Tower of Fantasy All Characters and Simulacra Explained

In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we'll be looking into the Simulacra system and go over the unlockable characters.

Tower of Fantasy provides its players with a wide variety of weapons and resources they can unlock during the course of playing the game. However, with most mechanisms being very similar to the traditional MMORPG, there’s something new introduced as ‘Simulacrum’ and ‘Simulacra.’ It may sound confusing at first but worry no more! In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we’ll be looking into what exactly is Simulacrum and Simulacra and the details about all the characters in the game.

Tower of Fantasy Characters

The Simulacrum is a facility in the Tower of Fantasy where players can visit and buy new weapons from using the various currencies in the game. But here’s a twist, when you visit there, you don’t see your traditional weapons on countertops waiting to be purchased. Instead, you have different characters as equipable weapons.

On the other hand, Simulacra is known as the Weapon-Characters that are available in the Simulacrum. These are unlockable characters, and each has its own ancient hero history.

Furthermore, their consciousness has been transferred to Artificial intelligence, which players can now equip themselves with.

So whenever players unlock a Simulacra, they will be able to summon that Simulacra and equip it with a character with all of its attributes, forms, and personality. In addition, you won’t be able to buy these characters; instead, you’ll purchase packs and wait on your luck to unlock a new Simulacra.

Do keep in mind that Simulacra are just a way to unlock weapons. Once a weapon has been unlocked, the characters in Tower of Fantasy are nothing more than skins. You can use any weapon with any Simulacra or even your own default character.

Below is the list of all the Simulacra featured in Tower of Fantasy so far and their details. All the characters are unlocked through the Gacha pull system, so you can’t really decide which character to go for unless you have a lot of money to spend and a decent bit of luck.

SR Simulacra

Games, Decorations, and Toys

Ene is described as the prototype of war droids, and she functions with the consciousness of her previous owner’s daughter. With recently earning the right to live, she’s getting a hold of her destructive powers and is set to function under her own rules. And oh, she does not fancy teamwork.

Thunderous Halberd
Everyday Items, Limited Store Items, Games

Echo, also previously known as Manaka, had a rough life, with her home being destroyed and her parents killed at age 9. She was saved by a passing merchant and was admitted to a recovery facility in Banges. Now she has adopted the role of a Wastewalker and punishes the evil around her.

Staff of Scars
Everyday Items, Decorations, Saved

Unlike her name, Pepper has a cheerful personality and is the decedent of the rich family Banges. Her family was once affluent but now is under confinement due to their illness. Pepper has taken the role to herself and is currently working in the medical department at Hykros, trying to find the cure to their disease.

The Terminator
Limited Store Items, Toys, Figurines

Hilda is a badass who belongs to the Banges Port. She’s a famous member of her town and is always appreciated for her kindness and negotiation skills.

Bai Ling
Nightingale’s Feather
Rare Items, Saved, Decorations

Bai Ling is currently the leader of the HT201 Shelter and takes care of the daily operations and combat commands. She is very busy and works hard for her loads of responsibilities. However, she deserves her spot and has what it takes to be a great leader.

SSR Simulacra

Toys, Decorations, Everyday items

Nemesis is Angel of Clemency and has gone under rough experiments and mutations. She is very introverted and usually keeps to herself, but she’s a merciless killer when she has to fight.

Negating Cube
Games, Limited Store Items

Zero is a 15 years old genius who made sure that nobody ever came across his real name and past life by destroying all the evidence. However, what everyone does know is that he is sharp and witty.

Molten Shield V2
Everyday Items, Games, Decorations

Huma has developed a disease that gives her superhuman strength and is currently under the medical care of Hykros. Although she seems very quiet, no one can stop her when she’s up to something.

Icewind Arrow
Figurines, Limited Store Items, Rare Items

It won’t be an exaggeration to say Tsubasa is a party animal with the number of connections she has. She is a former Hykros employee, ex-Hyena officer, and recently joined Heirs of Aida.

Chakram of the Seas
Gifts: Metal Items, Saved, Rare Items

Shiro is an antisocial scientist and is always occupied with her research work. She only makes friends with people with the same aquatic interests as her and doesn’t like wasting her time.

Scythe of the Crow
Gifts: Saved, Rare Items, Limited Store Items

All important talks and no waste of time. This is King in a nutshell. He’s a straightforward guy and is very bold. He’s always ready to fight and can give you tough competition when he’s on a mission.

Absolute Zero
Gifts: Toys, Decorations, Rare Items

Cocoritter is a sweet and lovable girl. She holds a lot of compassion for her allies and makes sure to help them with her healing staff and abilities. She also has a passion for penguins.

Guren Blade
Gifts: Everyday Items, Rare Items, Decorations

Another badass and hard-to-mess lady on the list is Claudia. She is very fierce and is famous for scaring away her enemies. She’s called the captain and commander of all heroes and has a secret love for cats. Purr.

Gifts: Everyday Items, Figurines, Limited Store Items

A quick and witty assassin that will slice you in half before you know it. Crow believes in cleansing all the evils and punishing the sinners. Like Claudia, he also loves cats.

Rosy Edge
Saved, Rare Items

Meryl is the senior executor of Hykros and has some of the most impressive combat skills. She hides her emotions from everyone and comes off as hostile. She’s the perfect contender to send on hard missions.

Weapon: Dual EM Stars
Games, Toys

Samir is a prankster and a friendly girl. She’s very chill and is an absolute perfect friend to those she loves dearly. Apart from that, she’s the ultimate gunslinger in the land and even leaves the elite Executors behind.

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