Red Dead Redemption 2 He’s British, of Course Stranger Mission Guide

When playing Red Dead Redemption 2, you will often encounter strangers who will give you mini-quests to perform. The stranger mission He’s British, Of Course becomes available during and after Chapter 3 in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can find the stranger mission marked by a (?) symbol on your map in RDR2, just west of Bluewater Marsh in Lemoyne.

Red Dead Redemption 2 He’s British, of Course Stranger Mission

The quest giver Margaret will nervously tell you that the traveling circus has had an accident and some of the exotic animals have escaped as a result.  A prized lion, tiger and zebra are somewhere in the wild roaming free.

You have to locate them and bring each of them back to the traveling circus. Although as you encounter them, you’ll soon realize they’re not quite as majestic as Margaret was making them out to be.

Zebra Location
We should get this out of the way right away: It’s not an actual Zebra. That con artist has clearly painted a donkey white with black stripes (or black with white stripes depending on your perspective) to make it resemble one. The location is just Northwest from the crash and west of Emerald Ranch.

You can spot the “Zebra” by using your binoculars to zoom in when standing by a tree and then move towards it while hitting the button to calm it down.

You can catch it once it has calmed down and get it to follow you. You can also run at it with your lasso.  Once you’ve caught it, bring it back to Margaret.

Lion and Tiger Location
After talking with Margaret, you’ll agree to find the rest of his animals.  He will tell you that his assistant is out there looking for them too so meet up with her.

She’s Southeast of Mattock Pond with her wagon. It is here that you will have to capture the lion and tiger.

Track the “Lion” with your Eagle Vision and you’ll see it is nothing more than a dog with a mane put on it. It is dead so carry the carcass back to the wagon and then use it as bait to lure the Tiger in.

The Tiger itself is just a cougar with some fakes stripes painted on. Once it is in, lock it and then take it back to Margaret.

An Actual Lion
Margaret will inform you that there is also a genuine Lion that escaped and is on the loose in the direction of Emerald Ranch. Head over there and you’ll find everyone in a state of panic over something in the barn.

Explore the barn and then step outside and you’ll find a dead man and cow. Follow the trail of death until you spot the lion sitting in the shadows.

Use your Dead Eye to take it down and loot the Lion’s Paw trinket from its carcass. This can be fenced for $19.75 and then when you return to Margaret, you’ll get paid in with a giant emerald that you can sell for $250. The quest giver will take off with his circus and the RDR2 stranger mission ends there.