The Outer Worlds Flaws Guide

The Outer Worlds adds an innovatively new feature to your player experience by introducing Flaws to the game. This mechanic allows you to have the effect of the repeated errors in-game as a real-life experience. You just can’t get away with playing repeatedly bad and getting derailed or killed in the same situation. This Flaw gameplay mechanic will punish you by deducting certain attributes point from your characteristics permanently.

The Outer Worlds Flaws

These are the deductions in your attribute points or character’s abilities that can’t be undone once done. Each time you start losing a certain level or location repeatedly, the game will give you an option to get flawed.

Getting a flaw will reduce certain attributes you possess depending on the situation or location. In return, you will gain a perk point so that you may spend it to neutralize the effect of the flaw.

Although you get an option to choose to get the flaw when it appears. You can simply pass on it. However, when playing on the supernova difficulty, the flaw is automatically accepted.

Below is a list of all the flaws your character can adopt

Perception -2, Temperament -1

“Mauled too many times by Canids, you get the jitters every time one’s attacking, making you less effective.”

Dexterity -1, Perception -1, Temperament -1

“After too many encounters with Mantipillars and Mantisaurs, you’re not quite yourself when any of the Manti-family of creatures are attacking your party.”

Personality Attribute -1

“Repeatedly getting caught by guards in Restricted Areas has made you jittery, doubly so when roaming around Restricted Areas or sneaking.”

Plasma Weakness
Plasma Damage Received +25%

“Getting burned too many times has made you susceptible to Plasma damage.”

Endurance -1, Willpower -1, and Temperament -1

“Repeated encounters with Raptidons has lessened your effectiveness when they’re attacking you or your Companions.”

Dexterity -1, Perception -1, and Temperament -1

“Automechanicals now give you the willies, and when they’re attacking your party you’re not as effective as you should be.”

Physical Damage Weakness
Taking too much damage from physical sources makes you more vulnerable and you now take 25% extra physical damage

Permanent Concussion
If you get hit in the head too many times with melee weapons or take a lot of headshots, your Mind attributes suffer a -1 penalty

Drug Addiction
-1 Drug Addiction Withdrawal: Dexterity, -1 Perception, -1 Temperament

Consuming too many drugs or using the inhaler frequently makes you addicted and you suffer withdrawal symptoms

-1 Phobic: Dexterity, -1 Perception, -1 Temperament

After getting beat up by primals numerous times, you develop a phobia and suffer when fighting them again

Corrosive Weakness
Too much corrosive damage makes you weaker and your character now takes 25% extra corrosive damage

-1 Phobic: Dexterity, -1 Perception, -1 Temperament

Falling or jumping from great heights develops a fear of heights in you and your character developers a new flaw

Permanently Crippled
Suffering too much damage to your legs from multiple sources can make you permanently unable to dodge as well as suffer from -30% reduced movement speed.

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