The Cycle: Frontier Magnetic Field Stabilizer Location

Magnetic Field Stabilizer is an uncommon item that can be found pretty much anywhere in The Cycle: Frontier but in rather low quantities.

The item is a necessary resource to print the Portable Lab. You can also sell it for 338 K-Marks or use it to gain 3 faction points to level up factions.

The following guide will show you all of the locations from where you can loot Magnetic Field Stabilizers in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Magnetic Field Stabilizer Locations

Magnetic Field Stabilizers can only be found in Dumpsters with a 5% spawn chance on average across all Tier areas. Hidden Stashes can also net you the item but they have a less than 1% spawn chance.

Bright Sands Magnetic Field Stabilizer Locations

In the northern half of the map, you can head to the Crashed Ship and its surrounding Jungle area. The Dig Site also contains a few looting locations.

In the middle, the southern area of the Base Camp and the western area of the North Uplink are good locations to find Magnetic Field Stabilizers.

In the southern half of the map, the Science Campus is your best bet to find a good amount of Magnetic Field Stabilizers.

Crescent Falls Magnetic Field Stabilizer Locations

Crescent Falls has a couple of locations where you can farm a good amount of Magentic Field Stabilizers without having to stray too far.

The Camp Power Up Room north of Greens Prospect, and the Lakeside Building are rich in the item. You can also head south to Favela, from where you can make your way to the easter forest area for a good yield.

The other named POIs on the map too contains Magnetic Field Stabilizers but only a handful. There is no point in traveling so far just to find a couple of items at best from each location.

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