Retailers Dumping Fallout 76 Stock By Bundling It With Hard Drives

We’re all familiar with the bumpy launch of Bethesda’s latest multiplayer title. It’s now come to a point where retailers are overstocked with copies of the game since nobody’s buying it. How are these retailers getting rid of the stock though? Germany is doing so by selling Fallout 76 with Seagate hard drives in a bundle for just $89. Most of the price is being held up by the hard drive for those of you wondering.

Seeing as you can purchase the same drive in the US for just about the same price, Fallout 76’s addition to the bundle is with literally a $0.36 difference. Yeesh!

If the game’s being sold off like that at this point, might as well just make it free-to-play. This is just sad and disrespectful at this point. Nobody wants the unfinished product that’s masquerading as a finished multiplayer game.

I wonder if Bethesda is still adamant about how many people are playing their game. I mean at this point, if retailers are quite literally struggling to get the game off their shelves, it can’t be as many as the company is claiming.

Imagine actually going to the German retailer to get a Seagate hard drive. You buy the product and head on home, only to then realize that there’s a little hard copy of Fallout 76 taped to the back of it. Just begging, yearning for the sweet release of either usage or death.

Players aren’t exactly lining up to purchase Fallout 76 digitally due to the questionable refund policies. Couple that with the fact that retailers are overstocked, maybe Germany is in fact ahead of the curve actually in that regard.

The only place we can point the blame at for Fallout 76’s short and sad life span is Bethesda. If they only put a bit of heart into their development and actually changed their engine. Or better yet, not reuse assets from the previous games, we might have enjoyed the Fallout 76 experience.

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