Street Fighter 4 Unlock Everything Patch

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I still remember getting scolded for playing Street fighter 2 on arcade machines, well those were the good days. I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed playing Street Fighter 4 on PC. Not to mention all the frame rate issue sf4 had, it still kicked some real ass with it’s solid gameplay and more then impressive graphics.
Thanks to Leogansky, we have Street Fighter 4 unlock everything patch to enjoy it more then ever. What that patch in question does is, it unlocks all characters, all colors, all personal actions, all icons, all titles, all artwork, all movies and credits, and selectable voice acting per person.
That’s almost everything that has been locked away for you to enjoy without wasting a hell lot of time on game.To make things easy for you, we have a step by step tutorial aided by screenshots.

Street Fighter 4 Unlock Everything Tutorial
Before starting this tutorial, I presume you have installed Street Fighter 4 and have an offline live account, to save your progress.

Step 1
: Install Cheat Engine found in Street Fighter 4 unlock everything patch.
Download Street Fighter Unlock Everything Patch

Step 2: Run Street Fighter 4 ( Run in window mode so that you can easily minimize the game later) .

Step 3: While the game is running, open Cheat Engine.

Step 4: Click on the top left computer icon, select StreetFighterIV.exe from the process list, and click open.

Xbox One PS4
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Step 5
: Click the folder icon next to the computer icon to open a cheat engine table file that comes with Street Fighter 4 unlock everything patch.
Cheat Engine|Street Fighter 4|Unlock Everything Tutorial
Step 6
: Select “SFIV Unlock Everything.CT” cheat engine table file from the patch folder.

Step 7: Now on to the bottom table, click on any entry and select all (CTRL+A). Now right click on any of these to change “Record> Value” the value from 0 to 1 as shown in the screenshot.
Cheat Engine|Street Fighter 4|Unlock Everything Tutorial

Step 8: Check again if all the values have been updated to 1, if not change them manually and make sure they are set to 1.

Cheat Engine|Street Fighter 4|Unlock Everything Tutorial
Step 9
: Now to make the changes permanent, so that you don’t have to go through all the fuss everytime you play the game. Switch back to the game, now change a settings to force a save.
Once you have altered any in game setting like sound/video settings.You will see a rotating warning indicating that the changes including changes that we made in the process memory, are being saved to the save file/profile.

Step 10: Exit the game, exit cheat engine and start street fighter 4 normally, and and you will see everything unlocked now, that’s all there is to it.

Have Fun Playing Street Fighter 4 :)

Zawad is the lead editor of SegmentNext. He primarily manages what gets published on the site. He is a finance student and PC games enthusiast.

  • Shahrukh

    I unlocked Akuma and other players without using it ,,,, you have to be best at the game for that !!s

  • geury

    muchas grax funciona muy bien sin errores thanks you

  • Prime Object

    Boss!! You are a boss!!

  • SF4

    I did this like 10 times and still not working…

    When i quit game values go to ` ?? `

    When i enter in game all is same like before…

  • Nextblaze

    thanks man it so hard to unlock akuma and gouki for me

  • Anonymous

    Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • Piston

    you saved my life!
    in my game, the arcade mode doesn’t work so i couldn’t possibly unlock the cammy.. er.. the characters
    thanks a bunch

  • Jasper

    Is it ok if i uninstall Cheat engine after i’ve done all the process??

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I guess it is :)

  • hammad

    Works great, thanks Zawad
    i hope u have cheats for need for speed SHIFT too?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Will see what I can do :)

  • ZeNus

    netherlin, you are idiot

  • netherlin

    Where is the patch folder?when i open the cheat engine folder all i get is “example scripts” folder,”include” folder and “Plugins” folder.The “patch” folder is apparently missing.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Use the cheat engine to unlock everything in Street Fighter 4. You can follow the tutorial to unlock everything.

  • oxiller1

    wow thx

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