Raft Utopia Cogwheel Puzzle Solution

Utopia is the final chapter that you will explore as part of the main storyline in Raft. This is also where...

Utopia is the final chapter that you will explore as part of the main storyline in Raft. This is also where you will face Olof for the last time. He is hold up in his tower but to reach him requires you to navigate an obstacle course of sorts. This includes solving a cogwheel puzzle in the Utopia tower.

The following is the cogwheel puzzle solution so that you can reach Olof and slay the Alpha Hyena, the final boss of the game.

How To Solve The Cogwheel Puzzle In Utopia

When you have passed the bamboo walkways and the rotating fans in the Utopia tower, you will find a hammer that will unlock the door on your left when you first enter the obstacle course.

This new room is where you must solve the cogwheel puzzle so that you can raise the platform to the exit.

The whole idea here is to add weights to the left platform to raise the platform on the right. Doing this will allow you to take a cogwheel to the next area. However, you must know how much weight to add to the platform.

You must grab the cogwheel in front of you and take it to the first platform suspended in the air. Since you cannot jump while holding a cogwheel, use the crates scattered in the room to make a staircase. Place the cogwheel on the crate, jump to the next level, and then grab the cogwheel from below.

In order to get the platform at the right level, add three weights to the top floor. Then return to the first floor and add one weight before removing the three weights from the top floor. Now, make your way to the third floor and add two weights before removing the previous one-weight from the first floor.

The platform will be at the right level now for you to access the cogwheel. Head into the next room which has another cogwheel puzzle for you to solve. The only difference in this room is that the platform you need to move already has a weight. What you need to do in this second, puzzle is to add weight to the left platform to balance both platforms.

Make your way to the sixth floor and add a 5 weight. Return to the first floor and add a 1 weight before removing the 5 weight from the top. Head to the fourth floor and add a 4 weight and then remove the 1 weight.

Next, add a 2 weight on the second floor and remove the previous 4 weight. Finally, get to the fourth floor again and add a 3 weight before removing the 2 weight.

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