How to Unlock the Safe House Gate in Black Ops Cold War

In this article we let you know how to unlock the locked door in the safe house of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war and finding the relevant clues.

In Black Ops Cold War, once you have created your character, you get to know about the Safe House. You can come to this safe house to talk with your partners, investigate clues, or start some mission. But there’s also a mysterious locked door. How do you get in? Well, read on to find out how to unlock the locked gate in the safe house of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war.

Unlock the Safe House Gate in Black Ops Cold War

The locked room of the CoD Blops Cold War safehouse can be unlocked using a 6 digits code.

You will find out the code once you have collected all 3 pieces of clues from the building.


  • You will find the first clue in a hallway on the backside of the safe room. You have to enter a small office with blinds from where you can go into a hall. You will find this clue, which is a clipboard hanging on the left wall.
  • The second clue is easy to miss but not hard to find. To collect this clue, take a look around on the ground. You’ll find Warren Commission Report on the ground illuminated by a nearby floodlight.
  • You will find the third clue, which is a piece of Dallas News Article in the darkroom. You will find it on the right wall as you enter through the door.

Locked Door Code
Now that you have the clues, you can figure out the code! However, you can skip the clues finding and figuring out part and enter the code directly, which is 11-22-63.

What is inside the Room
You will find a few different things inside the locked room. You will find a computer and an arcade cabinet.

You can interact with the computer and log into it.

On this computer, you can play text-based games. To play those games, just type “Is” and select the game by typing its name.

From the arcade games, only Pitfall II will be unlocked. You can unlock the other games by playing the campaign.

For text-based games, even if you are using a controller, the keyboard interface will appear on the screen to type in.

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