Grab Cheap Retro Games On European Playstation Store

Sony is running a pretty large sale on the European Playstation Store with a Retro theme. It lists a ton of classics that you can download to your Playstation 3, PS Vita or even still on PSP.

There are about four pages worth of items with some pretty sizable discounts. Some games even just run for less than €2 for full releases, so not just miniature titles.

A full list is also available on the Playstation Blog, but it would be a bit too chaotic to list all those choices, so we’ll give you a few suggestions for each platform below:


  • Okami HD – €6.99
  • Urban Chaos – €1.75
  • God Hand – €3.99

PS One

  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – €4.99
  • CTR: Crash Team Racing – €2.99
  • Fear Effect 1 & 2 – €1.75 each
  • Grandia – €3.99
  • Wild Arms – €1.99


  • God Eater Burst – €4.99
  • Power Stone Collection – €3.99

There may be a rather big influx of Japanese titles when we look at that list like that. Still, it may include a few things that you might have missed out on when it first released.

In no particular order, we think mostly of games like God Hand, Grandia and God Eater Burst that sort of had to stay under the shadow of major releases. All of them also were late generation titles at the cusp of new technology, which may have made you miss them.

This Playstation Store sale is the perfect time to rediscover those things you find everyone talking about, but never really tried yourself. Plus, we tried to keep our suggestions as low cost as possible, so you can pick up several and not break your bank.

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