Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Out Of The Inn Quest Walkthrough

Find the hearty truffle to wake the owner who is out of the inn.

Out of the Inn side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is about finding the owner of Shuteye Inn in Kakariko Village. The poor fella was working himself to death and fell asleep thinking about his favorite food.

In this guide, we will help you locate Ollie and make his return to the inn by finding his favorite food. Out of the Inn can be irritating as it offers no marked locations on the map. But fret not; this is why we are here.

How to start Out of the Inn Quest in Zelda: TotK

To start the Out of the Inn side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you must head over to Kakariko Village, which lies south of the Lanayru Wetlands.

This quest can be obtained by talking to Dai (1837, -1022, 0116) inside the Shuteye Inn. When you ask him to let you rest there for the night, he will refuse and ask you to find the owner of the inn, Ollie.

Ollie left Dai in charge while he went to fix the tents for the Zonai Survey Team. This is the only hint you will get from Dai, and the Out of the Inn quest will be added to your journal.

How to complete Out of the Inn Quest in Zelda: TotK

You won’t get Ollie’s location marked on your map, making it a bit difficult to progress the Out of the Inn side quest. He is with the Zonai Survey Team near the Ring Ruins to the Northwest of Kakariko Village.

1. Now, you must find Ollie, who is sleeping on a stone slab (1738, -0933, 0199) in the Ring Ruins northwest of the inn. This is a long trek, and you need to climb many stairs to get there.

2. Go to Ollie, and you will find another NPC, Gordi, standing next to him. Gordi will tell you that the stone slabs are priceless artifacts containing useful information, and the innkeeper is sleeping on one of them.

3. Gordi will also tell you that Ollie has been dreaming about a fungus, Hearty Truffle, which is quite rare, but bringing Ollie one might wake him up.


You can’t make Ollie wake up by having a Hearty Truffle in your inventory. You must hold it from inventory and throw it near Ollie.

4. If you already have a Hearty Truffle mushroom lying around in your inventory, you can give it to Ollie to wake him up from his deep slumber. However, if you do not have one available, you must look for it.

5. Gordi will tell you that he saw a Hearty Truffle fall from the waterfall in the center of the village. This is the only hint you will get.

6. Jump from the ledge and glide to reach the top of the waterfall. You will notice that the water is coming from a cave.

7. Crouch (press the left analog stick) to enter the Kakariko Village Cave (1944, -0981, 0159).

8. This cave has no enemies whatsoever and is full of mineral ores. You will notice a platform near the end of the cave. There is a Heart Truffle right next to the platform.


You can use Ultrahand ability to locate the Hearty Truffle.

9. There is another Hearty Truffle in the same area. Remove a stone near the wall to find it. Look up to find a Bubbul Frog that you can kill to obtain a Bubbul Gem.

10. Stand on the platform and use the Ascend ability to return to the outside world.

11. Return to where Ollie is and throw the Hearty Truffle near him. He will wake up and go back to the Shuteye Inn.

12. Return to Shuteye Inn and talk to Dai to complete the Out of the Inn side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


Dai will give you a Sticky Elixir as a reward. This item grants slip resistance when climbing slippery surfaces.

The Shuteye Inn will resume its normal services. Now you can rest here by either paying 20 Rupees for a normal bed or 30 Rupees for a soft bed.

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