Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Fast Level Up Guide

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Red Dead Redemption is very close to being a perfect game both single player and  multiplayer, although one may argue that connectivity issues somehow have made its multiplayer experience worse for some but to those who haven’t had any problems, have been enjoying all things wild west in its multiplayer as well.

The unique sharpshooting, which is core to the Red Dead’s gameplay is one of the aspects that made the series popular. The free roaming core to Rockstar games “GTA” is also one of the aspects to give it a try. Rockstar mostly known as the name behind insanely popular GTA series has put everything into this game to make it ALMOST perfect.

Although no one would want to level up in Red Dead Redemption so fast, as it would only spoil the fun. In case you are one of those casual gamers who want to try everything in the game, and have not enough time to go through all the trouble of leveling up slowly then you can follow this compiled guide.

Course 1: Level Up Fast by Clearing Gang Hideouts
One of the easiest ways to level up fast in Red Dead Redemption is by going to gang hideouts and killing them all during online free roam. When reinforcements arrive, neutralize them and loot all the corpses.
After you have looted all the corpses, have money and ammunition, go out of the area and come back again as enemies in there would respawn after a while. You can repeat the process to Level Up Fast in Red Dead Redemption.

Course 2: Play at Casual Settings, and Follow Course 1
In order to change the game settings to casual, or rather to play with an auto aim follow these simple steps.
1. Press “Start”.
2. Go to “Options”.
3. Go to “Config”.
4. Change “Multiplayer Targeting Mode” to “Casual”.
5. Go to “Armadillo” and then to “Twin Rocks” gang hideout.
6. Finish the hideout and press Replay.

While you are at it, you can always get much more mileage in terms of rank leveling up if you do that in public matches, more players more XP. In order to get max experience points, you can follow these tips by same person who shared this wonderful tip above @GoSu via Red Dead Forums.

Tips to Level Up Fast in Red Dead Redemption
1. Use Dead Eye as much as possible, when your character begins to reload, press the right stick to dead eye, it will bypass the reload animation.
2.  Get the Bolt Action Rifle, you get it at level 40 but you can also find it in gang hideout Tumbleweed. Transport to Tumbleweed, clear church and the barn, and then the Bolt Action Rifle can be found in the center of town in the 2nd story of a small building there.
3. Get a 22 kill count.
4. Do the hideout in public free roam to get more XP.
5. Finish the hideout in under a minute.

If you know any other way and can share any other simple fast way to level up, plz don’t hesitate, it will other readers alot.

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  • Logifanogi

    Tesura Azule for the win!

  • triggerhappy

    Tesoro azul is alot faster to clear out and i personally have pulled 1500 xp from doing it by myself jsut focus on score chains and not killing the hookers and u should get atleast 1000 xp every time no matter how many times u die

  • BossPwned

    WTH is up with everyone hating on eachother xbox and ps3 are the same get the fuck over it you will find more ps3 players because theres no cost but you find a ton of level 50 on xbox so either way your going to die so shut the hell up.

  • mattmcdonaldz

    add me I am new to the world of xbox live and am looking for some people to help me get awards in games. 😀 thanks

  • owned

    get 1 friend and do the pikes basin hideout. you take turns blowing the first cart up then one of you goes left. and the other goes right. easy 1,000 xp in 3 minutes. the more you do it, the faster you gett

  • ElGordoDeAlma

    Add me.. On xbox360

  • Rkelly4pee2

    Just do Pike’s Basin gang hide out over and over again

    • Silent Dogwood

      Yeah that’s what I do. But I hate it when assholes constantly try to kill you (not NPC’s), because you spawn in the same location again and again and again, meaning they can spawn camp and continously blow your head off with a fucking shotgun just as you’re pressing a to respawn (or x if there’s any PS3 losers reading)

      • couch burner

        i own a ps3 and ive played a 360, both systems are great in different ways. So if you take part in console wars or down other systems you are a fanboy not a gamer

        • obsidianHart

          That would imply that a ‘gamer’ would have to play all games as well.

          Including board games, and Table-top-RPG.

          You don’t have to bash someone for not liking a system.

          • paletos

            one thing is to bash a system, another is to bash its users.

            You don’t have to bash someone for not liking the system he plays.

    • raylan givens

      yeah haha i just kept redoing pike’s basin and i went from a level 40 to prestige 1 in about 4 hours hahaha on and off gameplay of course.

      • mort

        to easy no chaleng there got to be something out there that is hard to do lets go hay mexacen locos were are yall mortofdays want a party i know yall are good i fought be side yall yay i had most wanted lol am stronger now come out and fight me on ps3 i know one of yall come out of hiding and fight me like a man

  • matt

    i have found that when you go too tesoro azul with two people you can get 1250-1500 exp or 1250 alone. alone just save the whores with two people we found that if you have one person stay fighting and the other one leaves than comes back the whores double so more exp:)

  • Diamond Life553

    if you got the red dead zombie download play the onlne zombie over run and play the match till you get to round 7 or 8 depending on how good you and your team mates are once you all die lol depending on how good you did you should get a gold metal an thats an easy 1000exp

  • DeadStream86

    geezus i cant get it done under 1 min wtf!

  • Radoslav

    Haha. Yes mr blah, it’s very lazy to just play a game for fun but playing for virtual stickers is serious hard work.

  • blah

    wtf u chattin bout “fare” for? some ppl like to level up fast for the trophy/achievement and other rewards. its got nothing to do with playing fare. just because you’re one of those lazy ass people who like to mess about online but never bother to complete the challenges, dont hate on people who put in the time and effort to get the trophy/achievements

    • mort

      its not about the lvl just haveing fun and yall that suck are all about the lvl i can go in there yay am legond 1 but o will that means nothing just that i go out there and kick ass all i do is kill others thy dont like me being in the game cuz thy know thy will die

    • obsidianHart

      You couldn’t have said it more simply.
      Facking lazy people


  • marston

    play fair its more fun you don’t play 4 the levels u play 4 the fun !!!!!!!!!!

    • obsidianHart

      Says YOU! Some people find the fun in the game as leveling up and unlocking stuff. Seeing as that is the point. You know the game has one right?

  • Good Post

    Good info!

  • cowboy88

    thanks for the great tips!

  • yeah i agree with that guy ^

  • NoThanks

    Okay, so your “hot tip” is to do exactly what the game asks you to do? I suppose you thought this would be mind blowing? Only during the first five minutes of your first online game ever would this be helpful.

    Give me a break.

    • Since when?

      The game doesn’t “ask” you to do that stuff, those are good tips. Give someone else a break moron!

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  • philby_75

    Hey man the level up tip was sweet! Justed started playing on &offline. Usually play MW2, but would consider roll’n over. Just gotta work out what the fuck im doing, get my shit together and levelup to get some mad rifle action and blow some heads off. Just gotta wait til my kids go to bed to get tv back.

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      So your kids only go to bed at 5 am??? WTF is wrong with you?

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        maybe he’s in a different country/timezone to you genius

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