How to Play Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight Offline

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Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight is out for some time now and is pretty good but requires constant internet connection both for campaign and multiplayer. It isn’t something more of a worry really as an offline patch to resolve this issue is already out and here is how you can get the game working offline using command and conquer 4 tiberian twilight offline patch.

How to Play Command and Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight Offline

1. If you had installed and run the game previously, you need to reinstall the game but don’t run the game.
2. Install “cnc4offlinepatch.exe”, go through the easy instructions and once installed run it as an administrator.
3. Use the CnC4 offline Play shortcut on your desktop the run the game offline without requiring an internet connection.

You can search ‘CnC4OfflinePatch Torrent’ to download the file.

General Issues and Possible Solutions
1. After installing CnC4offlinePatch, if you still get an EA login screen, try the following:
-Run cnc4offlinepatch as an administrator.
-Make sure you install cnc4offlinepatch on “command and conquer 4 tiberiun twilight” main folder not the sub “data” folder.
-Disable any security software you have in your computer (Antivirus, firewall etc).
-Disable UAC if you have Vista or Windows 7, then reinstall the patch again.

2. If you encounter Black Screen of Death, you can try the following:
-If you are having two monitors, unplug one and it will be fine.
-If you still encounter the same problem, try running the game in windowed mode.

How to Run Command and Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight Windowed
-Go to “command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight\data” folder.
-Open “RunCNC4.bat” with any text editor.
-Now add “-win” at the end of this line of code:

start “” CNC4.exe -config “..\CNC4_English.SkuDef” -loginToken “|zzzz” -persona “test”

It should now look like this after you have added “-win”:

start “” CNC4.exe -config “..\CNC4_English.SkuDef” -loginToken “|zzzz” -persona “test” -win

If you encounter any issues do let us know, we will try to resolve them.

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  • napsty

    im still encountering EA Login Screen despite the fact i followed all instructions and reinstalled the game 5 times already. also whenever i install the “cnc4offlinepatch” it automatically installs inside the sub data folder why is that?

  • BMC Sentinel

    Patch saids cant find Vivoxsdk.dll

  • john

    whre do you download the patch please help

  • Jon-as

    Hey uh is there a way to change the profile name or have many profiles? Like for example one profile is for the GDI and the other one is for the Nod..

    Thank you for the replies, and thanks for the help, I will ask my brother to set the game as administrator (limited account is my account)

    Also another one, what if I ran the game already in my limited account, but played the game already in the administrator account (as a test game) Do I still have to reinstall the game? Or just let it run as administrator?

    Please reply, thank you!

  • Sandi

    My OS is Windows 7. I’m trying to set this up for my Grandson. I don’t know and can’t find a .dat extension in the Data file. Isn’t a patch supposed to do that sort of thing for me? This may be easy for someone who knows computer language, but I’m just a simpleton. And now there’s a box I’m supposed to type in letters I can’t read and something about HTML tags with a bunch of gibberish.

  • bob

    how to reinstall the game?after i installed the 1st time when i run the autorun it only display \play\ instead of \install\

  • savz

    hey i lost my C&C4 cd cover and now for what reason its asking for the code were can i get or buy a code from

  • kikXer

    i cant install offline patch in main folder itll fall at data folder no matter whatever i do! i gave path as H:command&conquer4 but it still fall in H:command&conquer4data

  • sick

    It still give me login screen inside the game even I follow the instruction.

  • GuardianWolf

    My problem is when the installer uses command prompt to make the host file, i get access denied even though im the admin and i right click and say run as admin (and yes all security disabled from UAC to firewalls to anti-virus/spyware systems). The patch still installs and bypasses the launcher but the server emulator cant emulate the hostfile since it was denied to be made and so im left at the login in screen after the open cinematic.

  • esodus

    Hey I’ve tried everything that you haad posted on getting this patch to work accept disableing uac howdo u dothat onvista and the game starts but I stillget the login screen I’ve been at this for the past 3 hours. Pls help

  • Versatile

    If you install this offline patch, will it enable offline coop play ?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      You only get to play single player Campaign missions that said, I didn’t personally checked the online co op with this patch.

  • Matt

    After installing CnC4offlinePatch, i still get an EA login screen, after trying all of the following:
    -Run cnc4offlinepatch as an administrator.
    -installed cnc4offlinepatch on “command and conquer 4 tiberiun twilight” main folder not the sub “data” folder.
    -Disable all security software
    -Disable UAC for Windows 7, then reinstall 20 times

    Some help could be useful, IDK why the login screen still appears?

    • Jon-as

      reinstall then repeat those steps I guess is the way.

  • kyosingcat

    My problem is…after i click the setup.exe and click next, it ask for password…”This installation is password protected” thats what is says…can you help me?

    • Raymond

      Hey bro i have the same problem do have the password now?

      • spyheck

        use “loongkee”

        • roland

          thx spyheck..problem solve :)

  • Jorge

    Hi,sorry to bother you but ive done what you explain and it still gives me the EA log in…can you help me??please!!:)

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Are you sure you reinstalled the game and applied the offline patch before launching the game ? and make sure you launch the game from the shortcut created on desktop,not the original exe file.