Tales of Arise Bizarre Megacore Locations Guide

Tales of Arise features a crafting system that lets you get some powerful weapons for each member of your party. One of the commonly required materials for some powerful weapons is the Bizarre Megacore. In this guide, we’ll let you know the best locations to farm the Bizarre Megacore in tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise Bizarre Megacore Locations

The Bizarre Megacore crafting material in Tales of Arise drops from various enemies in the game. It is commonly dropped by the Ooze Zeugles and Earth Mass after you defeat them.

The following are the monsters you’ll likely obtain the Bizarre Megacore drop from:

  • Granilem
  • Forest Ropers
  • Earthern mass
  • Tempestuous Mass
  • Ooze
  • Flamewrecker
  • Creepzilla

Since there’s a chance associated with the drop of the Bizarre Megacore, you’re going to have to grind out fights with the above-mentioned monsters and get lucky. However, we have outlined the best location for farming a whole bunch of Bizarre Megacores fast below!

Best Spots to Farm

Tales of Arise Bizarre Megacore Farming Locations

First of all, you need to go to the Gilanne Woodland’s inner Level, which you can also see on the map above. Gilanne Wood is a vast covering of trees which is around the capital city Viscint’s Lower Level.

After reaching that location you have to move towards the outer level which you can see on the map. On the way, you will be crossing a wooden platform where you are going to find 4 Forest Ropers.

You have to work with your team and use all the different attacks you have and defeat these Forest Ropers quickly. Kill all of them one by one and once done, you will get the Bizarre Megacore as the reward for defeating these creatures.

After that, you can again travel to that location and beat these Forest Ropers after they spawn again to farm yet more Bizarre Megacore. You can repeat this as long as you want.  This is one of the best and easiest ways of farming the Bizarre Megecore. As these Ropers will be easy pickings!

Now that you have all these cores, what will you make? Well, there’s a whole bunch of things you can craft.

Weapon Crafting

The option for weapon crafting is available for you once you travel back to the Mosgul for the first time. You will be allowed to craft the weapons by both the merchants and the blacksmiths at the Inn will allow you to craft the weapons after returning from the Mosgul.

Below you will find some of the weapons that require Bizarre Megacore and the characters that can wield those weapons


  • Ignis Roar: Required Bizarre Megacore x2.
  • Blackthorn: Required Bizarre Megacore x4
  • Refined Blackthorn: Required Bizarre Megacore x4


  • Silver Sword the Owl: Required Bizarre Megacore x8
  • Balanced Living: Required Bizarre Megacore x2
  • Radiant Light: Required Bizarre Megacore(x6
  • Nature’s Beauty: Required Bizarre Megacore x4
  • Nature’s Beauty: Required Bizarre Megacore x2
  • Taming Water: Required Bizarre Megacore x2
  • Artes of the Cosmos: Required Bizarre Megacore x8
  • Radiant Light: Required Bizarre Megacore x2
  • The Dark Wings: Required Bizarre Megacore x8


  • Feline Bastion: Required Bizarre Megacore x8


  • Columna Latio: Required Bizarre Megacore x8
  • Petram Pole: Required Bizarre Megacore x10
  • Tenebris Staff: Required Bizarre Megacore x8
  • Refined Petram Pole: Required Bizarre Megacore x2
  • Refined Tenebris Staff: Required Bizarre Megacore x2

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