How To Switch Ships In Starfield

With a variety of ships at your disposal in Starfield, it makes sense you will want to switch between them to keep things fun.

In a game like Starfield where players can explore the vastness of space, players need to use ships to fly around different star systems and planets. Flying just one ship would get boring really fast that is why the game allows you to build a fleet of ships. But how are you supposed to select which one you can fly around? Well, that is why we are here to explain how you can switch your active ships in Starfield.

How to switch and set a Home Ship in Starfield

Progressing through Starfield, players will earn free ships, buy them from vendors, or even steal starships to amass a fleet of vessels. Once you have a fleet, you will obviously want to select and fly in the best ships in Starfield. All your owned ships are automatically stored at the Ship Service Technicians and you can visit them to change your main ship.

Ship Services Technicians can be found at almost every major outpost and city in Starfield. Visit any Ship Services technician and select the dialogue option “I’d like to view and modify my ships.

Selecting this dialog option allows you to see all your currently owned/registered ships and switch between these ships in Starfield. Scroll through your fleet of ships till you find the one that you like and wish to use. After that, look at the bottom right of the screen for the ‘Make Home Ship’ option from the menu. This makes the selected ship the default ship for the player.

Exit the menu and your selected home ship will appear at the launch pad. You don’t have to wait for the ship to spawn at your location. All your cargo will also automatically transfer over to the new ship cargo hold. While selecting your ship, you can also upgrade or modify the ship as required

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