How To Get Adaptive Frame In Starfield

Thinking of building yourself a sturdy outpost? You are going to need a lot of Adaptive Frames in Starfield.

Adaptive Frame is a crafting material that can be used to develop your own outpost in Starfield. Multiple research projects in building your outposts require this material. If you do not want to get stuck while developing your own post, you need to grab plenty of Adaptive Frame.

Thankfully, there are several ways to get your hands on Adaptive Frames in the game. It is a pretty common and easy-to-get crafting material.

Adaptive Frame location in Starfield

There are several ways through which you can get your hands on Adaptive Frames in Starfield. The best way is probably to just buy from a shop. You can also loot them from the open world as well as craft them on your own time and money.

Buy from a vendor

New Atlantis has a total of four vendor locations where you can purchase at least 5x Adaptive Frame every day in Starfield.

The Well has two such shops named Trade Authority and Apex Electronics where the former is where you sell your contraband.

Then there is the Outland shop in the Commercial District. Lastly, there is the popular Jemison Mercantile store just left of the helix-shaped fountain in the city.

If you want to go to another planet to find Adaptive Frame, you can go to Mars at the location of Cydonia. Once you reach there, you can find Denis Averin where you can get Adaptive Frame.

Loot from enemies and chests

If you want to save your credits, you can get Adaptive Frames for free by simply finding and looting chests, crates, and containers that are scattered all over Starfield. You can also get the material by looting enemies.

Finding it randomly will take much of your time, so we recommend you buy it as it costs you in cheap price.

Craft at an Industrial Workbench

Your last remaining way to get Adaptive Frame is to craft it at an Industrial Workbench in Starfield. You can find one at the Lodge in New Atlantis.

To craft an Adaptive Frame, you are going to need to combine 1x Iron and 1x Aluminum. Fortunately, these two materials are abundant and can be found all across the planets of Starfield.

How to use Adaptive Frames in Starfield

Adaptive Frame is commonly used in building outposts in Starfield. It is specifically used as a crafting material to build the following outpost structures:

  • Landing Pad
  • Storages (Solid, Liquid, and Gas)
  • Watchtower
  • Industrial Light Post 1

Furthermore, you can use Adaptive Frame to unlock new researches at the Research Lab. You are going to eventually need to improve your research projects to get more resources, power, and access to other features.

If you have enough Adaptive Frames, you can unlock the following research tiers at the Research Lab:

  • Domestication 1
  • Horticulture 1
  • Manufacturing 1
  • Manufacturing 2
  • Power Generation 1
  • Resource Extraction 1
  • Resource Extraction 2
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