The Witcher 3 Possession Quest Guide

Let's help the poor Jarl and life the curse from him.

Possession is one of those unique secondary quests that will involve you investigating the matter of Hym’s possession of a certain NPC character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This will happen to be Jarl Udalryk, who will be under the impression that the gods are unhappy with him over his actions, leading to the demise of his younger brother Aki.

The Possession Quest can have equal importance when compared to the main quests. It’s part of the quest series that will determine who will be the next ruler of the Skellige Isles in The Witcher 3. This quest will appear in your journal when you complete the main quest, The King is Dead- Long Live The King.


It’s important that you complete the “Possession” quest before you start Battle Preparations in The Witcher 3. If you don’t, the Possession quest will be marked as failed and you won’t be able to complete it.

That being said, I will review all the details, choices, and fights you may encounter while completing the Possession quest in this guide.

Possession Quest Walkthrough The Witcher 3

possession quest starting point

The level required for undertaking this particular quest is Level 17. Since the Possession Quest takes place at the Svorlag village you will need to travel to the island called Spikeroog. There are two ways to reach this specific island in the Witcher 3.

The first method is a traditional method which will involve you sailing to this island given that you find a boat at the Kaer Trolde Harbor. Secondly, you can use the fast-travel method to reach this island but you will need to open a fast-travel point at the Spikeroog Island first in The Wither 3.

This can only be done if you have a certain map in your possession. It will be known as the Lonesome World Guide to Spikeroog. You will be able to purchase this guidebook from an NPC merchant for 100 crowns and he will be located at the roadside camp near the Kaer Trolde Harbor in The Witcher 3. Similarly, you can also find this certain guidebook listed for sale with wandering merchants and other merchants near the Sawmill, Arinbjorn areas, etc.

Ask Udalryk about Curry’s whereabouts 

The first objective of the secondary quest Possession will require you to meet with Udalryk and inquire about Cerys in The Witcher 3. You can find the jarl at his house which is situated in Svorlag village. This specific village is located on the Spikeroog Island.

Once you enter Jarl Udalryk’s house you will find him discussing his dream about a giant sea snake with Hjort. During their conversation, Udalryk will mention that the gods demand a sacrifice, and Hjort will try to calm him down and tell him to wait for another sign but the Jarl will grow impatient.

Geralt will then enter this conversation and ask about Cerys from Udalryk, and he will recall her being here, but he will fail to answer about her whereabouts and take his leave. You can then question Hjort who will state that Cerys might have either gone to the village or made her way to Yarl Udalryk’s old family home even though he tried to dissuade her in The Witcher 3.

According to Hjort, the house is believed to be haunted and since Cerys had a long talk with the Yarl she might have gone there to find something important to cure the Jarl of his illness. You can then hear Udalryk screaming in the other room so Hjort will take his leave and you will have a promising start to pursue on with the objectives of the Possession quest.

(Optional objective) Ask about Cerys in the Village

Moreover, you can follow the optional objective of roaming around the village and asking the villagers. This way you will come across a brown-haired woman near the Svorlag signpost. She will tell you that Cerys asked her about the jarl’s childhood so she told him to meet Bergthora and Eiric.

Now, you will need to find Bergthora and speak with her However,  she will tell you to find her husband Eiric who might know about Cerys whereabouts.

Moreover, she will tell you to go near the beach area as Eiric will be present there so follow the marker and there you will discover Eiric but he will be hiding behind a rock. Turns out he will be attacked by some drowners so you will need to kill them. This way you will also earn 400 Experience Points in The Witcher 3.

Then you can speak with Eiric and ask about Cerys’ location and regardless of the dialogue option you choose here, he will state that she went to Jarl Udalryk’s old family home.

Head to Jarl Udalryk’s old house to find Cerys

cerys in Jarl house

You will need to make your way to Udalryk’s abandoned old home in search of Cerys in The Witcher 3. Follow the marker and sure enough, you will reach an abandoned building so use your Witcher senses to look for Cerys inside the old house.

After entering the house you will be able to observe fresh footprints which will indicate that Cerys was here so follow them. After crossing the second room on your right side you will find her on the floor in an unconscious state.

talk to cerys

You can then carry Cerys outside, and she will state that she was hit in the head with some heavy object which caused her to pass out. She will then share the Udalryk’s family history with you and state that the clan sword Brokvar was supposed to be given to the firstborn son who happened to be Udalryk but instead, his father gave it to his little brother Aki.

Udalryk questioned this act and was punished by his father. After his punishment ended Udalryk and Aki sailed out to fish together, but Aki drowned, and Udalryk thought that he was cursed by the gods for not saving Aki in The Witcher 3.

Cerys believes that it might be Aki’s ghost that is haunting Udalryk since he started hearing voices after his brother’s death, so she set out to find Brokvar at Jarl’s old family home. Geralt will then tell Cerys to stay put while he searches for the clan sword inside Udalryk’s old home.

Find the clan sword Brokvar

clan sword brokvar

The clan sword is present in the basement but it will be locked so you will need to find the key to unlock the latch. You can check the surrounding area and open the wooden chest to get a smoking pipe and water (x1). The key to the cellar will be present on a small shelf on the right side of the first room.

the sword 2

After obtaining the key head to the right end of the house and you can unlock the latch to access the cellar next in The Witcher 3. Climb down the ladder, light a torch, and search the cellar. The clan sword Brokvar can be discovered on a table towards the right end of the cellar. Once you pick up this specific blade you will earn 400 Experience Points.

You will also hear the voices of a creature there but you won’t be able to find one physically there. Instead, you will notice a shadow of a demonic entity for a sec on the wall where the light falls from your torch but it will disappear. Then you can head back and meet with Cerys in The Witcher 3.

Head over to meet Udalryk with Cerys

Once you meet Cerys you can tell her that you found Brokvar and then you can both make your way to meet with Jarl Udalryk. Along the way, Cerys will ask you about your story with Yennifer in The Witcher 3. You can simply follow the marker to find Udalryk and Hjort. Cerys will try to persuade Udalryk that maybe Aki’s ghost is hunting him and since the gods are angry with him over this act maybe returning the family blade with finally heal Udalryk.

After your dialogue ends it will be decided that Geralt will sail alone to the point where Aki drowned and place Brokvar by his side. According to Udalryk, his brother can be identified with their clan ring so you will need to find his corpse.

Place Brokvar near Aki’s bones

aki's bones

You can make your way to the docks and find a boat or you can simply swim towards the marker which will indicate the area where Aki drowned in The Witcher 3.

Once you reach the marker, you can take a deep dive to reach the surface and use your Witcher senses to discover Aki’s bones, but keep in mind that you will also find two sirens roaming in that area that will attack you. You can deal with them first and then examine Aki’s bones to identify him with his clan ring. Then you can simply place Brokvar near his remains and swim/ paddle back to the village.

Speak with Udalryk again at his home

You can head directly to Jarl Udalryk’s house in the village, and there you will find Cerys complaining that the curses haven’t been dispelled off Udalryk. Instead, the Jarl was commanded by the voices to poke out his eye. You can then question Udalryk about these voices and he will state that he only hears them during the dark or when he is asleep. Moreover, he receives these visions and hears these voices at his old family home.

This will confirm two things Aki’s ghost is not haunting Udalryk and instead, he is being possessed by a Hym who is feeding on the Jarl’s suffering in The Witcher 3. Geralt will then speak to Cerys in another room and tell her about two methods that can work to ward off the Hym. He will tell her about the Witcher’s way and also mention her about tricking the Hym.

Speak with Cerys about the Hym

Geralt will tell Cerys that according to the Witcher’s bestiaries, he will need to spend a night in the Hym’s lair which as it happens is Udalryk’s old family home. Moreover, Udalryk will need to be there with him as well in The Witcher 3. Since this demonic shadow feeds on sorrow and suffering you will need to draw the Hym out from the shadows and once it assumes a physical form you will need to fight it and kill it.

In order to follow this way, you will need to go to Udalryk’s old home and find a way to trick the Hym into leaving the Jarl. You can use the Witcher senses to check the stove on your left side. After you enter the first room the Hym will trick you by assuming the form of Ciri but Geralt will realize that it is a trick and the Hym will disappear.

Next to the door, you will also find a broken mirror which may indicate that Udalryk might have spotted the Hym shadow in the mirror which may cause him to drop it. You can then check the second room to find a cradle at the end.

Trick the Hym (Best choice)

trick hym

Then you will hear Cerys calling you out, so meet her outside the old home. She will have a plan to trick the Hym, so instead of sharing her plan, Cerys will ask you to trust her in The Witcher 3.

In my opinion, this is the best choice as it will involve you getting rid of this shadowy creature without fighting it. You can then select the dialogue choice to tell her you are ready, and she will tell you to light up the oven while she will go to enact the next phase of her plan.

Now, there are certain scenarios as to how you can act according to Cerys’ plan to trick the Hym into leaving Udalryk The Witcher 3. Once you are ready and have the stove up and running, Cerys will appear after some time and will be carrying Udalryk’s baby. She will suggest that you put the baby in the oven. Udalryk will follow her with three men, and you will have two choices:

  • You can either put the baby in the oven and close the lid
baby in the oven choice

If you trust Cerys’ plan, placing the baby inside the oven and closing the lid will cause Udalryk to panic. He will rush towards the oven, but Geralt will throw him away and then face the three guards. Udalryk will be devastated, and you will need to kill all the guards.

Once you do that Udalryk will be in complete despair, and the guilt of your actions will trick the Hym into leaving the Jarl body and attaching it to you instead in The Witcher 3.

baby 2

Cerys will then appear with Hjort, and Udalryk will be relieved to find his baby Aki alive. Cerys will then tell the Hym that the Witcher committed no crime, so now the Hym will have no choice but to leave Geralt and disappear.

Then you can explain the situation to Jarl Udalryk, and he will take his leave to rest. Cerys will then tell you that she will leave with the Jarl, and it will end the Possession quest for you in The Witcher 3.

  • You can hand over the baby to Udalryk

On the other hand, if you are doubtful of Cerys’ plan and don’t agree to placing the baby on the stove you can hand over the baby to Udalryk. However, this time around you will need to go with the Witcher plan to draw out the Hym and fight it to free the Jarl in The Witcher 3.

Witcher Plan: Fight the Hym

the witcher plan

This plan will involve you and Cerys meeting with Jarl Udalryk at his home. You can then disclose the information that he is being manipulated by the Hym. Udalryk won’t believe you at first but after a few dialogue choices, he will agree with your plan. Hjort will then hand over four torches to you in The Witcher 3.

However, if you handed over the infant Aki to Udalryk during Cerys’ plan then you will have to get the torches yourself from the shed near the Jarl’s old family home.


Next, you will need to enter Udalryk’s family home alone and place the torches in the holders. You can find them using your Witcher sense so after you have placed all four of them, you can meet and speak with Udalryk outside the house.

Defeat the Hym

hym fight possession

Then, both of you can enter his family home, and you can proceed to light the torches you placed earlier in The Witcher 3. Once you do that, the Hym will assume a dark physical appearance. This way, you will have to fight this demonic creature. Keep in mind that Hym has certain weaknesses, which will include weapons laced with specter oil and Igni signs.

You can use both of these things to your advantage against your fight with the Hym. As for the Hym attacks, this particular creature will swing its large arms to deliver a claw attack at you. You will need to avoid getting hit by its attack, so when you see the arms swings, you should dodge immediately and counter its attacks by slowing down its movement using Yrden.

The fight won’t be that long, and eventually, you will be able to defeat the Hym with relative ease in The Witcher 3. After that, you can speak with Udalryk, and he will still be shocked, but it will ease his mind that the voices have left his mind.


He will thank you and take his leave to rest at his home in the village. You can then talk with Cerys, and she will tell you she will go after the Jarl. This will conclude the Possession Quest, and you will earn the following rewards, which will include 1700 Experience points and Crystalized Essence in the Witcher 3.

Moreover, if you have also completed the Lord of the Undvik quest earlier before embarking on the Possession quest, then this will unlock the quest called King’s Gambit for you in The Witcher 3.

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