Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bar Locations Guide

Just as in all other games, players to need have money to buy good stuff for themselves. The good stuff clearly refers to a neat load-out including weapons and clothing. At the start of Red Dead Redemption 2, players will only have a handful amount of money until they end Chapter 3, which will get them thousands of dollars. In this Red Dead Redemption 2 guide, we will teach you how to get even more money by searching for gold bars.

Gold bars can be sold for $500 each if you have completed The Spines of America mission, as it unlocks the first fence, who is a vendor that buys gold bars. Although players are advised to sell the gold bars later during Chapter 6. We have compiled a list of all the locations where you can find gold bars in RDR2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bars

South of Horseshoe Overlook and just above the FLATNECK STATION, you’ll see Limpany on the map. Head here and visit the Sheriff’s building which will look like a small old shack. Once you’re here take a left and go around the desk. You will find a box inside the desk which will have a Special Horse Stimulant Pamphlet and a Gold Bar.

Braitewaite Manor
After you get to Chapter 4, go to Lemoyne’s Braithwaite Manor, which is located south of Rhodes. Once you’re here, go to the charred building here and towards the room located across the corpse.

If you’re looking towards the west wall and the corpse, you will see a lockbox that will have a gold bar in it.

Train Wreck
There is a gorge near Cotorra Springs, along with a destroyed train. The upright train car has two gold bars located inside of it. To get to this train car, go to the right side of the train car and climb up the hill which is located right next to it.


Once you’re on top, walk underneath the railroad tracks and go around towards the left. Once here, you will have to crouch past the slope, and under the overhang. Once you cross the overhang, you will have to slide downwards. Be wary of falling down the cliff.

Stroll down this path and once you reach the end, climb the rock you see on your right. Follow the path around the rock and jump on to the small edge ahead. Here, you will come across a gap which you will have to cross by sprinting and jumping across it. Once you cross the gap, slide down the wall.

When you’re walking towards the train tracks, you will have to cross another small gap by running and jumping across it. After you land, run towards the train car and hop onto it. In the train car, you will find two gold bars, while there will also be a yellow train car with game goodies for you to loot.

Near Dakota River
South of Caliban’s Seat, at the right of the Dakota River, you will see a bunch of rock-like indicators on the map, showing old buildings and shacks. Head off to over here to find a lock box located in one of these buildings. The lockbox will contain one gold bar.

Strange Statue Puzzle

The Strange Statue Puzzle has two parts to it, and if you successfully complete both of them, you will be awarded three Gold Bars. We can help you with the location of this RDR 2 puzzle so you can easily find these gold bars and earn yourself $1500.

Strange Painting
Go to Window Rock which is located north of the Dakota River. Window Rock is located west of Fort Wallace and north of Valentine. Approach the Window Rock from south, here you will see a bunch of rocks which you will need to climb to get to the window part.

Once you’re here, interact with Strange Painting north of the window. This will make Arthur draw the painting in his journal. I advise that you look at the painting very closely, or even take a screenshot of it to note a few things down.

Each eagle drawn around the drawing will have a different number of feathers below it. Note down the number of feathers drawn below each eagle in a clockwise manner, which should be as; 7, 6, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 2 feathers.

Strange Statues
After you’re done with the first part of the puzzle, head towards a location south of I in Abarino and east of the Donner Falls. This will be slightly northeast of the Fort Wallace, and southeast of the Wapiti Indian Reservation.

While on way to this location, watch out for a few rocks located towards the north when you’re traveling along the road. Go up the hill towards the north and along the western lip of the rocks. Once you’re here, search for a single tree which will be located right next to a gap in the rocks. Go into the gap where you will find an entrance to a cave.

In the cave, you will see 7 statues placed in a circle around a figure. Go in the middle of this circle and interact so that Arthur notes down some information in his journal. Each statue will have two buttons on it, one at the front, and one at its back. These buttons are on and off switches, and you are required to turn on the correct statues.

The number of fingers on each statue will correspond to the numbers from the first part of the puzzle. You will have to push the buttons on the front with a prime number of fingers. This can be 2, 3, 5, and 7.

After you’ve successfully completed the task, a panel will be opened right in front of the winged statue (the one in the middle). This panel will contain three gold bars.

Gold Bar Glitch
There a possibility that you may be able to exploit a glitch in the game. The glitch allows you to get an infinite number of gold bars.

To do this, pause the game and head to the General Settings and turn Autosave off. Now create multiple saves of the game so that you can load back if the glitch doesn’t work out for you.

Once you’ve got the prerequisites ready, Head to the gold bar located in Limpany inside the Sheriff’s Station.

Interact with the lockbox but do not pick the gold bar up, look at the gold bar and as the prompt on your screen changes to Gold Bar, pause the game and create another save on one of the previously created saves.

Now load the newly saved game and head back to the gold bar’s location. You will find the lockbox just as you left it, hold down on the button used to collect items, and don’t let go till your satchel does not have any space left in it.

You can also get gold bars by searching for the Jack Hall Gang Treasure, High Stakes Treasure, and the Poisonous Trail Treasure through all of their three maps.

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