Rumor: Rockstar’s Agent Back in Development Since November 2015

Rockstar Games and Sony partnered to announce Agent 8 years ago. The title was going to take players in the showdy world of espionage during the late 1970’s. Rockstar’s Agent is a stealth-based action game that was going to release exclusively on PlayStation 3.

It has been 8 years but still no release nor there is any news about what happened to Agent. However, one thing is pretty safe to say, Agent is still in development in one way or another.  A recent statement from a man claiming to be from Rockstar mentioned that Agent was put on ice for a few years; but the title went back in development in 2015.

The statement was posted on 4chan so it is natural to be skeptical about the credibility to this person. But when you combine his statement with a job listing that went up back in 2015, the possibility of this being true rises.

Back in September 2015, two months before Rockstar’s Agent allegedly went back in development, the developer posted a job listing for a gameplay designer. This designer was being hired to work on an “asymmetrical cooperative stealth experience.” Rockstar is not known for their stealth based experiences and the company has never worked on such a title, expect for when they started developing Agent.

Agent is the only stealth action game we know that Rockstar announced so unless this is a new IP, Agent is  safe bet. Sony nor Rockstar ever announced a formal cancellation of this project, which means it was only put on the shelf until they can figure out what to do with it. Have they finally figured it out? Only time will tell.

What’s also noteworthy is that Rockstar never abandoned the trademark for Agent. They renewed it in 2014 and then more recently in December 2016.

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