Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Lifesage Guide

Lifesage is one of the 7 Healer Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and it serves as Nia’s starting class. As the name and the class type suggest, the Lifesage class is all about healing yourself and your allies during battle to keep them alive during battle.

If you’re looking to learn more about the Lifesage class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we’ve prepared this guide for you, where we’ll be showing you all the information you need to know about this class.

How to Unlock Lifesage

The Lifesage class can only be unlocked after you’ve completed the main story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. After finishing the story, head to the Hall of the Serene, which is located in the Upper Aetia Region.

Once there, you’ll see a marker for a quest-related event. Step into the marker and a cutscene will be triggered. After the cutscene ends, Nia and the Lifesage class will be unlocked for you in XC3.

Best Lifesage Characters

The best characters for the Lifesage class in XC3 (excluding Nia) are undoubtedly Lanz, Eunie and Mio.

Lanz is classed as a Defender, but he can perform equally well as a Healer. His defensive stats will synergize perfectly with the healing abilities offered by the Lifesage class.

Eunie and Mio are also great choices for the Lifesage class as they both have very impressive healing stats. Mio also has great compatibility with the Lifesage class, which will allow you her to quickly and efficiently level it up.

Best Lifesage Arts

When you’re selecting the best Arts for your Lifesage in Xenoblade 3, you’ll have the option to choose from a large catalog of Arts. Since this is a Healer class, your goal is to pick the ones that enhance its healing abilities as much as possible.

To make things easier for you, below we’ve listed down the best Combat and Master Arts for the Lifesage in XC3.

Combat Arts

Even though they’re named “Combat” Arts, you need to keep in mind that the Lifesage a Healer class. Even your Combat Arts should be focused around improving your healing capabilities.

Keeping that in mind, the three best Combat Arts of the Lifesage class are listed below.

  • Saber Slash
  • Redeeming Bloom
  • Redemption

When Saber Slash lands, it heals all teammates nearby to max 100% of Healing Power.

Redeeming Bloom gives all of your allies a regeneration effect which allows them to recover health over time.

Redemption is your self-healing Art. It will allow you to heal your own HP so you don’t end up dying in combat while you’re trying to help your team.

Master Arts

For the Master Arts, you need to pick the ones that grant your Lifesage the most useful utility. For this purpose, below we’ve listed down the three best Master Arts for the Lifesage in XC3.

Flashback – Inflicts Break

Shield Bash – Inflicts Topple

Shadow Eye – Increases Attack and decreases enemy aggro by 50%

Out of these three Master Arts, Shadow Eye is the absolute MVP. It will reduce the enemy’s aggro on you by 50%. This will allow you to help your teammates without worrying about getting attacked yourself.

Flashback and Shield Bash will inflict Break and Topple on the enemies, which are very useful debuffs.

Best Lifesage Master Skills

The three best Master Skills for the Lifesage class are listed below.

Healing License – Increases healing from healing Arts by 20%

Ninja Healer – Decreases enemy aggro caused by healing Arts by 30%

Eternal Formation – Makes Field Effects last for 30% longer

Healing License and Eternal Formation will synergize perfectly together. These two Master Skills will significantly increase the potency of your healing abilities.

Ninja Healer will work together with your Shadow Eye Master Art to decrease enemy aggro, allowing you to stay out of combat and focus on healing allies.

Best Lifesage Accessories

Picking the right accessories is very important when it comes to creating the perfect build for a class. The best accessories for the Lifesage class in XC3 are listed below.

Friendship Ring – Decreases aggro while the user is using healing abilities

Harvest Necklace – Enhances the users healing abilities

There are no better options than the Friendship Ring and Harvest Necklace when it comes to accessories for the Lifesage.

Best Lifesage Gems

The best Gems to use with the Lifesage class are listed below.

Doublestrike – Gives each auto-attack a chance to hit twice

Lifebearer – Enhances healing abilities

Disperse Bloodlust – When using Arts, enemy aggro is decreased

The improved healing and decreased aggro from Lifebearer and Disperse Bloodlust will help you out a lot. And the chance to strike twice from Doublestrike will allow your Arts to recharge faster.

Lifesage Arts List

Talent Art

Divine Sword – When this Art lands, it completely ignores the defenses of the target and heals allies to max of 100% of Healing Power.

Combat Arts

Last Hope – Grants the user a 40% chance to bypass the target’s defenses

Merciful Heart – No Effect

Redeeming Bloom – Gives all of allies a regeneration effect which allows them to recover health over time

Redemption – Allows the user to heal themselves

Aqua Mind – Continuously heals all nearby allies and boosts casting speed by 25%

Hydroblast – Grants the user a 30% chance to bypass the target’s defenses

Saber Slash – When this Art lands, heals all nearby allies to max of 100% of Healing Power

Master Arts

Hydroblast – Rank 1

Aqua Mind – Rank 10

Divine Sword – Rank 20

Lifesage Skills List

Class Skills

Abundant Oceans – Enhances potency of healing by 10% and decreases damage to teammates by 10%

Instant Regen+ – When taking damage, grants a 25% chance to heal for 60% of Healing Power

Steadfast Feelings – When this Art lands, it regenerates HP of nearby allies for 30% of the Lifesage’s healing

Enhanced Cellular Stimulus – Grants a 30% chance to bypass the target’s defenses

Master Skills

Enhanced Cellular Stimulus – Rank 5

Abundant Oceans – Rank 15