How To Join Lobbies And Invite Friends In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 can be played in co-op with a friend or multiplayer lobbies with strangers across the internet and we will tell you how you can...

Multiplayer functionality is one of the key features behind the popularity of the Remnant franchise. With the release of Remnant 2 players are looking for ways they can team up with their friends. Inviting friends to Co-op or joining some random lobby is not difficult in Remnant 2 but to initiate it for the first time, you have to go through an initial game tutorial.

How to play Remnant 2 multiplayer with friends or public lobbies

At the start of Remnant 2, the game will provide an introductory tutorial. This includes talking to several vendors, choosing the Archetype, moving to Ward 13, and getting access to the Worldstone placed in the courtyard.

Following up with the tutorial will result in unlocking the multiplayer mode in the game. A notice stating “The session is now joinable” will also be displayed on the screen. Make sure you and your friend both have gone through the tutorial otherwise, you will not be able to go multiplayer.

Update network settings

The next step after unlocking the Co-op mode is to change the network setting. This can be done by visiting the main menu. There are three options available here including Offline, Public, and Friends Only.

By default, it is set to the Offline mode. Going Public or Friends Only have their implications which are discussed ahead.

Playing with Friends only

Well, if you want to team up only with your buddies, you have to select this option in the network settings. Doing so will let you invite your friends or you can also join their campaign as well. Inviting friends to play is different for each platform with each one of them having its own commands.


To invite friends, you can either use the Worldstone or the Game Services Overlay. To invite or join using Worldstone, interact with one of them and select the “Join Game” option from the menu.

Depending on which platform you use for Remnant 2, the Game Services Overlay and the method of accessing it for multiplayer will be different. But make sure that you and your friend have the same platform as the game doesn’t support Cross Play.

The commands used across different platforms to bring up the friends list are mentioned below.

SteamShift + Tab
Epic StoreShift + F3
PS5Start Party
XboxStart Party

Playing with Public

The next option to go multiplayer in Remnant 2 is the Public one. This will allow you to team up with random players. Hovering over a specific lobby will show their hostname, difficulty, location, game mode, power levels, and the total number of players.

This feature will help you a lot while choosing the lobby based on your preferences. Concluding the topic one important thing to mention here, is if you are facing any kind of trouble or error while inviting friends or joining the lobby you can refer to our Co-op error fixing guide.

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