Starfield Captain’s Bounty Walkthrough

You must find a way to convince a high-level bounty hunter to forget about his Captain's Bounty in Starfield.

Captain’s Bounty requires your Starfield character to impersonate an alleged thief to save their life from a bounty hunter.

The side quest contains crucial decision-making that will either reward you well or leave you with guilt for making the alleged thief have a target on their head for the rest of their life

How to unlock the Captain’s Bounty mission

You need to find Adella Faheem at HopeTech in Hopetown to unlock the Captain’s Bounty mission in Starfield. She will be standing outside the Pit Stop. Speak with her to know what has her on edge.

How to complete Captain’s Bounty in Starfield

Adella will seem nervous while speaking to you, and for good reason. She apparently got herself in the bad books of a few factions, and now someone from them went out to put a bounty on her head.

Adella will also reveal that a bounty hunter, a member of the Tracker’s Alliance, has managed to track her here. He is, in fact, sitting right inside the Pit Stop.

She wants you to impersonate her by claiming to be Captain Faheem and deal with the bounty hunter inside.


Once you agree to help her, your quest marker will prompt you to go inside and confront the bounty hunter who has come here for the Captain’s Bounty in Starfield.

Deal with Ernesto, the bounty hunter

The bounty hunter is named Ernesto. You will have a choice to either persuade him to forget the Captain’s Bounty or kill him to get rid of the bounty. Each choice has a different outcome.

Find a way to deal with Emesto in Captain's Bounty.

Should you persuade or kill Ernesto?

We highly recommend that you choose to persuade Ernesto to let you go in Starfield. You only need a decent enough persuasion check to convince him.

The persuasion option not only gives you the most rewards in Captain’s Bounty but is also the easiest route. Choosing to kill Ernesto will possibly get a lot messy.

The problem with killing Ernesto is not that he is a difficult or a high-level enemy. It is that you may accidentally shoot the bartender or the patrons inside the Pit Stop. They will be enraged over Ernesto’s death and will shoot back.

You may get a bounty placed on your head if you shoot an innocent NPC caught between you and Ernesto.

Hence, killing or attacking Ernesto is not recommended to complete Captain’s Bounty in Starfield. It is advised to save your game before you head into the Pit stop to speak with Ernesto as a precaution.

Speak with Adella

Make your way back to Adella after dealing with the bounty hunter Ernesto to complete the Captain’s Bounty side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Captain’s Bounty mission rewards

You are going to be reaping the following rewards for completing Captain’s Bounty in Starfield:

  • 150/50 EXP
  • 6300/2500 Credits

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