The Cycle: Frontier Crush Hazard Quest Guide

While playing The Cycle Frontier, players will soon realize how important it is for them to gain faction points and...

While playing The Cycle Frontier, players will soon realize how important it is for them to gain faction points and how much role it has to play in leveling up in the game. The Crush Hazard quest in The Cycle: Frontier is one of the many opportunities players can use to get FP alongside other rewards. It’s mainly based around the Crescent Falls map and requires a very straightforward task.

The following guide will walk you through the Crush Hazard quest and discuss tips and tricks to complete it efficiently.

The Cycle: Frontier Crush Hazard Quest

Out of all the questlines so far in The Cycle: Frontier, Crush Hazard is the shortest quest players will have to complete and only requires one part with a simple boss fight. This quest will be assigned to you by Vadim Tanayev, the Head of Operations for Korolev on Fortuna III.   

The one and only part of this quest have a small objective that requires you to hunt one Crusher. The game dialogue describes Crushers as giants that are very efficient at crushing things, and they often pay a visit to the Laser Drill.

One of the researchers also expresses their concern related to these giants and elaborates that they are an unstoppable force that could easily wreck mining platforms. Therefore, it is on you now to stop them from destroying the platforms and restoring the calm in the area.

To find a Crusher, you simply have to make your way to the Crescent Falls area and explore different locations to find a Crusher. There are about seven locations where they can spawn, which include; Pinnacle Labs, nearby and within Starport Warehouse, near Favela, near Fallen Tree, nearby Greens Prospect, and Skelton Observation Site.

There’s no fixed location of these Crushers in The Cycle: Frontier; therefore, we recommend you visit these locations repeatedly to fetch one and trigger the fight.

Although the Crush Hazard quest is small and straightforward, the boss fight can be a little challenging as Crushers are massive and can give you a tough time during combat. We recommend you use your best weapons and gear to encounter them. Their primary fight strategy is quite literally to crush their opponent, so be aware of that and run around to avoid being slammed.

Stay very mobile on the ground to confuse it while constantly shooting at the Crusher. Once the health pool is all drained and you’ve defeated a Crusher, voila! You’ve completed the quest.


Upon completing the Part 1 of the Crush Hazard Quest, the game will reward you with:

  • 600 FP
  • 1 Hammer (Final Reward)
  • x214 Korolev Scrip
  • x20000 Krypto Marks

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