How to Play Diablo II Multiplayer on Hamachi

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Diablo II can be played multiplayer on LAN or online on Like the original game, Diablo II was made with multiplayer in mind. You can play the game LAN online using virtual network client like Hamachi with your friends. Follow the guide below to setup Diablo II multiplayer on Hamachi.

How to Play Diablo II Multiplayer On Hamachi

This guide will help you play Diablo II Online with your friend anytime without using or

Note. To get this thing working you will have make sure that both players are running the same version of the game.

Step 1
Install a VPN software Hamachi.

Step 2
Now Create a Network and ask your friends to join it.

Step 3
Now when you and your friends are online and in a same Network, goto “Preferences” (click the Gear Button at bottom right corner), select “window” tab, enable ‘Show “Advanced …” peer menu item’ and Click OK.

Step 4
This step is a tricky, for playing this game you and your friends must have IP with a same Subnet (same first three blocks like and You can’t change your IP this easily in Hamachi, but there is an option of giving Alias IP, to a player.

So all you have to do is to right click on the person (who will be hosting the game) and select “Advanced” and enter an IP with same subnet as yours in the “Peer VPN Alias” text box.

Note. Not the same IP as yours but Same subnet as yours (which means only first three Blocks of your IP).

Step 5
You have setup your Hamachi correctly and are ready to get in the game. Load the game, if you are Hosting then from the Diablo II main menu choose “Other Multiplayer” then select “TCP/IP GAME” and then click on “HOST GAME”, select character and press OK.

If you are joining, choose “OTHER MULTIPLAYER” from the main menu and then “TCP/IP GAME” and “JOIN GAME”. Now enter the “Peer VPN Alias” of the person who is hosting the game, choose your character and press OK to start playing the game.

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  • Zanzei

    I don’t know if somebody still read this, but the other solution that worked for me :
    1> Log on into hamachi, and make sure your friend is in the network
    2> Open diablo 2 –> other multiplayer –> tcp/ip game
    3> alt+tab. then go to network and sharing center (windows 7), change adapter settings, and then disable your internet adapter, only leave hamachi Enabled.
    4> Get back into diablo 2, and your IP address should change. THAT’s the right IP address that your friend should enter to join your game.

  • Marcel Sniehotta

    It doesn’t work for me…. I tried almost everything but nothing worked. I always create server and when my friend tries to connect it loads and then just says ‘Cannot connect to server’ … I really don’t know what’s wrong with it ..