes’ and then it wont let me leave the bedroom. The red dot is on the map and keeps telling me to change my clothes?!
    I just bought this game and for something to happen that early, damn!

  • V

    thanks to all

  • prince

    i have a problem when i reach where he must fight the man. when i start to fight him punches me and i won’t get to get up back……..and all i am hearing is his heat beat and everything is grey

    • Konrad

      @prince: i have the same problem, as you.
      anyone have a clue or maybe knew why it’s happen ?
      graphics card: Radeon HD5770

    • Leon


      Exactly the same problem! :( Anyone know how to solve it?

  • ME

    i had a problem, game stop work when i use program cheat..

  • ns

    Hey i had a problem like 9th one,after doing the fix the game works fine but i cannot make it fullscreen.
    Ty very much btw :)

  • Maan212

    i just started mafia & works fine but there’s a little thing which bothering me actually,its the thing when you hold a gun & suddenly out of nowhere vito hides it & turns to the hand ‘ for fights ‘ so i’ve to reselect the gun or whatever again to anyone met that or know anything about ? appreciating whatever you could help me with,thanks!

  • Josh

    Please help, all the roads on mafia 2 have gone black including the pavements after the disc got scratched. Any solutions?

    • Maan212

      i downloaded it and it’s crack from TPB & now i got a problem with chapter 14th.vito looks like flying or something…so i guess you’re probably right

      • Albert

        If somebody has still any problems with chapter 14, just select quit, and load chapter 14 from your mainmenu, should be fully fixed. Worked for me.

        And I also have a problem. First my game was very clear and good graphics, but now it looks all blurry, and edges and lines are all weird shaped. I turned anti-aliasing on and off but nothing works anymore, even the same on the highest graphics. Any ideas?

  • shubham

    my health decreases automatically plzzz help me

    • Maan212

      happened to me too until i ate from that fridge from joe’s apartment & didnt happen since then.

      • Maan212

        oh sorry forgot to tell you that too :in the first time i bought a drink,my health kept decreasing too until i ate from that joe’s fridge i told you about & then i used the bed to save.that’s how my health stood still.

    • Mike

      it means you illegally downloaded the game…. just buy it

  • olkac

    Hi, I have problem in my Mafia 2 game. When is the 2nd mission, and I am in the car with Joe driving to club, i just see like my HP is low. I cant figgure out why, please help.

    • Maan212

      yeah the health has been decreased from that first mission ‘ the old country ‘ you could live with that until you go to buy a drink or eat something from restaurant or whatever you know.any drinks or food increases your health

  • eman

    i have tried so long,but this thing keeps popin up “75k/50ghz Frequendcy not suporting”i hear the background music though

  • shoaib

    My problem is chapter 6 i have updated all the drivers but i cant start the game.

  • Esco

    I have the exact same problem with my Radeon x1950 graphics card. Does somebody know how can this be solved? I’ve tried practically everything. Thank you.

  • Luigi

    Sorry for my english,
    I’ve a problem with my mafia 2 game.
    When start the game or try benchmark session in extra menu, the rendering fail with alternative lights and shadows like a “strobo” lights
    An example of this error is visible at this link (i rec my video):

    Thanks so much for your kindness
    My HW config:
    PC Core2Duo 6600 2,4 Ghz
    ATI X1950 GT
    Driver ATI updated

  • NeV2006

    guys…the 14. chapter problem that the door of Bruno not opening cause is about collecting money.If in the beginning u always make money by crashing cars there is no problem..Warning:Dont use robbing shops!!!Only car crashing avoids door closing in the end of chapter

  • Sadab

    Eid mobarak. I play Mafia 2. I’ve ATI Radeon HD 4550 (1gb) when I play, the game runs smoothly. Bt sometime it hangs. If it hang I’ve nothing to do but restart my pc. Why it happens? What I need to do?

  • SK

    GAME DOES NOT START AFTER splash screen saying windows looking for solution.
    win 7
    ati hd 4570

    • basejj

      did u end up fixing the problem because ive got the same issue thanks :)

    • Ojkooj

      I got the same problem. After about 20 % of the game it has started to shut down when I use coninue. I can start from the beginning though… Strange,,
      Intel 7. Brand new win 7 64.- GeForce GTX 260


  • Minsoo

    After mission 2 the objective is Crash on the clinch in kitchen or something at Joe’s apartment. After I do that and go to the next mission the red dot which indicates the objective is not disappeared. Can’t get rid if it and the gps system in the game takes me to the joe’s place unless I set the waypoint and follow the green road. I am now chapter 13 and it is still there. Can anyone help me? Email me right away if u find a fix for that. And there’s no sound at cut scenes so I will update my sound drivers

  • Tony

    Same here!! I can’t figure it out… I have tried restarting the mission and trying again and still doesn’t work…

  • LIAM


  • mart

    Hi, i’ve a problem with my mafia 2 game. It’s shuts itself down to windows after a cutscene was played, and before that it shut itself down when joe got in the car after shooting up bad guys at an factory site. Joe entered the car, slams the door and it shut itslef down for the first time. It goes back to windows without popping a error screen.

    help please?!?

    my graphics and proccesor are ok. Brand new even. And i have the original game.

  • NeV2006

    my problem is on 14. chapter after rescuing joe when I get out of building I start in a green screen and below the real map then if I move I start falling and cant do anything else… anyone can help?

    • Max

      Did you find a solution I got the same problem?

      • Marc

        I have the exact same problem, restarted chapter 3 times now… Did anyone find a fix for this?

        • Riiich

          There are a few bugs like this in the game. Where either the glowing on the door isn’t there, OR the cutscene afterwards is stuck in an endless loop. (loading… stays there forever)

          Now these missions are usuually money gathering missions. People usually rob gun shops because they usually have between $400 – $800. But DON’T rob anything!! You have to go and sell or crush cars.

  • Randy

    Ive been having a problem with trying to get in the mona lisa cafe recently. I would get to the main door & open it ( when its highlighted ) and then the highlight would disappear without me going in & would keep giving me the OPEN DOOR with the square button & now Im stuck as to how I can continue . NEED HELP!!! Thanks.

  • Asif

    Hi, I have problem #9. After I click the Mafia II exe file, the splash screen appears as if the game is going to start, but then simply disappears.

    I have tried the suggested solutions but they do not work.

    My laptop is

    Intel Core i5 2.27GHz
    RAM: 4gb DDR3 1066
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
    Graphics: Intel GMA HD

    Any ideas?

    • Micha

      ja klar… du musst firefox und co. ausschalten…

      es sollten keine anwenndungen im hintergrund laufen. sprich taskleiste leer haben

  • JD

    When I first installed MAFIA II from the DVD it worked fine. It set the settings to minimum/default. My video card isn’t the greatest, but it can handle the game. At first the game worked fine, just a few random freezes. Which I had expected.

    But the next day when I played two other issues started. Now during the cut scenes the characters textures tear apart. The cut scenes play fine other wise. The other problem involves aiming the guns. When I click the right mouse button to aim the screen goes black. Only a faint view is available until I let go. How do I fix these two problems??

  • John

    I have a problem with his second game Mafia I play about 30 minutes, so it runs fine, but then I’m stuck and I will be such a blue screen with little squares. Please do not know what caused it? And how you can fix it? I would like to give me the game was running normally. Thanks a lot.

  • marc

    I had the black screen problem , fixed copying the file ” info ” located in the folde named sds_spa and copied to the folder sds_en. Now the game runs with no black screen.

  • soroush

    hi there , i have problem with chapter 7 whenever i want to get in the car it come out from game!!!
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz heLp i bought this game with my birthday money :-(

    • anybody

      some one up thaire in this topic said to download this crack for chapter 7

  • Aston

    I have a problem with “authentication failed” of Mafia 2. Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

  • Rasim Khan

    Hi, When i installed the game successfully…and launched it jst gave a small loading screen and done again back to destop….nthng happeds…pls help

  • qwe


  • JC

    I have a fresh install on my system:

    Intel core i5 750
    HD 5850
    4GB DDR3 1333 RAM
    500 GB Samsung 7200rpm HDD

    At random times while playing my PC shuts down without showing anything. Help?

    • JC

      Also I am using windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, if that matters.

  • Munaff

    dude is in da c:/users/ur_user_name/appdata/local/2kgames/mafia
    open it with notepad….

  • gbr

    full screen problem .. my first problem was this

    9# Mafia 2 Doesn’t Start after loading Splash Image, Resolution Problem

    it have been fixed but i cant play it on full screen
    im setting resolution 1366 768 and im still seing the borders of the window game. if im enabling full screen option from the game menu, it suddenly goes blind. i just cant see sh*t. im runing mafia 2 with win 7 hp 64, i5 430 4gb 1066 geforce gt325 M 1Gb

  • Nostradogbert

    I just wanted to ask what ending “videoconfig” has, because I have no such file and cannot start the game (black screen problem). (Example: videoconfig.txt)
    Thanks a bunch!

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      create this file.

      • Nostradogbert

        yeah, I know, what I have to do, it’s just about the type of file it is: is it .txt, is it .doc, or whatever? it’s not said anywhere and I’m no PC crack, so I don’t know 😉

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          “videoconfig.cfg”. For the comment, normally configuration files are either .cfg or .ini so now you are a PC crack xD

          • Nostradogbert

            yeah! thanks 😛 I’ll try it instantly :)

            • Zawad Iftikhar

              let me know if you need an example “videoconfig.cfg”.

          • Nostradogbert

            no, thanks, everything is working fine by now :) thanks again!

            • Zawad Iftikhar

              np :)

  • anybody

    *sorry for the bad english*
    i have the same problem THAT NOONE IS ANSWERING uptheir
    the blue screen but unlike “so” it happens every 5 min. i can bearly play the game the problem took all the fun out of it and now i’m stuck because chapter 7 doesn’t have a save i tryed installing the newest directX and invdia and i tryed playing the game on optimal

  • Munaff

    my laptop has a nvidia 9200 512 mb…….3gb ram core 2 duo
    after installing the game and applying da SKIDROW crack i was able to run da game properly and complete 2 chapters…..but da next time i clicked on the mafia icon on da desktop it showed da small mafia 2 dialog but after dat da screen went blank….i couldnt even come back to windows so had to restart….
    i even tried changing all 1’s to 0’s in da saves file and the resolutoin but no avail….it still shows a blank screen every time and i have to restart da system….

    if der was a problem with my system or the game it wouldnt have worked the first time….
    plz can anybody help….
    really liked da game…

  • Bradley

    Yeah regarding the 1950XTX I’m having the very same issue as well – the effect absolutely ruins the gameplay. However I did make an effort and managed to get myself stuck between the toilet and the door at Vito’s mother’s place. Imagine that getting stuck in your own toilet! I think Segmentnext really needs to get their act together and release some decent patches and bug fixes or they’ll be stuck behind the dunny door soon too 😛

  • Faris

    ^^S^O^S^^ I am Using This Chapter 7 CrackFix & @ Chapter 8 I am @ This Mission were I have to hand out Cigarette @ The Second Location , After am Finish !! Loading Screen Appears Then It James !!!! The Loading Disk Keeps Moving But Nothing Happens !! I waited Like Ages , am Stuck Can any 1 Help Me !!!!!!!!!S!O!S!!!!!!!!!!!! · · · — — — · · ·

  • penchy

    Hi people, im having some serious problem with mafia 2, its kind texture corruption, and it looks horrible, entire image is flickering, now you see building now u dont. Im using dualCpu 3,2 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, ATI x1950 GT 512 mB DDR3 graphic. I noticed many people with this series of cards having same issue. Anyone know the solution for this problem or we have to wait for patch or something. here is video hoe it really look like—–

  • Vince

    Hi. When I start the game, everything when the game wanted to load a video or cutscene it will have this tv stastic-like effect. Even in the opening game. The game runs smoothly while playing, just tht I cant see the video or cutscene in certain chapter.

    Below are the spec of my pc:
    i3 540 @3.07GHz
    windows 7 Entreprise (64-bit)
    Ati Radeon HD5770 (latest driver updated)
    Physx (lastest version)

    Here is a printscreen of my graphic problems…. Thanks.

  • mahyar kermanshahi

    hi. in chapter 7 when ever i want to get in the car ( any car and any time , even i walk to new apartment but when i want to get in the car ) it come out from game!!!
    what am i should to do? thanks

    • Samer’sPwnie

      Yes, I have the same problem and at this time I haven’t found a crack to fix it. I have been using the Zhongguo-mbb crack right now and that has worked until I got to chapter 7. All of the other “cracks” I have found turn out to be viruses. No matter how I try to get in a vehicle (even after I visit the new apartment)(running there) I can’t get into a vehicle without crashing. Someone please help us. Thanks.

  • LazyLiquid

    sry for the double posting

  • LazyLiquid

    Well, im using a Geforce 9800 GT, using the *CRACKFIX* – Skidrow, but sometimes, specialy while driving i get some annoying slowdowns.

    Im pretty sure that my computer can handle the game, so is there any new driver version for my gpu that came by recently made specialy for this game or something like that?

    Or the issue is all about the crack? (because with the old “drain hp” crack, i hadn´t slowdown issues).

    • Faris

      I Have GeForce 9600 GT Same Problem, It’s Because The Phsyx Turn It Off & Try !! It Worked 4 Me !!

  • Awais Azhar

    Therefore screen is white and red and heart is beating very fast.

    • Binsbergen

      Get: Mafia II (c) 2K Games *CRACKFIX* – Skidrow

  • Awais Azhar

    let me know the solution of this problem that why the health is decreasing automatically?

  • Awais Azhar

    oh guys,the game is working perfectly but i have a little problem ,when chapter 2 starts i hear a voice of heartpulse and the color of the screen turns black and white except in cutscenes could anyone please send me a fix for this bug…………..

    If you have this problem,drink anyone from bar then your screen will normal colours because you are so hurt and injuried.

  • Sone

    I have a problem with resolution…I start the game,but resolution is to big and its on half screen of monitor…

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      If the game is on steam, then Right click on ‘Mafia 2’ in Steam -> Properties -> Set launch options.
      Add “-w 1024 -h 768 -refresh 60″. Run the game, if the game runs than change video settings in game options to this resolution and refresh rate.

      Else Go to

      C:\Users\yourAccountUserName\AppData\Local\2K Games\Mafia II\Saves

      and open file “videoconfig” with notepad and change video resolution and refresh rate to your native desktop resolution.

  • Tasso

    I`ve reached chapter 12 with my share of problems though.

    From a fresh install
    I7 920 4ghz
    2×5870 latest drivers 10.8 with 10.8a profiles
    1xgtx460(physx) latest drivers
    physx latest version

    Game freezes periodically, usually have to cold boot. Everything is up to date.
    It freezes a lot less if you disable physx. I on the otherhand really enjoy the physx and have the equipement to go with it. This game needs a huge patch.

    All my other games do not freeze.

    I tried playing at AAx4 it works the best.

  • sasoriza

    Even tho I believe my computer can play this game with higher settings I play it on 800*480 resolution and all low or off details.. PhysX is disabled.. I updated my driver and catalyst center from ati website to newest one.. I have a laptop with Ati Radeon HD 3430, 3GB ram, Dual-core cpu T4200 @ 2GHZ, so i believe I have the minimum requriments to play the game.. It plays smooth until it comes to shooting.. But still playable.

    800*480? Thats the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Why not play part 1 instead – it wouldnt look much uglier you know. Buy a new computer for christ’s sake!!! Whats the point oif haivng new games if they look like shit?! You honestly dont know what youre missing dude!

  • ryan

    in chapter7 itried toget in a car
    then the game crashed
    what shoud i do?plz

  • Sertac

    Even tho I believe my computer can play this game with higher settings I play it on 800*480 resolution and all low or off details.. PhysX is disabled.. I updated my driver and catalyst center from ati website to newest one.. I have a laptop with Ati Radeon HD 3430, 3GB ram, Dual-core cpu T4200 @ 2GHZ, so i believe I have the minimum requriments to play the game.. It plays smooth until it comes to shooting.. But still playable..

    My problem is the BLUE SCREEN!! Sometimes, all of a sudden, doesnt matter what I am doing at game.. Can be demo or gameplay or ingame demo.. Screen freezes, after a few seconds a blue/white screen comes with this error:


    What should I do? Any help is very much appretiated.. Thank you for your time..

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Uninstall your current ATI drivers, and reinstall a post july driver update. Also update your directX to latest.

  • vampiro

    Hey Guys First Of All Thanks for Your Efforts
    Now Am Facing A Trouble After hitting
    The EXE File Of The Game I Faced A Black Screen
    Then … Like Nothing Happenend The Game Is OFF ..
    Can You Guys Find A Solution Plz .. Thanx

  • so

    Mafia crashing often by random doors while saving, eh.. so U need everytime play it again from last checkpoint… but it comes once per hour I can live with that but that’s really annoying…. any clue or somebody who solved that?

    Core quad, 8gb, gtx480 (temperature is around 140-180F or metrics 60 – 80C so it’s ok) , defragged, full details and all switched on, all latest drivers and SW needs
    …I am using cracked version but I have Nvidia steam voucher for having game for free, but it doesn’t wanna work as ussual with original games through steam.. so gived up

  • someguy

    hello, i have a problem the game freezes for like couple of sec and then foes back i tried play it on low but nothing helps please answer to me


  • vanja

    Thank you fmriper, I have same problem with loading screen.

  • alpi

    my screen stays black after starting the game, I tried the suggested solution,
    putting the resolution of the desktop to the one of the game.But
    it still does not start.
    is there anything I can do?

    • Mayhemic

      Tested the same thing as alpi,

      After PHysx text I see the disc/logo But the Disc is just spinning and spinning, and when I go to OS it says Mafia 2’s not responding…

  • Daphne

    I have a problem with my sound:S When chapter two begins I get no sound :S I can’t hear anything…. I have already turn my speakers on surround but I doesn’t help…. help me what cant I do? I just can’t play without the sound of the game

  • Binsbergen

    The story starts with a cutscene, which runs okay. Then the game starts with this screen:

    Does anybody have a clue what could cause this problem ? I already have updated my drivers for my ATI card.


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      your video card is overheated.

      • Binsbergen

        Thank you for responding; but even after I just booted my PC (being cold), the problem is the same.

        DirectX: latest version
        PhysX: latest version

        I have an ATI Radeon HD 4800 series

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          did you updated your video card drivers to post july update ? if not, it may help.

          • Binsbergen

            I just installed the 06-04-2010 version, and the game now works…

            You are the best!


          • UltraTeeN

            I’ve got the same problem…
            But, i updated directx, physx and my gfx driver…
            Demo worked fine…

  • Sherlock Holmes

    @hossam & @JOVELZAD0 I have had the same problem just as you guys, but after lookin’ here N there I’ve figured out how to fix this black & white problem. all you have to do is just use the new “mafia II Skidrow crackFIX” (google it), then start NEW GAME (if you don’t nothing will be fixed) and that’s all, everything is back to its normal. have fun :)

    * If you want to know why that problem was happening; the first crack had a problem where your health was almost zero, thus the black & white screen was because you were hurt badly. anyway the new crack will fix that bug and fix any other problem.

    ** sorry for my English grammar mistakes if there was any ^^

    • Flame On

      Sherlock! I have the same problem as you, hossam and jovelzado, however i am already using the fixed crack. Do you have any idea why the new crack isn’t working for me?

  • Jeremy

    So after doing the last step with cleaning the whole PC from Steam entries and reinstalling it + downloading the game from Steam, which takes a while since you download 5gb, the same problem occurs.

    I tried everything possible as written in my previous comments that is possible to do as a user. It’s sad that I payed €50 for this and can’t get it run (and no help from the 2k support), and people who downloaded it illegaly already have a go.

    I hope people with the same issue read my comments, maybe I’ll safe one or two a couple of hours of trial and error. This took me including the downloads way over 10 hours and in the end I failed. I’ll try maybe something else, but at the moment I’m out of any possible ideas.


    @hossam I have the same problem as you, i tried to reinstall the game and it keeps showing the same heartbeat/white and red screen while playing, it appears always except on cutscenes and chapter 1… btw i’m using an ATI HD4870 1gb, 4gb ram, 1TB harddisk, Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200.

    If anyone can help, please post your fix or crack or whatever that fixes this annoying error 😐

    • MaCKinG

      I also have the same problem, and thought it was from the video card or something, but this is an ingame thing; it is so that Vito becomes hungry, when you first go out the cab, go inside the diner and order a meal, you will see that your screen will become normal, but you will also see that he will get hungry again, this needs to be fixed with a crack, so there is nothing wrong with your video cards.

  • Youssef

    Chapter 14 after saving Joe and exiting the building joe stands on vito and wehn i try to move vito he falls down in the infinity :)
    whats the problem,any ideas.?

    • karlares

      I have the same problem, Vito spawns under the map, thus making me unable to continue the game, this should be fixed asap.

  • Jeremy

    Update on my problem with starting the game:

    I deaktivated all services from starting/running because I thought there could be some interference and tried to start the game: no change.

    Since the ATI driver was from 8.25.2010 I thought maybe older version could run it: no change

    I now think it’s not really the game thats faulty but rather Steam itself. Reason: I can’t make a shortcut on my desktop, Steam says: There is probably already a shortcut on the desktop. Recently I also get the message that Steam should not be opened in the secure mode or something like that.

    I deinstalled Steam again, this time I deleted all entries in the reg that are connected to Steam, downloaded/installed again. Now it starts normally again. This time I’m again trying to download Mafia 2 directly from Steam, I will write here if that changed anything.

    If it’s not Steams fault it could be some compatibility issue. It seems many people with a similar system have the same problem. (ATI HD/i7/7 64bit)

    Sadly I can’t confirm this since I already saw people play Mafia II with my 5770 HD with no problem, I also saw people play with i7. Maybe it’s just the combination of the system with the 64bit OS, maybe it’s something else. We will see

  • fmriper

    Chapter 14…If u get loading screen, which is loading forever, try to replay from the last saved mission – That where u have to save Joe (before u have to deal with Derek). And when u have to collect ur 27500 $ try not to rob any shops, just take cars for Brusky – it worked for me and for many others, but not for all :|.

  • hossam

    oh guys,the game is working perfectly but i have a little problem ,when chapter 2 starts i hear a voice of heartpulse and the color of the screen turns black and white except in cutscenes could anyone please send me a fix for this bug

    • JW

      Let me know please if you find a fix to this

      • qvad

        Same here…

        • Andreas

          same here!
          I think we will need a new crack because they patched this one

  • Jeremy

    Oh forgot to write: I did also reinstalled the PhysX several times, using the one from the DVD and from the website

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Did you give new ATI drivers a try ? post july release.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      PhysX is not supported for ATI cards so installing reinstalling has no effect whatsoever.

      • Jeremy

        Like I wrote in the first post, I did install the new ATI driver!
        PhysX has to be installed wether you are on nvidia or on ATI, or else the game won’t start. When you deintall the PhysX, Steam simply is reinstalling it back on the PC when you start Mafia 2, so you are wrong about that.

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          I have nVidia, so didn’t know game is forcing that.

        • Johnny

          Uninstall Physx and re-install from the website.

          • Jeremy

            I’ve done that several times, please read my full comment.

  • Jeremy

    Bought the game yesterday: System: i7 860, ATI 5770 HD, 4GB RAM, Win 7 64bit.

    Start game: i see the small mafia 2 screen, then it changes to fullscreen where the PhysX advertisment is. When I do this the first time after installation I even see the record spinning (loading) then the game closes and im back to desktop with lower brightness. when I try to open again, same thing happens but earlier, i dont see the loading screen (spinning record) it just crashes right after the first screen with the PhysX ad.

    what i tried to solve the problem: install new ATI driver, checked game-chache in Steam, reinstalled the game several times, reinstalled Steam. Installed the game directly from DVD, then downloaded the game from Steam. Nothing changes, its always the same. I read about this issue several times but no answers yet to find. Btw I tried the thing with the resolution too just in case.

    hope somebody knows a way to make it work, i dont see any normal way tho…

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  • hyth

    the game starts very well and smooth for like 10 mintues and then it starts to slow down and being annoying i have ati card is that why ?

    please somone tell me how to fix it

    • Joran

      Your video card is getting to hot he cant run the game for a long time

  • UnKnown*

    @ 0_0 same problem man

  • IJAZ

    try this site guys…this really works!!(For ch.7 crash)

    • Asghar

      Does it have any password???

  • hyth

    how to disable phsyx or tweak ?

  • Bowfinger

    Hello. When I run Mafia 2, come the sign “program doesnt work” I updated all drivers, physx, direct etc. But still doesnt work. Ive got win 7 32bit. Please could you help me. Im not the only one. Thanks

  • fmriper

    Chapter 14…After cutscene at Bruno the game keeps loading FOREVER!

    • Kasp

      Same thing happens to me, but in a different chapter. Need help. Someone know?

  • o_o

    hey on chapter 14 in the part of pay bruno back the door wont blink or anything happens when i reach the goal any one of u guys know wat do to fix this?

  • Daniel


    Still doesnt work bro, could you try some more solutions..

    changed it back to

    0 0 640 480 0 0 0 0

    instead of my screen resolution, doesn’t change anymore.

    Still black screen .

    – Daniel

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      have done what I could. Seems like some hardware issue, I can’t help you with.

      • Avi

        i also have the same problem, tried video confix with different resolutions still nothing. My hardware is not that bad, it should at least run the game.
        i3-380M 2.53Ghz,4gbram, intel hd graphics.
        Please help me out im dying for this game!!! :)

  • Kasp

    I have an issue in chapter 6( Prison?) After I find Leo for the first time, he doesn’t appear on the cutscene with the burglar dude from ireland. Then a loading screen appears after the cutscene and this never goes away. Anyone know why? it doesnt freeze, just continous forever.

  • Daniel

    I understand than lets do it via the comments :)

    I didnt try the steam force launch method , could you explain me how?

    – Thanks

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Right click on ‘Mafia 2’ in Steam -> Properties -> Set launch options.
      Add “-w 1024 -h 768 -refresh 60″. Run the game, if the game runs than change video settings in game options to this resolution and refresh rate.

  • Liam

    I keep getting random crashes, usually when im hauling ass on the highway etc, ill be going fast (usually going over 100mph) bump into something then it crashes…. im wondering if its my vid settings but not sure if its just a bug.

  • Daniel

    Zawad ,

    I’m a admin that shouldn’t be the problem,
    Could you give me your e-mail adress so we can solve this via Messenger.
    or email it to the email included in my profile
    – Daniel

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Bro, I can help you here in comments and I have tried to the best of my ability. I use messenger for personal stuff :) I hope you can understand.


    • Vladino

      Daniel i think we are facing a graphic card problem or non-compatibility because i’ve chaged the resolution and now doesn’t kick me out anymore,but the screen turns all red and blurred.what’s your computer specs?

      • Daniel


        Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz
        Clocking speed : 2.79 GHz , 1,99GB

  • Daniel

    Zawad ,

    Still the same problem bro,

    But everytime when i run the demo after editing the video it automaticly changes to :

    -3 -19 1280 1024 0 0 0 0
    ^ ^

    -3 and -19 ??

    Pff i need a miracle to play my demo

    – Daniel

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      ah man this is best I could come up with, try running the game as admin. I don’t know why it is not saving the changes to the videoconfig file, if you have the admin rights, it shouldn’t be the problem.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      did you try the steam force launch method ?

  • Daniel


    I tried the method which you reffered me to,

    But the same problem occurs , only the black screen is bigger.


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      match the resolution to your desktop resolution, see if that helps. It has generally resolved this issue.

  • Daniel

    Zawad Iftikhar,
    Thank you for replying that fast

    I tried your method and it worked mate ,

    But like i sayd before, i have the same problem like Vladino mentioned a few posts ago.

    After the splash screen a client appears which is black, stays there for several seconds and disappears.

    Could you assist me via msn or just through a reply

    Excuse me for double posting and thank you mate!

    – Daniel

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      check reply to Vladino.

  • Daniel

    hey Zawad Iftikhar i got this problem

    Mafia 2 Doesn’t Start after loading Splash Image, Resolution Problem

    But i can’t seem to get to the maps you mentioned..

    I can go to the steam map and mafia 2 demo map though, but i can’t find the videoconfig
    My OS language is Dutch

    Please help me bro , i have tried everything but i can’t start it!

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      C: \ Users \ yourAccountUserName \ AppData \ Local \ 2K Games \ Mafia II \ Slaat

      In the folder “Saves” aka “Slaat”, you will find videoconfig file. Open it in a text editor.Within that file you will find something like:

      0 0 1680 1050 1 0 0 1

      Change it to:

      0 0 640 480 0 0 0 0

      All you basically need to do is change all the ‘1’s to ‘0’s. I hope this helps, I have used google translator to check what possibly be the folder name in Dutch OS.

    • Daniel

      Well i found the solution,
      But now i have the same problem as ”Vladino”

      Could you please help us all?

      – Thank you

  • Semp

    When I install the game and when Steam does the first time setup, it freezes at “launcher.exe (step 1 of 4)” and I don’t really get how I’m gonna get it to work. Please help.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Read #13. You need to install those installers manually and it will work.

  • Blajninho

    After I play for a few minutes it thows me out of the game and the computer goes into shut down mode.Can anyone help me please?

  • Vladino

    The game starts,the screen remains black and after 5 seconds kicks me out from the game…any solution??

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try 9.1# and see if it helps.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      You can also give this a shot if you are on Steam.
      Right click on ‘Mafia 2’ in Steam -> Properties -> Set launch options.
      Add “-w 1024 -h 768 -refresh 60″. Run the game, if the game runs than change video settings in game options to this resolution and refresh rate.

  • Mehrshad

    I have the same problem too, when i enter a car in chapter 7, game crashes

  • bane94

    my problem is that its cutting every 20 seconds and its annoying.anyone have same problems?and what to do?

  • Xander

    i wrote 2 times what i wanted to say cuz i had some internet problems and didn’t refresh the page idk…sorry:)

  • Xander

    I fixed my black screen problem at mafia 2 this way…C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Local Settings\Application Data\2K Games\Mafia II\Saves\..there’s videoconfig.cfg…so simple i clicked and opened it in note…so i changed the resolution that was there in 1280×1024…but now i have other problem…i can’t shoot more than 1 bullet in a row with the thompson…so that pisses me off a little…i mean when i try to shoot more then 1 bullet the weapon is switched in “hands free” if you get me…what do i have to do to solve this bug?

    • Ahmad

      Same Here !! :( Hope anybody got fix for this ! 😐

  • pim

    He Xander,

    could you tell us how you fixed it. i have the same problems and cant fix it.

  • Demon

    hey sup people i just bought the game and it runs fine maxed out with all physx to high. i Average around 35 frames. but i noticed im running in directx 9 mode. How to switch to directx 10 cause i do not have the option.

    pentium dual-core e2200 2.2ghz overclocked to 3.2ghz 1600fsb
    4gb dual channel ram
    9800gtx+ Sc Evga
    750gb WD Black
    windows vista 64bit

  • Xander

    So guys…i’m gonna tell ya how i solved my black screen problem for mafia 2…C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Local Settings\Application Data\2K Games\Mafia II\Saves\…there you have videoconfig.cfg…so i changed the resolution to 1280×1024…piece of cake…but now i have other problem…i duon’t now why i can’t shoot more then 1 bulelt at a time with the thompshon….when i try to shoot more bullets in a row i get switched to “no weapon in hand” if you get me…do you know how i can solve this problem?

  • Malve

    Hello, I have a problem. I have ATI graphic card and the game runs fine for me on mediumsettings but after 10-15mins game crashes/freezes i get a black screen and have to restart my computer. Does it have anything to do with the fact ATI don’t support PhysX? If yes how do I disable PhysX without having to delete it? I can’t seem to find way to disable it…

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      ATI doesn’t support PhysX anyway. So better delete it, It will also resolve your freezing issues.

  • Erik

    I just bought the game off steam, and it crashes every 2 minutes.. feels like steam just punched my in my face.

    if any one got a solution

  • Mickr4

    For those who have the car crash problem on chap 7 you need a better crack.
    I installed this one and no more problems. I have been able to continue where I was without starting a new savegame.

  • street

    same problem as adam on chapter 9. The slaughterhouse is a bug where if you walk into it you fall into water. Thats if you get out of the car and walk to luca’s car. If you drive there than it just sits there with luca honking continuously. Can’t proceed any further. If anyone can help , please do

  • ezekiasds

    hello …. I found the solution to the chapter 7 that was giving bug when he went in a car …. download and install MAFIAv3 PROPER by REFLEXOWNS

    I’m from Brazil

  • Xander

    Nevermind…i solved the problem :D…it works…it’s very cool…

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Finally man, if you could share the solution so that it helps others in case.

      Thanks :)

  • Xander

    well…mafia 2 in steam?I don’t think i have steam…

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      from where you downloaded the game ?

  • unknown

    I bought this game yesterday(Im in IRAN)and in the first chapter my health reduced and reached critic chapter 2 my health didnt fix and the screen was red and white all the time and i got question is this:
    is it a bug or not?(why my health level didnt fix in the new level?)
    if its not a bug just learn me how to gain full health….tnx

  • adam

    i’m on chapter 9 and when luca arrives at the slaughterhouse i park next to the pole and we just sit there and you can’t do anything and luca keeps honking his horn and nothing happens. anyone know a fix for this.??

  • Someone

    Hey everyone, I got a problem on chapter 9. When Luca is already captured by Balls. The mission says that i need to go to eddy. I get in Luca’s car. And when i want to save it in the my house or just when i hit another car (sometimes), i get an error. Sry 4 bad english.

  • Xander

    I deleted the apex folder and still i have black screen…

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Right click on ‘Mafia 2’ in Steam -> Properties -> Set launch options.
      Add “-w 1024 -h 768 -refresh 60″. Run the game, if the game runs than change video settings in game options to this resolution and refresh rate. It may be happening because your monitor doesn’t support default resolution.
      Remove this command line after you have changed the video settings.
      If this doesn’t solve your problem, contact support guys at official 2k forums.

  • Xander

    Yeah dude i tried the black screen tutorial several times and it didn’t work…

  • Xander

    yeah but i told you i have black screen bug… and i did the black screen tutorial for nothing…i doesn`t work…

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try deleting the APEX folder \Steam\steamapps\common\mafia ii\edit\APEX.
      Back up before you do though and see if it helps. This is all I can recommend, if you have done everything mentioned in this article, and updated all the drivers etc etc, and still it doesn’t work. Try asking at official 2k forums, that would be your last resort.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Though, have you retried the black screen workaround in case you did it wrong the first attempt ? just recheck may be you get lucky this time :)

  • Xander

    How i can turn off PhysX?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      game options menu.

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    Note to all those who are having random crashes at certain chapters of the game. This issue has only been reported by the people who had pirated the game which is broken to start with.

  • Dennis

    I have problem number 16 if I have played so about 15 minutes then the game will put the clay but I still hear it does not continue even if I wait then I have to restart my pc 8800 GT Geforce

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      did you try disabling the PhysX or tweaking it ?

      • Dennis

        So yes in the game I turned off the PhysX does it even if I am not in the game My System is Windows xp

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          Game Freezing issues are purely graphical issues caused by the your system hardware being unable to cop up with the game’s demand. In the end it may your PC so just minimize the graphics as much as you can and give it a try. 8800GT is an old card now, time to upgrade :)

          • Dennis

            ok but GTA 4 can i play on high details

            • Zawad Iftikhar

              Mafia 2 has sadly not been optimized well, the real problem is not the graphic card. It is bad optimization of the game to run on average cards and the old phsyX technology, the game shipped with. Unlike other games ‘StarCraft 2’ which have been brilliantly optimized to run even on old cards like 6600GT, Mafia 2 fails to do so.
              Wait for the patch and then give it a try. Or until then minimize the video settings and play the game on low graphics. I will try to post a tweak guide of the game as early as possible to get people on average cards running.

              You can update all your graphic card drivers, directx, and other hardware driver, follow #12 and see if that helps.

  • Xander

    Hi…i did the “how to fix the black screen” tutorial but it doesn’t work…i did it exactly as it says…please help me…

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try Mafia PhysX Fix, and PhsyX tweak, and better turn off PhysX and see if that works. It may all be due to PhsyX Technology messing around with the game. Or you can refer to #12 for common causes of the Mafia 2 Blackscreen.

  • Godik

    yep i did, a few of them…the thing is i dont know which one should i get

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Get the latest software and try the one from the official manufacturer site. Also you can check this.
      1. Start Game.
      2. [ALT] + [TAB]
      3. Go to your system tray by your clock and locate the icon that looks like a speaker.
      4. Now, either right click on speaker and and chose “open volume mixer” or left click on it and click “mixer” underneath the volume slider.
      5. You should now see Mafia II volume control, drag it up to the top.

      Alternatively, go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Sound > Click on Communications Tab and select “Do Nothing” radio button.

      check if this works, hopefully.

      • Raj

        This won’t work, the voices don’t play because of a bug in the game, as I can hear the rest of the sounds in the cutscene, just not the voices. It seems to start at Chapter 9, very annoying.

        It’s as if the sound files are missing.

        I have a Logitech G35 headset and I have the latest drivers, still having problems.

  • AfrikaKorps

    I have been playing this game for about 3 hours, but I am at a point where I cannot continue. The city area of Sand Island is buggy. There are no buildings, and the driving on the roads lead you to leaving the game area and falling through the world. Its like the area has no collision detection.

  • Godik

    can someone pls help me update my sound driver? i mean, i have no voices in cut scenes and this thread here says i should upgrade my sound card.

    The thing is, i have no idea whats the name of my sound card nor whats the name of driver i should look for. I ran dxdiag and it says the name of device is “soundmax HD audio”. When i rightclick My computer and press manage i can get to where it says its name is “Soundmax integrated digital HD audio”.

    Anyhow, i tried to look for this soundmax drivers and the only ones i found were either fake or not working and it seems like there are no drivers at all.

    pls help the game is pretty worthless without the voices :X

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      did you tried the one from ?

  • Specter

    hey guyz i have a problem on chapter 7. the game crashes when i try getting into the car….. dan i have to start the game from another chapter where i can enter the car.. and have to start chapter 7 again and it worked that time.. but on chapter 8 its not working.. i cant play the full chapter 8

    • tk

      Hi, I have probably the same problem on chapter 8. Enemieas just wouldn’t spawn and I can’t finish this mission. Did you find the solution for that problem?

  • Pakas

    I had the problem at 14 chapter, when after cutscene at bruno game keeps loading like forever. How to fix this? thanks for the help.

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    All the errors, glitches above may be caused by the missing game files so check the integrity of the game files or back up your save games and reinstall if you bought a retail DVD. About the black textures you can try 9# and 12# to fix it.

  • lopes

    hi. i have a probelm in chapther 10 i come out of the lift the persons turn black i go to the room its black to and the dude is not moving …

  • Jellay

    I have the same problem as THC, anyone know how to fix this?

  • B

    In the early mission where you first leave your mom’s place to go see Joe, I’m getting glitched as soon as I cross the street and teleported into what I think is Joe’s house. Problem is, I’m inside the apt and can’t seem to trigger the mission to start, and it won’t let me out the front door. What gives?

    • Jux

      hey i have problem in chapter 7..when i buy the apartman and i go in car my game just crash :s why?!!!??

  • THC

    I’ve got problem i’m in chapter 9. When i follow Luca’s car I ride to slaughterhouse in Riverside and there are no textures of building, Luca is using a horn and drunk man on the street is falling down every horn. Maybe funny, but i cant even exit the car. 8800GT + 258.96 nVidia drivers. Anyone?

    • alex123

      i have the same problem in chapter 7 any one can help

      • alex123

        i have the same problem in chapter 9

  • Bat

    Don’t know if I’m the only one, but it seems that out of the blue whenever I try to enter a car the game crashes. Just started on Chapter 6 when I tried to reenter my car after driving to my apartment for the first time.

    • Bat

      *Chapter 7

      • Mukhia

        Same problem as Bat, when i enter the car from Joes place to drive to my new apartment, the game crashes

    • Nick

      I have the same exact problem as both of you, same spot too.

    • Alex

      Same thing for me.

      Once at my apartment I went done and pickup my car in the garage had a crash. Restart the game at the begining of chapter 7 and crash when I get in joe’s car

      • amin

        i got same problem… did you solve that???

    • CendaCZ

      I also got this problem

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