Tales of Arise Fishing Locations Guide

In Tales of Arise you can fish! Fishing seems very underwhelming when you can be fighting. But it’s a calming activity that you can indulge in from time to time. This guide will go over various fishing locations in Tales of Arise and how to unlock the fishing activity itself.

Tales of Arise Fishing Locations

Before we get our fishing hats on, we should probably learn how fishing works in Tales of Arise

How to Unlock Fishing

The First step of becoming a master Angler is to finish the prerequisite story campaign of Menancia. A bit underwhelming but don’t worry, the rest of the process is easy!

Once you have completed the campaign, travel to Viscint (located within Menancia). After that, take the straight road past the inn to the opposite end of the city where you will be given entrance to a lush zone.


Going through the gates the next area is revealed to be Talka Pond Road. Take the straight path forward until you spot four looming pillars in the distance.

There will be a fork on the path, one leading straight forward and the other craning to the right towards a quaint-looking pier over a pond.

A cutscene will play upon reaching the beautiful pond, triggering the information regarding fishing!

You will be allowed to test the waters with the fishing rod in hand, playing around with the controls till you can get a better understanding of the fishing mechanics.

But the gist of the activity is that you cast your bait on a specific spot in the water, preferably where the silhouettes of fish are high in number.

Once you cast it, shake your lure till a QTE event triggers. Press the correct order of buttons in time to reel in your catch!

Fishing Locations

Now, what are some of the Fishing Locations? Here is a table that will list a bunch of locations and types of fish acquired from there.

Fishing Locations Type(s) of Fish
Calagila- Cave of Solitude Cave Seabass, Ambrel Mackerel, Karasuba Sea Bream, Lacerda Salmon
Cyslodia- Nevira Snowplains Pond Tilapia, Berseker Pirahna, Tricolored Catfish, Polar Bass, Nevira Piranha, Armored Sturgeon
Cyslodia- Frozen Valley Hawksbill Trout, Pearly Pike, Azure Tilapia, Cyslodian Salmon
Menancia- Overseer Hill Menancian Bass, Traslida Arowana, Golden Catfish
Menancia- Talka Pond Road Dahnan Bass, Menancian Catfish, Talka Trout
Mahag Saar- Adan Lake Muddy Pirarucu, Aureum Arowana
Mahag Saar- Adan Ruins Emerald Salmon, Lesser Pirarucu, Aqfotle Arowana
Mahag Saar- Hidden Wharf Vesper Sea Bass, Sardonyx Grouper, Garnet Sea Bream, Blueback Tuna, Mahag Saar Barracuda, Silver Marlin
Ganath Haros- Shinefall Woods The Ganath Haros Piranha, Ganath Haros Catfish, Green Pike
Ganath Haros- Lavtu Marshlands Lavtu Tilapia, Lavtu Arowana, Cobalt Trout
Ganath Haros- Fogwharl Limestone Caverns Fogwharl Pike, Cygni Pirarucu
Uninhabited Island Tsuyukusa Mackerel, Mahagsaar Flatfish, Zesti Grouper, Gluttonous Barracuda

A little bit of information regarding some of the areas mentioned above.

You can unlock Fogwharl Limestone Caverns by completing the subquest ‘Untamable Rage’. Now for Uninhabited Island, complete the subquest ‘Beyond the Grave’ from Tuah Seashore.

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