Starfield Star Parcel Freighter Guide 

You can help the Star Parcel Freighter complete its delivery in Starfield and be rewarded some credits.

In Starfield, you will often come across strange encounters that serve as world-building events. These encounters are littered throughout the many systems and planets you visit. One such random encounter is the one involving a Star Parcel Freighter in Starfield. 

This strange encounter involves you helping a freighter deliver goods to a nearby planet. You can either choose to help the freighter and its crew. Otherwise, you can ignore them and move on. In this guide, we will be going over each of the two options and the potential rewards you can get.  

How to get the Star Parcel Freighter in Starfield? 

Like most strange encounters in Starfield, this one is also triggered randomly. It will start when you are randomly exploring space in your spacecraft. To increase your chances of getting this encounter, you can always move from system to system. This can increase your chances of getting this encounter.  

In this encounter in Starfield, you will be approached by a Star Parcel Freighter. They will ask you to deliver a package to Akila City in Starfield. This is found on the Planet Akila in the Cheyenne system. They flag you down because their ship stops working.

Here, you can either agree to help them or leave and go about your day. If you agree to help them, you can persuade them to increase your reward. The encounter ends after you successfully deliver the package to Akila.  

Starfield Star Parcel Freighter Rewards 

The reward for this strange encounter is credits. If you were able to successfully convince them to increase the reward, you will receive more credits. If not, you will receive the default amount offered to you in the beginning. 


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